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  • oi, 1:19, that is a bit cheeky compared to my 1:20 isn't it? There are actually more than 6, I see a 1:25 as well. I was Gutted not to see a familiar name on the listimage

  • Subtle Philip, subtle!

    Mine's the 1:19, but the way things are going I might need to change it to 2:19 image

    We ran alongside 3 olympians in the 2012 Wycombe Half image (well, I suppose the alongside bit is pushing it as it was only for the first hundred metres, whereas you'll be pretty close the whole way!)

  • Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)

     I was Gutted not to see a familiar name on the listimage

    I don't get it. image

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)

    I was Gutted not to see a familiar name on the listimage

    Stalking attempts thwarted there then Phil?

  • attempts to stall Phil so far have included hiding him from my fb statuses, not chatting on the wall of anyone in the weeks before a race, swearing anyone i tell to secrecy.

    It may well now need entering a race as a ringer name... then sorting it with the organiser after....

  • Ok, I'll come clean. I always get caught in the foot traffic at the start.

    How close to the front should I start for my hoped 1:13? image

  • Sorry to hear about the foot Ric. I made the mistake of telling a physio I work with that my plantar was feeling a bit tight this weekend. He then proceeded to stick a needle into the trigger point. Talk about painful!

    Nice 14m there SG.

    Some tempo for me today and a bit of a mental breakthrough. Have def been running my tempos too fast i.e. at race pace, not training pace. Think I discovered the difference today, as it was hard and testing, but  I wasn't completely smashed at the end of it.

    8min @ 6.23; 8 x 90s (all coming in between 6:13 and 6:26) off 60s jr; 6min @ 6.26.

    Feeling good image

  • I'm in Paris and despite all my planning I have managed to get here with no iPhone cable and no Garmin cable so will have to manage with a single charge on each. Worst bit is, inspired by Lit, I found a nice route from my hotel to Bois de Vincennes and forgot to send it to my Garmin. I now have the route in memory from google street view and will try to do it tomorrow.

  • Tune going round my head now "I was lost in France...."

    Nikki - that's better image. I used to do all my tempos at close to race pace with no warm-up to try and get the most out of a limited lunch break.  SG used to tell me off all the time! My times (and knees!) improved when I stopped that silliness and started doing reps as my main speed session.

  • Oh, managed a 4 miler last night at a reasonable pace. A bit dull, as I just did laps of the housing estate I live on in case I had to stop and walk home! No major ill effects, so one step at a time.

    SG - an alternative approach to stalling Philip would be to just tell us all the races you are doing (..just a thoughtimage)

  • I'll always err on the side of modesty and underplaying with races. I've seen people do the opposite, fail to hit their goals/get injured and just fade away.

    Phil knows by now not to keep ruining it for me. He's been told enough times.

    Tough session today, the classic 3x2miles HMP off 90secs. Yes, I've done it before, but never with 5.45 as the zone start.


    Happy with that. All on the slightly undulating 0.9mile loop. "Geniusly" timed so that the 3rd one had the slight up part 3 times!

    Had a slight rant at 2 old biddies walking FOUR greyhounds, managing to take up, the whole wide path and grassy side parts! Basically waving my arms wildly from 50metres away shouting "COME ON, FRIGS SAKE" image

    Passed them at least 3 or 4 other times, where they weren't blocking the whole path. I did wonder just how slowly they were walking, to cover less than a mile in the time I took to do  5 of my 6 laps!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Seb.  recover quickly mate as you belong at the sharp end of the birmingham league

    SG - respectfully... you are coming across as a bit of a running wanker there.  a couple of ladies walking dogs and you act like a tosser.  you are ONLY doing a run, you are not running for your life or an olympic medal.  

    anyway im clearly grumpy as its xc season image

    Leek XC race at the weekend, it is on the hilly side, in fact its a cat 3 fell race.  SS will back me up on how hard this course is. I went off hard and was leading then a few came past and i settled at a decent pace.  2nd lap and it felt like i was running on empty and slipped down the order to about late 20's getting into battles with people i never have done before.  but i was flat and couldnt respond so i just dug in, i could hear the frustration in my coachs voice and of the supporters, into the 3rd lap and i get my legs back.  i work through the field overtaking on the up and downs, overtake a chap who ran sub 71 at the GNR last month, and a shout out that im now 7th counter for my team.  i can see 2 team mates and i give chase, only the killer hill to scale and then the 40m to the finish.  if im gonig to count i have to do it on the hill.  i kick, closing, closing  overtake now the next one is only 10m in front but he is clear of the hill.  i scale the hill but its too late i have run out of race.  11th overall 6th counter.  a bit of a disaster of a race but the 3rd lap was strong. 6.14 ave pace.

    Sunday was a 12m lsr , felt good and 6.49 ave pace

    Monday was very sore from the race

  • Ah Dean, my favourite poster as always.

    When 2 people block not just a path, but the 3 or 4 metres EITHER side, with 4 dogs long elastic leads meaning even going round on the road is an ask, i think this is a bit different from being annoyed at  people just going about their day to day business blocking a standard path.

    i run pretty defensively and respectfully as a rule so not to impact anyone i come across, but that was too much.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    sounds horrendous SG.    image   Good paces by the way in a hard session. 3*2 is tough.

    wokingham looks like a good battle.  im guessing thats johnas v Dachs at the sharp end.  dont think i can call that one.  could go into the last mile!



  • Dean - you must have missed the first two paragraphs of the post if you picked out the dog walking bit as wanker behaviour image

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    I have some sympathy with SG - I did a 16 on Sunday consisting of 16 laps of the park next to my house.  I don't usually do this, but I feared (incorrectly as it turned out) that I might face a sudden need to make use of my fine lavatory facilities mid-run, so wanted to stay close to home.  Anyway, despite setting off before 7 am on a Sunday, the dog walkers were already out in force.

    My main problem is with the dogs themselves.  These things are supposed to have highly-developed senses and instincts, and must surely be able to appreciate that suddenly standing directly in front of the feet of a larger creature moving at some speed is likely to result in said creature having to either hurdle them or boot them in the solar plexus.  Yet they consistently are unable to see this.

    Dean - Johnas is in there, but it's neither him nor me that has put the fastest time.  Agreed, me vs Johnas is hard to call (think I'd have to give it to Johnas at the moment), but last year he ran it as a MP job, so not sure if he'll be looking to do similar next year.

  • What is this, national have a go at SG morning?!

    I totally accept that pavements and paths are for everyone, not just us runners bombing along, but a bit of courtesy on either side doesn't do any harm. Those bloody long dog leads are just a pain in the arse - especially if there are 4 dozy dogs on one end and two shuffling old biddies on the other image.  Even worse if they can see you coming and make no attempt to give a bit of space. 

    Pretty tough race that Dean, and sounds like a pretty good recovery on the 3rd lap.

    SG - tasty pace for those 2M reps there!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    dachs - perhaps crispy at the sharp end then?  either way looks like a few of you guys are sharing the same section of the race , should be good watching the reports unfold.

    trying to read back but looks like too many injuries are amongst us.  hopefully some time off over xmas to recover should get you back up on your feet.



  • I can vouch for Dean and say that that XC race is bascially a short fell race. Horrendous. You up a steep climb, then assend very quicky, only to run straight back up at a U-turn at the bottom. Sould destroying stuff. 6:12 avg is pure silly for that course!

    SG, those 2 mile reps are tough to do. I think it's a real bonus being able to do it on the roads as it replicates road racing a bit more. I still do all of my HMP and faster on the track.

    Dog leads... I'm not keen on those stealth long ones where you can't see them and the dog is about 20 ft away from the owner! I'm lucky as most dog owners where I run are very accomodating of how busy the river and bypass tow paths are are. You do get the odd whopper who gets my cross 'teacher stare'. image

  • That must be scarey Stevie image (although if you look like my old Geography teacher....)

    Easy 5M xc for me today. Again, slightly uncomfortable at the end, but nothing too bad.  That's three days running in a row (albeit very low mileages) so I'd better have tomorrow off or I'll be pushing my luck! 

  • Ta, Bus, Dachs, SS. The lunchtime 4miler was a tad more comfy!

    And SS, it was a weigh up between the loop route or the track, both within 1/4mile of each other. But 8 laps and 9metres per rep would have been a killer, although i had worked out the 1.26 pace per lap required in case!

    Bus, get yourself back for Christmas time, so we can have a few runs and Phil, maybe Dachs/Ric too? And Johnas if you're back this way with relatives.

  • I'm trying SG!

    Right, what's the best book to put on my Christmas list for 10k to half-marathon training plans to teach this old dog some new tricks? Aim is to get a sub 36 10k and a sub 1:18:36 (6 mm pace) half before I get just too old!


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭


    image  as one old man to another.

    more seriously im thumbing through the jack daniels book running formula.  i think there will be something to take from that.  his sessions are rarely the 6*1k that i do, they mix diff distances and paces in one session.  Although i defer to seb and johnas on this book as they are much futher along in using/understanding it

  • Bus, just periodising your year, and progressively building sessions would benefit you I think, not sure you've done that to date.

    I know you love those half mile reps, but more variety, longer MP runs, and eventually stacking the sessions to peak for the target distances would help.  I could dig you out a few weeks plan with the 2 main sessions of the week if you want.

  • Heard my name bieng whispered so worth popping in. I managed an easy 4 miles yesterday morning and thats the first run for me in 8 days. Been on the bench with a dodgy ankle (not quite as bad as Ric though by sounds of it) but finally got some new kickers and hope they sort things out. If I'm completely honest, not had any running mojo whatsoever and only ran 46 miles since Frankfurt which hasn't helped

    Definitely looking forward to things with Dachs next year, at Wokingham and VLM14. i think we could put in some good race performances running together (including Jock Itch too). Not sure what is happening at Wokingham yet though as Baby Johnas is due 3 days before

    Nikki - glad to see you're taking a more sensible approach and I'm pretty sure you'll see better results because of it, rather than a slippery slope. The increased energy means you'll train considerably better than being flushed out all the time.

    Bus - I know that sub 36 is your target and I think that should be your aim. Pick a target race and plan your sessions up to it. No doubt you're good for it

    Nice sessions SG, Iron and tasty race Dean. All sound pretty fierce from my comfy little world of easy running.

    SS - sorry to hear about the aborted 26.2 mission but sounds sensible and makes snese. Pull on the trainers and join me for a few weeks of easy running and base building instead

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Good rep times by the way SG.

    Don't think Dean's too worried about making any friends today.  Go take it out on Samir, Dean.

    And Dean, meant to say a big well done on managing to grind out the last bit of that XC.  My XC on Saturday was a 3 lapper, and I must admit to having psychologically settled for what I had on that last lap.  Do you reckon you've got any better at cross country after having done a few more?  Is there hope for me?

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    image  Haha.  

    Dachs regards Xc I'm getting better but I'm still way short compared to road/track.  I put effort in and I get tired at the end but I put it down to the equivalent of me running a 17 min 5k.

    its a mental, tactical and training issue.  Mentally you have to forget splits, pace and just race (I struggle to do that), tactically you have to get in a good position early and if that means too fast a start then you need to do it because its rare positions change dramatically and often there is not many places to get prolonged speed up, so everyone does a similar pace.  once you are in lead group you battle to stay there.  Training wise I do zero on grass, so when I'm called to hit a job lot of 5.30 on rolling terrain I struggle. I don't like losing footing and missing steps but if you do intervals on a similar surface you get used to the broken rhythm & Xc speed Rather than track speed.  

    Look at seb, absolutely destroys me on Xc but I think I'm ahead on other surfaces.  It's not a coincidence he trains on the surface regularly and is really good.  My next 4 months training plan has a chunk of intervals and tempos on grass.  If nothing else it's good strength work for the track.

    another valid point is I'm probably 2stone heavier than most I race, and dragging that up hills and through mud is sapping.

    you are a good runner so there is no reason why you can't do damage on Xc So yes I'm sure there is hope for you.   But you probably need to focus some training on it.  To others it comes easier Just not to us.  But don't forget at some point the races move to roads/track and you can get your revenge.image

  • Another 10 mile progressive today (and it's my birthday) plan starting 7 min pace going down to 5.30 last mile so all went to plan more or less wore my new DS 9 racers for 1st time 

    finished off 6.00, 5.42, 5.38 and 5.34 holding well until last mile when hit a steady climb right at end of Mile 9 and beginning mile 10 and God it was tough from there covered the 10 mile in 62.06 first half 33.10 2nd half 28.56 

    Just had a fillet steak and onion baguette followed by a chocolate eclair and cup of tea image what a birthday celebrationimage

  • Stevie G . wrote (see)


    Phil knows by now not to keep ruining it for me. He's been told enough times.

    Yep, SG has sworn me to secrecy about the HX XC this weekend so you didn't hear it from me.

    I did the tourist route this pm in Paris, La Rive Gauche, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile, Champs-Élysées, the palaces of all sizes, the tombs of everyone, and had I been minded I could have taken out more Frenchies than a dose of clap does but I was good and stopped and swerved and generally gave way. Will have to make up for it in London and Cambridge over the next few days.

    Dean, Leek is a great place to run, used to be based at Anzio Training Camp for the few weeks in the summer. Seems to have gone downhill since I was there in the 80's.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Cracking Run Rob! Was that solo or in a group? 

    theres nowhere where I live to run 10miles on a pretty flat route. I think that's what helps me when on the fells as sits just full of hills. There's a canal but way too dark to be running on there at this time of year. 


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