Matrix Rehashed

Just got back from seeing The Matrix Reloaded, what a crap film.
Was expecting so much more but there was nothing good about it ( except for the motorbike chase )


  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    What is the Matrix ?
  • So did I
    you know its in 2 parts ?

    the film just suddenly stops at the end with TO BE CONTINUED . . .

    dont forget EP its all down to personal preference, this is just my view
  • Oh shite, I am going to see it tomorrow. Knew it would be cr@p
  • Well I saw the first bit last night (never seen it before) and I loved that, so I hope the sequel is good.

    Just one question - why did they keep going back into the matrix when they were likely to get killed? That was the one bit I didn't follow, although admittedly I kept popping into the forums in the ad breaks!

    Actually it suddenly occurs to me that the forums are a bit like the matrix - an alternative reality!
  • FR - they kept going back in because they are trying to free the human race from slavery
  • Yeah, I know that bit, but how could they do that in an artificial reality?

    Or were they going to get people out one by one like they did with Neo? All seems a bit slow - why not just try and destroy the pod bits where the inert humans were 'living'?
  • I thought it was greeeeaaaatttt!!!!!!!
  • Matrix 3 is end of oct
  • Fruity.
    why do you have to complicate things. the first one is just a damn good movie, in fact one of the few i have been to the cinema more than once to see.

    I think maybe i was just expecting far too much, but they do seem to have gone too far in the action scenes and there is this really weird clubby type bit that goes on for something like 10 minutes, more like an orgy ? what were they thinking !
  • lanky_lizlanky_liz ✭✭✭
    Fruity, the reason they go into the matrix the first time is to see Neo. The second time they go in is to see the Oracle!!.

    RE: Matrix Reloaded: I thought it was ace, a little bit complicated in parts, but i reckon all will be revealed in the end!!

    But that just my opinion!
  • Ok - I'm going to watch it back and see if I get that. I didn't realise the Oracle was in the Matrix though!

    BTW Bangkokbetty - what's the pic about - it looks like one person standing next to someone about a yard taller!
  • Actually I got the bit about going in to get Neo, I just wasn't sure the last time what they went in for. Since Morpheus was captured by the Sentinels, why not just unplug him from the Matrix? Problem solved n'est pas?
  • Fruity, you just couldnt be unplugged from the matrix, you had to get out via a "hard line" ( part of the matrix rules, dont ask me why ) just unplugging him would have killed him
  • 2 & 3 are two parts to the same story, leave it too long and people forget alot of the first part

    I didnt mean to say to anyone dont go and see it, just dont expect as much from this as the first movie, when 3 comes out i will no doubt go and see it
  • bit like the empire strikes back then is it?
  • Noooooooo
    someones bad mouthing a star wars film.
  • aahh, i just started one about matrix 2 on urwfrc thread.

    enjoy it on a basic level, shame about a- the plot, b- keanu being a leeeeetle bit wooden.

    morpheus however rocks,
  • Thanks for trying GLbG - at least that gives me the reason in the film, even if I don't find it terribly credible! Seems a bit like a concept to patch over an obvious flaw!
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    First Movie Question

    How come : If the baddies can see everything in the Matrix through the eyes of everyone who is part of the Matrix, and even become (take over) anyone in the Matrix - The Oracle and everyone around her is still free to carry on their struggle????

    Surely if she's part of the Matrix the baddies will know what she sees and does and destroy her instantly.

    Is there an answer to this or should I :

    i. Get me coat

    ii. Suspend belief and just enjoy it

  • things do become clearer after seeing the new movie. basically all characters are programs/software, the majority of which are linked to a person in the physical world. Agents are just software as well as others
  • did that make sense ?
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Cheers GLbG. I knew you could say something that would make me want to go and see it. ;)
  • Surely this is the most highly marketed film of all time? That makes me dubious from the start.

    I liked the first one - but it wasn't the BEST film I have ever seen. I am sure this one will be good - everyone likes a good car chase.

    I have heard that the "philosophy" behind it and the story are lacking slightly though.

    Will prolly watch it tomorrow though - if I can get tickets.
  • The Matrix is a quality film - one of the best ever.

    FR - you cant just unplug people cause it would cause mental trauma - the film works on the principle that if the mind dies so does the body so unplugging will kill the mind and therefore the body. Plus, if they could just unplug the film would have been rubbish - they wouldn't have needed most of it.

    Scotty - I think the agents can 'choose' to take over certain people and see through their eyes but they don't automatically know what everybody is thinking. I think. Otherwise go for option ii.

    Finally - all the Star Wars film were and still are the best EVER.

    'nuff said.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    morning guys,

    i haven't seen the first part. should i see it before going to see the second?

    or just a quick update should be enough?
  • And the twins used to be on the BBCs better homes
  • I recommend seeing the first one jose...
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