• Just have to get some w*rk done...image
  • I think Lord Fetch should concentrate on his grammar rather than messing about with hard disks and suchimage
  • He's probably suffering from sleep deprivation.....unless it was the Fetch serfs and minions who were running around kicking boxes and so on...image
  • What is Fetch?
  • Ah, this is where everyone is!

    I need to log my biscuit and flapjack. Fetch better be back soon!
  • We come in peace.


  • Hehe look at all the Fetchies coming out of the woodwork! Morning!

    Hippo...get a boob job (@)(@) image

  • i dont like it. why hasnt he fixed it yet *sob*
  • It just doesn't feel right.
    I am actually going to have to man-up and do some work if this isn't sorted out soon.
  • oh well at  least i got some housework done and my soup is bubbling nicely on the stoveimage

     do you think Lord Fetch needs some 50ps for the meter?

  • Bless his cotton socks, I bet the poor lad's up to his neck in doodads and doohickies.  Not to mention the bias knobs on the flux capacitor.  Let us pray.

    Oh Lord, in thy wisdom, grant us therefore and with understanding the strength of thine Holy ratchet, that we may rightfully emeliorate the consequences of wingnut misplacement upon the magic chests of His computering.  This we ask in Gates' name, Omen.

  • PMSL Hoaxster... Portents ahoy!

    Is it still fooked?

  • Well and truly, Triple S.
  • i think i may cry soon.
  • By the lord harry! Skullduggery afoot, I'll warrant. All this unsatisfactory rubbish about large disks and errant servants doesn't fool me. Fetch has his chosen clique and we unhappy few are cast in th'wilderness with the wailing and the gnashing of teeth. Or something.
  • How long does a system restore generally take, does anyone know?  Obviously several hours have past, so how much longer do you think?
  • Unfortunately the answer to that is as long as a piece of string.  A logically partitioned high-availability SAN solution with automated fail-over to hot spares is, presumably, not in play.  A fully verified point-in-time system restore from backup media (might even be tapes) will be constrained by disk I/O as well as database faffage and of course dog-walking schedules, which must be strictly adhered to at all times lest there be pestilence and corruption upon the land.

    HTFU Mac and lead us in a rousing chorus of your favourite Vera Lynn song, if you'd be so kind.

  • I don't  even know what a 'system restore' is, nevermind how long it might take.

    Does he not just need to turn it off and then back on again?

  • Everything's OK now. Everyone relax.

    That horrible grammatical error on the front page has gone now, so Lord Fecth's work is done
  • Wow Hoaxster, you actually sound like you knew what you were talking about then. image
  • We've got RAID, so there are two identical disks as far as I understand it - however, the situation is a bit more involved, given that the disks themselves were being upgraded. I reported the problem to the hosting provider at 7 this morning, and they've just informed me that they are in the process of "syncing the data". Fingers crossed it won't be too much longer, then I'll log in and sniff round the place for gas before letting you all back in.



  • So this is where all the Fetch refugees are hanging out!
  • The server is just getting rebooted. Fingers crossed it'll be playing when it comes back up.
  • Aw bless Fetch for coming to keep us informed! image  The junkies are queuing Sir Fetch!! image
  • Thank goodness - I've been at work since 5am and I've nearly got everything done...  what a difference it makes having no Fetch (cos I don't usually venture round these parts very often...)
  • Has everyone found their reboot buddy? 
  • the page is not even loading anymore, just spoken to lord fetch it will be fixed within the next hour or so!  let us hope and pray!

    Migration of memory can be simple or in this case bloody complicated.

  • Is there a back door?

    When Ferris Bueller started a nuclear war in that other film he was in, he used a back door in the computer. I know computers have got more advanced, but as anybody tried this?

  • I don't think fetch likes people poking around his back door.
  • At the moment, I'm eyeing up the bathroom window, wondering how much it would cost to replace the glass.
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