High Protein Breakfast

I'm looking for a high protein breakfast that doesn't involve too much preparation. I sometimes buy Myoplex low carb bars, which have a high protein ratio, but that gets expensive.
By the way, I am also a pescatarian (I don't eat meat).
Any ideas?


  • Yogurt! Not only doesn't need cooking, but doesn't take any effort to eat. Soya version if you don't do dairy (I say confidently, having never knowingly had anything labelled Provamel pass my lips). That tends to be my choice on weekdays unless I have some good leftovers that I can take to work and microwave.

    Yesterday's leftover veggie spag bol/bean risotto/kedgeree.

    Tuna sandwiches.

    Whisk up a milkshake or a smoothie. Easy to throw down 500 protein-rich calories that way. The Liz Applegates of this world would probably advocate throwing in a few spoonfuls of powdered egg white. I think that's gross, personally, although...

    Eggs, eggs, eggs! Less than a minute to poach in the microwave, or fry in just a spot of oil.

    Stick a tuna and haricot bean pizza in the oven while you have your shower. Sorry, Michelle, if you're reading this, I know your feelings on my tuna pizza fixation.

    Beans on toast. Food combining at its most accessible.

    A bread roll filled with cottage cheese (no spread needed) and something to give it a bit of flavour.

    Any more ideas, anyone?

  • Beans on cheese on toast.
    Scrambled eggs on toast.
    Smoked haddock (microwaved) with yesterday's mashed spuds/rice/pasta or just bread.
    Straight haricot or flageolet beans (tinned), drained and slightly warmed and with some red pesto mixed in - eat with something carby left over from yesterday.
    Tinned fish fillets in mustard-type sauce, either on toast (again) or in warmed bread for roll.

    And the king of the sarnies, accept no substitute:
    eggs lightly fried in just a trendy drizzle of olive oil, cotton-wool bread, thick sliced of course, wee bit of butter or marge and a thick smear of ketchup. Oh bliss!
  • Poached egg on muffin
  • Boil-in-the-bag kippers. The dye will probably give your running a nice buzz too. Those cod-in-sauce things with a chunk of bread would do too if you can face fish in the morning.

  • Oh god
    Inthe morning??
    Hed divorce me!!
  • Yeasterday's leftovers - no thanks!

    Yoghurt is a good one though, although I need more filling up in the morning...

    Smoothie-making is too much like cooking and leaves too much washing up if I'm staying at the boyfriend's place (he hates cooking and having washing up to do, which is why he's only ever cooked me cheese/beans/tuna and mayo (ugh) on toast). I don't let him cook very often.

    I could do eggs. Eggs on the muffin sounds nice. Not at my boyfriend's place again, though!

    Cottage cheese on toast sounds good, but sarnies first thing or beans on toast: No. I have sandwiches for lunch anyway.

    Fish for breakfast? Kippers would be ok. Maybe I'll try it and see.

    What do you all have for brekkie then?
    It sounds like cereal would be frowned upon!

  • Nothing
    Thats why im a c##p runner
    Smoothies just need a blender, try raspberries( keep well in the freezer), with yogurt, milk and a banana
  • Benz - naughty, naughty - breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
  • Actually Benz - You are always putting yourself down and saying you're a crappy runner. You posted something similar before.
    You run the same amount that I do according to your profile, and my mates all think I'm a fitness freak! Ha ha. I'm not, but I don't think I'm crap either - I think that I'm progressing slowly, and that's how you should think too. Come on!

    One more post putting yourself down and I'm going to open a 'Motivation for Benz thread'!

    Seriously - at least you're shifting your behind - think of the thousands of people all over the UK who sit in front of their TV eating crisps or lay in bed zzz-ing up the walls when you're out giving running your best shot.
    It's the feeling that keeps me going!

    Beth x
  • If you want eggs with no cooking how about making a nice breafast milkshake. Chuck some milk and a banana or some fruit like raspberries or strawberries into a blender and then break a raw egg into the mixture. Whack on the blender and you end up with a nice stiff filling milkshake with plenty of protein and even better - it doesn't taste of egg at all!
  • A Sports Protien blend a lucozade sport and a nana is how my day starts...seems to do the trick as I swim 1st thing, work manually in construction all day then run in the evening!

  • Loads of good ideas, most of them rejected.

    Dare I say this, and I mean no offence, but perhaps you could be a little less faddy?
  • Cereal's fine, Beth - it's just that most varieties won't keep you going till lunchtime as there isn't much protein in them and the typical serving size quoted on the box wouldn't fuel a flea.

    However, a double-sized portion of your favourite cereal - doesn't have to be a "healthy" one - with a handful of nuts and sunflower seeds thrown in and a liberal dousing with milk, should keep you ticking over quite nicely.

    My breakfast is never the same two days in a row, but I always aim to put away 500-600 calories rather than the 200 that is the typical health-conscious British breakfast. I don't normally need a mid-morning snack after that but am usually more than ready for lunch by 1pm.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Ross B- I like that idea. I might try it. Maybe as a snack though. Blender is a bit noisy first thing. Don't want to wake everyone else up you see (I go to work before anyone else gets up!).

    Sorry Muttley - they are good ideas, yes, and I'm not rejecting them it's just fish and sarnies first thing are not my idea of brekkie! I am a bit fussy when it comes to food I think. And lazy.....!

    I agree that cereal is not filling enough. I'm hungry now......


  • Thanks Beth
    Unfotrunately, ive just been Emailed some pictures of me diong the KRUF 10k, and I look dreadful
    It explains why my hands go numb though, I look like a T rex(sorry Vrap)
    Out for a run this pm cos got a day off work and have just returned from an eat/drink fest in a hotel for our wedding anniversary
  • Have a nice run, benz. Hope the trots stay away.

    T Rex...now I'm quaking.
  • Benz, where did you get the KRUF stuff and did you get my e-mail by the way?
  • Yeah I think
    They send me the KRUF stuff each year as I used to work for them. I only do it for the free T shirt
    Think Ive replied to your E mail
  • V rap, the pictures of me are pathetic
    Im gonna Kill the person who took them
  • No-one looks good in 'photos when they're exercising, surely. Unless David Bailey is taking the shot and the lighting is perfect! It's difficult enough to get a good one taken under normal circumstances anyway!

  • Ive told the peson concerned(who is VERY overweight himself) to go away and airbrush them!!
  • My breakfasts have recently been transformed by the discovery that you can do porridge in the microwave.

    50g oats, 350ml of milk, large pyrex type jug. Cook for 4 mins, leave to stand for 2, stir in some jam, or honey (or cognac I guess - haven't tried yet). And that's it. The glass jug is really easy to wash up - the state of the saucepan is what's put me off porridge in the past.
  • Glenn, you're still making more washing up than you need to. Just use a big bowl to cook the porridge and then you can eat it straight from the bowl.

    A B&B I stayed in in Cork once had on the breakfast menu "porridge with whiskey" and "porridge with baileys". Having had plenty of Guinness the night before I decided to stick to the healthy "porridge with double cream" option, so I've no idea how they taste.
  • It would need to be a very big bowl because the mixture rises a lot as the milk comes to the boil.

    I have to confess that any serious washing up would go in the dishwasher anyway. Rinsing out a bowl is just the kind of physical stimulation I need at 6.30 in the morning, anthing else would be too intellectually demanding.
  • I cook mine in a pasta bowl rather than a cereal bowl and I can now measure the mixture by eye and it stays within a millimetre of the lip of the bowl.
  • Funniliy enough I actually did some cooking this morning and it was porridge oats in the microwave. Not protein as I originally wanted, but yummy.
    Maybe I could add some egg or cottage cheese or something.
    Sticky bowl for me in the sink when I go home though.
  • Why not try it with soya milk, which has a respectable amount of protein in 250 ml. This also has the advantage of not coming to the boil like regular milk does, so no spills, although this also means that you don't get the amalgamated consistency of classic porridge. Still, I really couldn't care less when it's first thing in the morning!

    I think adding egg might do horrible things, but cottage cheese sounds interesting.
  • Porridge and cottage cheese? Call me a fussy eater, but...
  • OK, boyo. You're a fussy eater, Butt!
  • I may be a fussy eater, I may be a butt, but I am NOT a boyo.
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