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  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Stevie See - agree with your analysis of the doc reports.  PB time!!    Also the mile results are finally on Po10 but that lad i beat in a sprint finish has BMC pedigree and did a 4.04 at stretford in the 1500m BMC gold race on tuesday at stretford.  He wont be happy about getting out kicked by a vet 40 in the final 100. image   Looks like i caught him on an off day, but i will still claim it

    Unfortunately they still have your time as 0.51 of a second wrong.image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Report on my 'stupid o'clock' speed session. 

    Out at 5:30am, ran a mile, had breakfast, then another couple of miles to the main arena.

    Session consisted of an uphill for 400m, a brief stop and rest, and then hoofing it back down again. A different course to three days back.

    Started at one pace and got faster throughout the session. Average pace ended up in the 5:15's. Generally it was 5;40's on the way up, quite a bit quicker coming back down.

    Each set had a 5 minute 'turn around'. Eight sets in all. 

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    5:30AM... hardcore! image

    5 x 1K off 3 mins @ 5K

    3:24, 3:25, 3:21, 3:25, 3:20. Felt quite comfortable after all the horrible 200/400s!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I struggle to break 7 min miles when out with the dog of a morning on my double days. Fair play Ric. 

    very similar to my session Stevie and I hope you're well by the way. Is that the reason behind the lingering illness earlier on in the year. You've still motored through it though! 

    Ive a 5km race Saturday night so instead of 1 min recoveries I opted for 2 Mins. Did 6 x 1000 ( took a couple of mates and the plan was 5 but they didn't exert themselves enough so fancied one more. They'll learn next time when I alter their target time for each rep )

    3.16- 3.09- 3.08- 3.08- 3.04- 3.06.   Too lazy on the first rep and had 3 mins recovery before the last rep. A real confidence booster ahead of Saturday. 

  • Great runs today guys!

    Did an easy 4 miles trail before work.

    After work: 8.5 including 6xhill repeats of 0.4 miles in 2:45-2:50.  Had wanted an 800s session but decided on some hills instead of fast running.

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    Hills will be the making of you Tim!

    Matt, what a session image A confidence booster and then some!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Mattl, can't imagine how fast you're going to run that 5k. 

    As reported before; when I ran the best track session I'm ever likely to, it happened to be 5 x 1000m averaging 3:06. One difference was needing 6 mins recovery between each rep.

    A few days later I ran a 10k in 33:42. 

    It took me another seven years to beat that one.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I hope I've not saved my best for the track tonight. I'need one this session a couple of times but off 1 minute rec and have had to dig deep to hit the 3.14 target. I said to my mates that the extra 1 min seemed to really help. 

    I believe Saturdays race starts on a track and then finishes on one. The rest is supposedly on flat Tarmac cycle paths. I never eased off thsamples before last sat 5000. I think I'll just have a 4 mile trot with the dog in the morning and leave it at that. 

    Nice session Tim. You anything lined up race wise?

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I've tried # Steve jobs again

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    MattL that's got sub 16 all over it.

  • Matt... Sale sizzler next Thursday, then aiming to do 3k at the Trafford Grand Prix on the 16th July.. we love Manc 10k and Burtonwood 5 miler .. That's the next month planned.. Further on, Chester Marathon in Oct.. 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I may try that sale sizzler Tim. 

    Dean, lets hope so! 

  • Lunchtime 5k race in Hyde Park. 3.5 miles jog out as a warm up, quick chat with a few familiar faces and then off.

    It is a damp Friday in London and an uphill start but get through in 3:28 and sitting nicely in a pack, then 2 ks come up on 3:37 so 7:03 and behind the 7 minute target I want to be at. 2 to 3 was hard with a dip and a climb and 3:39 looks Okish but another 2 like that and it that means 18 dead and the next comes in at 3:47, outside 6 minuet pace, so it is a case of recovering what I can from the race and with the first lady closing in I finish with a downhill 3:34 for 18:07 overall.

    Not a PB, not sub 18, and it looks like it is just outside 80% WAVA so no real targets achieved but close to quite a few so not disheartened: you can't make PBs happen, all you can do is sow the seeds and nurture it and wait for a good crop.

    Nice to see PC2 out there as well, wont tell his tale but he isn;t having much luck chaisng 5ks this year agtyer Dulwich parkrun got declassified.

  • In other news, daughter #2 just got a 1st at Cambridge. Guess I will have to be a proud Dad for non-running reasons for a few days.

  • PMJ - Many congrats on the Daughters 1st. Bubbly out tonight then I take it?

    Back from Fizz who has suggested I need to leave the pace work alone for a while due to ongoing and worsening achilles and ab probs. Not sure where to go from here really.

  • Family PMJ does it again. Well done.

    My wife dragged me out for a run this morning (shock). Very very low pace, Mainly 1 min run, 2 min walk. Achilles seemed to bear up but amazed at how tight my calfs felt. Will see what damage has been done tomorrow. Then 1 more week until I can/will run properly; without  walk break image

    Another morning volunteering at parkrun tomorrow whilst the family run.

    Mennania take it easy on the achilles.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    nice one Phil. Your wife must have passed her genius on image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Where's the Bus, he's been missing for the last eight days.

  • RicF wrote (see)

    Where's the Bus, he's been missing for the last eight days.



  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Very good news there Phil, personal running and some reflected/connected academic glory.

    Distances such as 5k and below are almost a waste of time for me; they are certainly plenty of time, which isn't the idea. When you see track runners floating along using their lower limbs like springs you can see where the speed comes from. And why I haven't any.

    As I discovered a couple of days back during the speed session, try as I might with adjustments on style and foot placement, I couldn't derive any bounce out of my feet and calf muscles.

    Dampen the impact of the road fine, but minimal recoil. 

    I'd been woken up by someones car alarm hence the early posting.

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    Parkrun, 2nd in 18:12 this morning. Then some hill reps after, 9.5 miles in total. Last 2 K I was flailing everywhere! All good fun though (in retrospect!)

    As I'm driving home, I get a text saying 'meet me at Macclesfield leisure centre at 11' I had totally forgot I agreed to pace a charity 10K midnight run. Long day! image

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Ric, Bus is on hol remember. And you're fooling no one, I bet you only sleep 2hours a niz anyway.

    You're right on track stuff though, it can feel bizarre at my age, so 2 decades on, must feel like pure injury risk.

    I expect I was borderline, and then the 1500/3000 stuff just tipped me slightly into niggle country.

    Feels a bit like the left hip of last year, in that it doesn't get worse, and days off don't "heal" it, so I'm sure carrying on, strengthening, and gradually re-introducing longer and faster is the way to go.

    Did 6miles with a stride every couple of mins yesterday, so covered the 6miles in 40mins dead, (1mile hill in the middle), so going the right way.

    Second run was too fast really, 6.42 pace for a 4miler.

    Today, probably another 6&4, though will see how the 6 goes first!

    Good work See-man. Hill reps after a 5k? Cripes. I hope the pacing isn't 40mins or something, or you'll be monstered!

  • Nice 5ks PMJ & Stevie. First time at Maidstone Parkrun for me this morning. Tricky little course on a narrow towpath, hairpin turns and river bridges to negotiate but happy to finally get a Parkrun win in 16.45

    10 min jog and then into 5x2 mins at faster than 5k pace (2 min jog recoveries) afterwards.

    Now time to mow the lawn

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    that's pretty darn fast on a parkrun! and a win too, lovely. I've never got higher than 4th ridiculously.

    Just done a 6, my usual route, 2miles woods hills, flat, 1/2mile downhill, then 2miles home.

    Came out 7.03 average, which considering 8.30 came up for the first steep mile, feels pretty good.

    Not quite sure what's happening at the moment, as despite this niggle, all the easy runs are coming out very top end easy and into steady without pushing. Today's route used to be 7.30 average, then a few weeks ago 7.15s felt fast...

    Either I've bizarrely had a fitness surge, or I'm doing some weird overcompensating thing where i'm pushing too hard without knowing in spite of the pelvis thing!


  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    Nice parkrun there Johnas! With a little extra quality after like me! Although I only did 6 30 hill reps so they were more like hard strides!

    SG, don't look a gift horse in the mouth! Maybe the slight easing of quality has done you good?

    The 'pacing' is for 70 non-runners, so I think I'll be 8-10min/miles. Will be fairly arduous I imagine.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    so slow it actually becomes hard to do!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Just back in after mowing three large lawns. Just a light bit of work today. Doubles up as recovery.

    Needless to say, today and yesterday have been routine 12 milers starting at around 5:30am. I don't find the excursions particularly dull as there's always something going on. As long as I don't make any more grisly discoveries that is.

  • Hey guys,

    just thought I'd give Dean's 5k plan another endorsement! started the plan with a pb of 18:17 8 weeks ago and decided I'd pick 17:30 as the target since I'm still on a decent improvement curve after a year of running.

    Hit the sessions all on target pace which became more comfortable as the weeks passed. Raced the parkrun today in 17:33 with splits of 3:24, 3:24, 3:35, 3:40 and 3:30 and just wanted to say I thought it was a great plan which gave me a lot of confidence running at target pace.

    cheers dean!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Iwan.  Cheers & You are welcome, glad it was of use.  Monster pb congrats.  You must feel good targeting a big PB for 8 weeks and then delivering on it.

    Some good training going on plus shout out to the parkrun boys.  Great race johnas.  If you targeted a 5 k I think you could some some damage to that PB.

    i have been sick for a week so not much training from me.  I think the 800 on Tuesday sent me back into sick mode and I have only just recovered.  Will go for a nice slow long run tomorrow.

    not sure when matts 5k is today but good luck

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Just back from the 5km. There was a change to the usual course as the track lanes had been repainted On the track. The course was to be solely on cycle paths with two sudden turns that were around a cone. I still found it to be a really flat course and for a change I altered my watch to read in k's. 

    off I go and after  a 5 min opening mile I was in 10th or so. Felt really good and went through half way in 7.55. At this point we were by a river with a wind in my face. Went past two on this stretch and thought if I keep the pressure on ill be sub 16. Turned at the cone and thought with the breeze behind me I could push it hard. It's the best I've ever felt in a 5k ajus always felt I was striding well with no wobbles in the legs or anything. Another cone to negotiate then a 200m push for the line which I crossed in 16.08. 

    A PB but slightly disappointed when finishing as I felt so much stronger than last weeks 5000. then there were a good few murmurs about the course being a touch long. My garmin had it as 5.05km and a young lass who is off to Bulgaria to race next week was saying she had it long along With some she'd spoken too. she said she was fearing for what shape she was in If it wasn't the case. 

    Cant grumble with a PB though and I'm chuffed with how strong I felt. Still heading in the right direction. 

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