Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Bit nippy!!! Worried about having to pack the skimpy URWFRC vest away for the winter? Wondering how you can do this and still be the envy of all your friends? Your prayers are about to be answered...

Wasp Sports can now offer us some exciting new long and short sleeved garments called 'MICROPORE VESTOPS'. These are basically breatable vests, but with sleeves on - ideal for winter training as those temperatures start to drop!!! They will also be available in two different weights - the vests that we have at the moment are 'featherweight' but they are also available in a more robust 'standardweight'! The graphic designer (Jason), webmaster (SwissBobby) and kit sec (me) are all working on their respective areas to make these available to you and we expect to have online ordering sorted in a couple of weeks. The minimum order for these is again 18 with 3 of each size, but I am not yet sure whether long and short sleeves or different weights can be mixed (I suspect not). More on that when I know.




  • Tim,

    Answer to query - I've no idea! The designs are based exactly on the design of the vest so probably not. Why? What did you have in mind?

    Your assumption is correct - we need a total of 18 to order, not 18 from each person! I think that would be a bad commercial idea on Wasp's part!!!
  • It'll cost a fair bit more, not least because new screens will need to be made.
  • DW,

    Sounds like a fine idea.

    When will the designs be ready?

  • Hello again RB, how is Windsor training going?

    They are based on exactly the same design as the vests (which makes them cheaper as they can use the existing printing screens)so that gives you a pretty good idea of what they will look like. Jason is working on the graphics and SB will put them on the website when he get's the opportunity (he's away next week though).

  • Everyone

    The Designs will be hot of my keyboard next Tuesday. Watch this space!!


  • Forgot to mention the price of these. It is still to be finalised, but it's provisionally looking like about £20 for short sleeved and £21 for long sleeved.
  • count me in for one of these...was goingto buy another l/sleeve top anyway
  • Tim, if you check the URWFRC website, the T-shirt is cotton and like the T-shirt graphic (ie. yellow) whereas the short-sleeved version of the vest looks like the vest graphic (ie blue), but with short sleeves and is made from the vest material.

    I don't think the price differs depending on the material, but I'd need to check for sure.

    Fraggle, cool! Watch this space in a couple of weeks time...
  • Hello there DW
    Been a long time I know...but can you put me down for long sleeved thingy? How do I pay by the way - do I send a cheque to you?
    Also - where is the URWFRC website - I didn't know about that one.
  • Hello DW,

    Training for Windsor is going OK-ish. I've started doing a bit more again lunchtimes. Crashed and burned last week after about 4.5 miles of a proposed 8.5 mile run. Just stopped dead about 1/2 way up a very long hill tht I've run up before at least twice. Carried on in a sort of run / walk way and did only 7.5 in the end.

    Bit better this week but can't run consistently at a reasonable pace for any length of time.

    Mrs RB is going OK but not running enough. Will get her out again this w/e hopefully.

    I'll have one of the LS shirts when ready..

    All the best,

  • Hello Ben,

    When the long sleeved shirts are available, they will have to be ordered by the individual. The URWFRC website is the web site of the club itself, as opposed to the forum. The URL is http://user.domaindlx.com/rwfrc/index.html

    Go there and register and you will be able to order vests, T-shirts, etc. and have access to an Aladdin's Cave of all sorts of interesting stuff! The T-shirt thread from this morning explains exactly how to order kit.


    Glad to hear things are going okay. We all have runs like the one you described from time to time. Don't let it knock you too much. Regards to Mrs RB. BTW, Emma still hasn't got me on that bloody horse yet thank god!


  • Dogwalker - V interested in long sleeves. Would the featherweight be good as a base layer? Or do you think a stanard weight with a vest under would be better. I don't feel the cold too badly.......

    Jason L - when the designs are hot off your keyboard next Tuesday, does that mean we can see them here? If not, is there anyway/where I can have a look before buying?

    Thanks, something like this would really help my winter Shambling!

  • Shambler, They could be posted somewhere for you all to look at. I'll have a word with DW.

    Jason L
  • The designs will be posted on the URWFRC website, to which you need access to be able to order them anyway. SB is away next week, so they won't be available on there until the week after. As for posting them elsewhere beforehand, I don't know. I guess we need some web space somewhere, but that's not something I can help with I'm afraid.

  • As for suitability of the fabrics for base layers, etc. I'll find out more next week. The following is the information that Wasp have sent me about them...

    "One small thing you may not be aware of is that we do the vest fabric is two different weights. Your current vests are made from the featherweight but we have a Standardweight too which is a little more robust, warmer and ideal for winter racing due to its breathable micropore quality. However, it cannot be compared to a Helly Hanson top which is designed to act as a thermal base layer, our vestops are more suited to go over the top, hence the club colours and design."
  • DW and Jason L - thanks for the info. Pretty sure I'll invest (sorry!) in 1 top at least.
  • Let"sleeve" it there!
  • Good news DW, I was just thinking about investing in some new long sleeved vests for the winter but I'll wait a while. I'm away next week so I hope I don't miss the order.

    A thought about design - how about having the "Virtual club real runners" logo on the back of the LS vests?
  • There are probably loads of us that want one. May be worth setting a closing date a number weeks in the future for orders and then we'll go for the big sell on the forums so everyone knows about it. That way you might avoid some of the late orders and confusion that must make your life so difficult.

    Cheers for all your hard work DW, SB and Clanger man
  • Murf, you won't miss the order I promise. The only potential problem with having design modifications is that it will make the tops more expensive as new printing screens will need to be made. Using the same design as the vests means Wasp can use the existing screens. We'll have a think about it all the same though.

    BK, I think you make some excellent points there. It means we will have a time where we can 'draw the line' on an order, which as you say would save me some grief certainly. Another good point you make is that some of the users on the other forums (ie. beginners) may not know about URWFRC kit, so I really should be spreading the gospel!
  • Will the long sleeved tops be as skimp as the vests were ? I seem to remember several people remarked on how "exact" the sizing was. The reason I ask is I got a 38" (which I am, honest...) for the vest but it is pretty tight - should I order a 40" for the top ?

    Thanks for organising this for everyone.
  • I love the blue and yellow colours and design for the Vest and would be really happy to see it on the short sleeved running top and will buy several if they are the same - as I can't wear the vest - it shows off the dirty grey Ennell Size 1 too much!! Anyone want a size 36" Vest - unused ?

    Thanks for organising this DW
  • PS would prefer the short sleeved top in the featherlite material - then I'd use it in the gym and everywhere - if it's cold I layer up. But not fussed really.
  • SS,

    Hold onto the vest for now. In case anyone misses seeing your post, there are plenty of orders coming in at the moment and it should be only a matter of time before someone orders an L36". When they do, I will let you know and we can organise some kind of exchange.

    Details about short and long sleeved tops in the next week or two when Swiss Bobby returns from holiday (he's got a damn cheek going if you ask me!)

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