Bank Holiday Races

Not that I can run any, but for sheer entertainment value.

Any in Kent?


  • Danson park in Welling this morning?
  • You will see me 3 times as its laps!

    What more entertaining way of spending a morning!
  • Hello Plummie! I was thinking of tomorrow really.
  • Oh well
    Your loss, dont know of much tomorrow but will ask at the run today and call back dear
    Coz im good like that
  • Ah thanks Plummie! :)
  • you are up early.

    Quiet night in?
  • Yeah, quiet night in recovering form my late night Friday night! :)
  • Saw the 3 hours sleep bit.
    10k in danson park today
    Lake thingy marathon next week so missing the social AGAIN
  • ;)

    Good luck with Lake V and shame you have to miss the social!
  • thats two in a row!

    You defo not coming to the lake?
  • No not going to the Lake after all.
  • Ill miss you!
  • Must go as got to organise harem for Myra Garret this morning.
  • Oh who's going?
  • a couple og newbie girls im training.
    Niki is there, and a few from our clud.
    20 odd of kip's lot will be there.
    Will have to look back through the thread
  • Boinged it for you.
    Must go
  • Thanks Plummie, good luck today!
  • Oh ha, ha!

    Hi ya Tim, how are you?
  • Morning peeps :-)
  • Morning FR, how are you today?

    Lovely morning out there.
  • Yes I'm very well thank you :)
  • It is, makes a welcome change! :)
  • A trifle hungover thanks Caz, glad to hear that you're very well!
  • Yeah well you know me SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOON :)

    Hope your hangover clears up soon!

    Good party?
  • Still hard at it PB? The ironing I mean? :)
  • Hilarious thanks Caz - just a small group of us watching Eurovision with tons of alcohol and food. Not exactly a party in the traditional sense.

    It descended into who could belch loudest in each others ears, and stuffing candles up a toy monkey's backside!
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