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  • Enjoy your run SG & Phil.

    Horrible 8m for me pre breakfast this morning. Weather didn't help but neither did my dinner of Cheerios, an apple and a toffee last night was very suitable! Was knackered.
  • 13.5m @ 7:40 for me today, making Christmas week a 55 miler. Back into a bit of a bigger week after 3 45milers.
  • Unlike you Nikki, was rare for me to do the LSR on a Saturday. (Although we can hardly call the S in yours slow, maybe steady instead!)

    Myself and Phil went and did the Marlow half course or as good a version as we could remember, with a bit bolted on.

    Some steep hills, as the likes of Bus and Ric will recognise, and myself having completely forgotten having not done the course since 2005.

    Felt a comfy pace, conversational pace (read me jabbering and Phil trying to get the odd word in), so I was fairly startled to find it had been a 7.14 average job.

    Only small directional screw up was when we took a right after Rotten Row and ended in some old blokes massive grounds. And he wasn't best pleased. Phil sweet talked him a little, but you could tell the bloke had a rant in him if the occasion needed it. Back and course, and got to experience at easy pace the short steep dip, and then equally steep climb straight after between 10.5 and 11miles. We did note how much that must hurt if you were racing!

    Then that glorious last mile downhill!

    Made me want to go and race it. Not.

  • Looking forward to the number crunching see how much it takes get those times image

  • for me...a life taking over amount of mileage....

    for the talented peeps on the thread, nowhere near as much image

  • As SG says, 14 over the rural roads of Buckinghamshire this morning. Looking at the course it seems we were fairly much on it most the way, one bit where we went round two sides of a square and the course does the other two sides but basically 5 miles uphill. 3 fast down, up a cliff at 8 and on up to 9, then 4 miles downhill to the end with one steep roller-coaster down and up. I think SG was pretty generous in saying I got an odd word in: it was probably grunting at the best: not balls out but on the faster side of comfortable. The 7:14 average totally hides the splits which were between 6:30 and 8:15.

  • Sounds like a decent long run fellas.

    8 and 4 yesterday, with a 6 and 4 today. So 5 days back and 6 runs (xmas day off).

    Only the last 4 today felt like real running again. My BPM heart rate is still way high over the whole run. But at least the 'flow' of running at 7:20 pace was back.

    Going into double figures tomorrow but will find the easiest road route I can find.

    Thinking I might do the Cheshire XC next Saturday now, I'm not near fit but it will be part of the rehab.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Good to see you're back at it Stevie. You not think a low key affair somewhere would be better suited than having a crack at the county champs? 

    I was talking to someone who'd had a break (albeit a far longer one than yourself) and he said the best thing he did was that he did a few low key fell races. There's no pressure for time or being able to gauge his placing as it was new to him. 

    he's now run low 31 for 10k. 

  • Nice runs fellas. Welcome back SS.

    I see through you all though. Increasing mileage as we head towards the end-of year summaryimage.

    Like most people's, this week has been a mish-mash. Easy mileage instead of pace work and poor nutrition (mince pie for brekkie anyone).

    Today should be a 10km at medium tempo. This would be a breakthrough session.

    Else I could do this week's track instead (4x1200) which is slightly less scary. Yesterday's parkrun is still in my legs, as is Friday's long MTB. 


  • I wouldn't do either of those sessions after a parkrun yesterday Iron - I'd leave it until tomorrow to do the 10k tempo, ad slip in an easy one today.

    Shame I couldn't join you yesterday guys. My nightmare at Christmas continues! I was starting to feel a bit better Friday night, but then the Mrs went down with it in a big way - vomiting and diahorrea for 8 hours non-stop! Consequently v.little sleep for me, and still felt ropey anyway, so no run yesterday . Had to drag myself out to take the kids to the Somerset House ice-rink yesterday evening as this was a Christmas present and non-refundable! Then, in the middle of the night, my boy started vomiting. As the Mrs was still unwell, it fell to me to sort it out, so once again, v. little sleep. 

    So, no run since Tuesday, just as the injuries seem to be abating! As all seems quiet on the sickness front though, and they are tucked up in bed, I'm going to force myself out and see how far I get off several days of no sleep and little food (though I did manage to eat a pizza yesterday evening and porridge this morning to be fair!)

  • that sounds a nasty little spell Bus, and a horrible domino effect between the family! Hopefully the worst is long out of the systems!

    Iron, this was my lowest mileage week since August, so no stats inflation for me! Mostly the fault of the midweek 5k race in fairness! Morning 5miler made it a round 50mile week.

    Wasted a lot of time researching joining this decade for technology, finally realising the 1990s-esque 1inch screen - no camera, no internet, no apps, can barely text and cuts out on calls phone I've "temporarily" been using for 3years needs replacing. Just finding it hard to realise I'd have to spend more than the current £7.50 or so a month!

    Any clever ways to get the best phone at rock bottom prices will be appreciated image

    Right, the end of year template is coming...later today...

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Quick race report before the templates go up. 

    RV10k for me, aim was a PB or low 32. More hope than anything else. There was a lot of 4.45 min milers at the 1/2 mile mark who slowly dropped back. Couple of slight inclines in the first half but I was moving well and think I hit the halfway point in 16.10. 

    Great I thought. I remember having a great second half to the race last year and was hopeful of more of the same but slowly but surely the legs started to fade. a couple who I'd passed earlier were now in front and I tried to hang on the best I could. There's a sharp hill 4/500 metres from the finish and after that I have it everything but must have been treading water as 2 lads came steaming past me. The race video will be a laugh at my finish. 

    Finished in 32.54 so another sub 33 which I'm satisfied with. Over a minute quicker than last year so not to be sniffed at. I think Salford 10k may give me a better chance of a low 32. 

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Another great race matt.

    SG. I think for £12 ish on orange you can get the samsung ace or moto g.  You need to tell them you are not interested in 4g and 3g is good enough for your usage.   Those phones have a decent rep.  

    Bus - sounds rough.  my family had repetitive sickness but was earlier in the month, over Xmas knocks all plans out. Hopefully a few days will have all fighting strong

  • We've had some illness here, but no sickness so far.

    Can't help with technology SG, I'm 35!image

    Took Bus' advice and did an easy 10km. Will be back on the pace work Tue with my LSpR.

    Quick straw poll: What do you all run in for your training runs? Have you ever had stability/motion control shoes in the past? I'm heading to the shops tomorrow to replace my 1100km GT2170s. The 2160 was recommended after gait analysis in 2011, though I was slower back then.

    Nice race Matt.

  • SG I have a Samsung Galaxy 2, which is old and has been very good. When I upgrade in Feb I'd prob go for the Galaxy 4.

    Matt, to be honest the County champs are quite low key. The Manc league is a much bigger affair, and they are my two choices coming up.

    Hit 12miles in 7:16 avg. The last few miles were around 6:40 to bring the average right down. A step in the right direction.

    Bus, good luck on the run out later, hopefully all is sorted.

    Iron, if you did a parkrun yest, I wouldn't hang any hope on any kind of breakthrough today!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Iron I ran in gt2170 now run in gt2000. Which is the same shoe but updated. Have tried brooks equivalent but hate them so will only use asics for the slow shoes.  Some good bargains around online for them too.  

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I do all my steady/easy runs in Nike Pegasus. Changed to them in the summer and theyre like cushioned slippers. I alternate 2 pairs. 

  • I got a pair of Nike air pegasus recently after a few pairs of gt2170's  and they do have a bit more depth of tread under the  front and ball of the foot which makes then fell more cushioned but Just got a pair of gt2000's at Christmas so keen to try them too.

  • Matt, good race! 33:xx is real quality, so sub 33...well...I never!

    Bus, how'd your run go? I've still got a week off work, and tomorrow has a 6&4. I don't suppose you're up to a run with me? The 6, the 4, or even combined?

  • right, I've dug out last year's end of year template and edited it a lil bit. Mostly adding a range of pedantic disclaimers, but hey...rules is rules!

    Think it over tomorrow, and we can have a love in on the 31st...not before mind, as the mileages won't be quite accurate. Which makes Phil upset.image




    • Years Mileage   (2012v2013 comparison optional extra)
    • Races run
    • Distances Raced at (standard track or road, not oddball distances like 5.9milers or XCs - this means you Lit)
    • PBs (not including first attempts at a distance-but allowing more than 1 at the same pb at 5k, then beating it = 2 )
    • Prizes won - individual/team/vet/ladies, all counts

     Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

    Thread Members

    • Best thread race performance
    • 2013 Thread poster of the year (with reasons)
    • 2014 One to Watch

    Race Results

    • List pbs at start of year, and end of the year

    (for vets, where pbs are less relevant, maybe just a comparison of start and end of year?)

    2014 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)


    And as always...the disclaimer, that this might be quite interesting, might become a chore of utter tedium, but hopefully more towards the former image


  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    SG - Carphone Warehouse have some decent 2 year deals for about £8:50 to £10 a month on Talkmobile, decent phones too, includes texts, data and minutes. I get them for my kids.

  • Is 7 miles a proper race distance?

  • ta TR, so many options. I'm closing in after days over thinking it.

    Lit, go on then. Just because we have the Penn 7 round here. Not that I think Bus did it this year, but go on stick it in.

  • Hurrah! 30k?

  • no.

  • Hi Guys.... Fair bit of illness knocking around at mo... It seems to effect the people with kids more, sorry Bus... Matti, still knocking out some fantastic times, hope your luck with the weather holds out for the Salford 10k, whenever that is...

    Invested in a foam roller last Friday, after years of poo pooing them, and after the first few days of using it, it does seem to be making a improvement, but time will tell... Anyone else use these things????

  • Welcome back Bluey! How've you been since Victory? Seems ages back now.

    Have one of those foam rollers myself. For my money, I can imagine they do good work on areas like the calf and quads, but I'm usually fine there. Areas like hamstrings and glutes are much chunkier, so they don't seem to get as much purchase there.

  • Thanks for the comments guys.

    Matt - nice work! Cracking way to end the year!

    Of course 7M needs to go on there! I once had a high Po10 ranking thanks to the Penn 7 (shame they don't rank 7 miles any more image)

    Run went OK today, all off-road, with the only down side being that by the time I went out all the frozen mud had defrosted and large family groups with their Christmas dogs were out in force! I set off not knowing how far I would do, and felt sh1te for the first mile, but kept extending the target and managed 13 hilly miles in the end. Pleasingly, the 10th mile felt fresher than the first. Not so pleasingly, the groin problem kept rearing its head on downhills, but I put that down to lack of stretching for the last few days.

    Can't join you this week SG unfortunately, as I'm working the next two days, then (if everyone is healthy by then!) off for a few days to Exeter with the Mrs (losing the kids at the in-laws on the way!) the day after new year's day.

    I need a new foam roller - mine has collapsed in the middle!  Right, off to bed and keepng my fingers crossed that I get through to the alarm clock without the sounds of vomiting!

  • Hi Stevie... Been reading alot about the knee problem that I've got, and the impression is that it stem's from a problem in the quads and ITB, like I said earlier, after a few days of using the roller, they seems to be a improvement, but as of yet I haven't started pounding those streets again...

    Would love to be fit for Eastleigh...

  • matt. solid race there, and 32.5x looks way better than 33.x so even if it wasn;t the aim it is still a great result.

    SG, have you tried contacting your current phone company and asking for a PAC code. I did this last year as #2 wanted to move from Orange to Giff Gaff and suddenly they had a whole lost of secret phones and plans that were there to keep loyal customers.

    Off for 10+ in the rain ....

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