Big Brother 4

I haven't made my mind up about anyone one yet, but I'd just like to say that...

... Don't you think Cameron is a dead ringer for Cougie? :)


  • Caz- I did a character assassination and finishing order a couple of pages into the BB thread on General:
    Right here's my order from first out to winner-
    1) Tanya- posh bint- horrid curly nails- not much work in her.
    2)Goss- so what he's a chef doesn't mean he'll pull his weight, how old and still living at home? Not even cheeky chappie status to help avoid the chop.
    3)Anoushka- if she isn't first out she'll be soon out- bodylanguage says it all eyes the girls as competition, nice looking though, but boys like a bit of humour.
    4)Cameron- seems nice but desperate for a lady love so may be a bit letchy, and Baptist Church? That'll not go down well in the hedonist circles. Liked him but he won't fit in.
    5)Noush- She'll last this long because others will be more irritating.
    6)Ray- Seems attractive character,bit of a cheeky chappie but like a hyperactive puppie will soon become wearing.

  • 7)Frederico-Looks aren't everything.
    8) Jon- will be ok but won't make the final cut.
    9)Steph- Liked her appearance, first impressions is a team player.
    10)Justine- Down to earth will team up with Steph and Scott and Cissie.
    11)Scott- cheeky scouse chappie, nice dimple- good looking but has plenty of friends who are girls x between Alex and Craig maybe?

    The winner will be Cissie- not because I believe she will but she's the one I liked the best on first glance.
    This is on first impressions after the intros.
  • Obviously I will have to adjust some of them.
  • Bloody hell mate, it's not even been on 24 hours and you've already studied them in detail! :) Good stuff!
  • I did that before the doors closed- what a bitch!
  • I Think Frederico will Win
    Anouska will be first out I think
    that is all my Mum will be watching for the next 9 Weeks HELP
  • He, he, he, I missed the first show last night, in fact the second show too! I only saw the live bits in the wee hours this morning. (Although I still have it on now!)
  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    It was in the Guardian this morning so this must now be mainstream. I didn't see it though.
  • No way will Frederico- immediately a t**t when they were talking about names they didn't mind being known as he said he hated fred, freddy everything except frederico in fact - what an arse. Steph sussed him right away and nominated him. OUT OUT OUT
  • I see this can get very intense
  • Not watching closely but I thought it was "Federico" (no r) which is why he doesn't like Fred Freddy etc.

    Not a BB fan (total viewing of all series combined about 30mins) Thought I'd watch the start to see if I could get enthused but not convinced.
  • think Moniques into BB :)

    having a look at the moment.
    they're eating pasta, not much happening.

    Tania looks ok :) but haven't heard her talk much yet..

    will post my analysis on each later in week, hopefully they'll all get hammered tonight, and we'll see some tears and tantrums ! :)

    btw C. i didn't see last nights show either ;)
  • Cameron really p****ed me off with that apple business on his head last night and his stupid expressions.

    I think it will be Sissy and Scott at the end.

  • Agreed on Sissy - I reckon Steph wil be in there too. Scott may well be. Depends a lot on what they do of course, I didn't really take to Scott, but then he may get the female vote.

    Jon has a face like a smacked @rse, sounds like David Badiel, and the way he had his lips last night and was looking at everyone with his hand on his chin was screaming "Nasty Nick 2" at me.
  • They would be very very silly to get rid of Gos, him being the head chef and all!
  • Well they've managed without a head chef for the last three BBs, I'm sure they could manage this time.

    I think the living with parents thing is a cultural issue as much as anything.
  • yeah, but theres surviving, and theres dining!
  • So who's going to get voted out this week then?
  • I would leave Anouska in the house, just to annoy all the other housemates and stir up some sh*t!
  • Yep, likewise. Jon looks like he could provide some interesting moments, ditto Federico. Boot Scott out (just for interest purposes).

    Anouska could be this year's Jade in terms of annoying and loud mouthing.
  • yeah, but noone could be as thick as jade!
  • No. I agree on that point!
  • is Sissy the ginger scouser who moved to mancyland? sorry but her accent will p me right off!!

    reminds me of craigs nomination of caggy - 'iiiirrrr chaggy - chiiirr acchent riiiirrly iiirrrritates me '

  • Yes, she is.

    RAFLOL?? Rolls @rse Floor Laughing Out Loud?!?

    Oh yes - I remember K-raaaaiig!
  • or did he say it about Saaahhrrrrrdda- " and the way she talkhgggs..."
  • disclaimer 'I have no beef with peeps from Liverpool'
  • bring back Adele and Alex !!

    Liz and Anna !!
  • LOL the new Jade!!

    "is 750 g bigger than 2.5kg "
  • Anna was a scream! Liz was boring, but her cardy was "minging"!!

    Alex was hilarious - I really liked him by the end of BB. Remember those times he got drunk and fell off the sofa and kept talking to himself in the bathroom!! Or the "That's the way (uh huh uh huh) I like it" bit?
  • alex was also cute to look at and with something as voyeuristic as BB that counts for a lot!!

    hence Bubble didnt do too well !
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