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  • last 4miler of the year best get cracking on the summary.

    This could be long...

  • Maybe you had better type it out in word and post it in two sections, SG. We wouldn't want any of it to be lost.

  • oh it'll be 2 posts.

    Of that I'm more certain than you like cheese.

  • Totals

    • Years Mileage: 2387 v 2256 (2012). There were      a lot of peaks and troughs this year this really didn’t mean the increase      added up to much.
    • Races run: 22
    • Distances Raced: Mile, 3000, 5000, 5K, 5MT,      10K.
    • PBs: 5K – 17:12 (-11s), 3K 9:55 (-13s).
    • Prizes won – erm… F*ALL!

     Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year:

    • 7th at the Welsh Castles in 32 degree heat on the Welsh Coast. My 2nd consecutive WCR top 10.
    • PB over 3K at Watford, the epic drive and the relentless pace of the race.
    • PB at 5K despite not being what I thought was fit.

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year:

    • Being bonk at 10K this year. And not feeling fit enough to race my fave races through the year (HM, 5M, 10M races).
    • Having the wheels fall off just before so many big races – training blocks too long and hard?
    • Running the Stoke open in an empty stadium with only 2 of us in the race and running a duff time, then them awarding me a silver medal for second place was a bit of a low point! Makes a good story now.

    Thread Members

    • Best thread race performance: Deano pulling on      an international vest was amazing to see. Loved it!
    • 2013 Thread poster of the year: Dachs/Bus for      their ever present positive outlook and humour despite being injured or      not performing how they’d like.
    • 2014 One to Watch: I think Matt and Seb will      do some serious damage on the road this year. I reckon someone will spring      a surprise marathon on us to too (not SG though!)

    Race Results

    • Mile: 5:00.5 (debut)
    • 3000: 9:55 (10:08)
    • 5000: 17:51 (debut)
    • 5K : 17:12 (17:23)
    • 10K 36:01 (35:51) in March!!

    2014 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

    • Have a think about how I train, and figure out why I haven’t moved on this year and why I seem to burn out 1-2 weeks before key races. What sessions am I not doing? Do I need a coach? Or do I just need to man up a bit?image
    • Improve my 5K to 16:59
    • Improve 10K to 35:30
    • HM to around 1:19
    • Run the Chester marathon in October.
  • Stevie see wrote (see)


    • Prizes won – erm… F*ALL!
    • Running the Stoke open in an empty stadium with only 2 of us in the race and running a duff time, then them awarding me a silver medal for second place was a bit of a low point!

    Erm, hang on... I make that one (1) prize...

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    What was the prize at the Cock and Bicuits 10k lit? Brilliant name. 

    Just been watching the Ribble Valley 10k race video (RobT, it was chris B). He'd told me about Jonny Mellor leaving the rest of the field just after 5k but the speed needs to be seen to be believed. It's as though he's leaving beginners behind, not sub 30k lads.  Ron Hill also makes a great point about his goals running wise. image made me chuckle. 

    Just see the back of me as the First Lady crosses the line too. 


  • It was the Aston on Trent 10k really Matt. And there wasn't a prize. image But we didn't know that and were getting cold and feeling ready to go to the pub, so my club chairman went and asked the race director. I'm not sure how disappointed he claimed I'd be but she was pretty flustered, came and found me, took me to her car which was full of gift boxes, and offered me a commemorative Queen's Diamond Jubilee paperweight designed by schoolchildren. I was very proud.


     PS: the prize at the Belper 30k was a plastic bag containing the spoils of a seemingly random trolley dash around Aldi.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Haha. A poor do not to have First Lady prize. Obviously you were made up with the paper weight. image 

  • Well, to be fair I don't think there was a prize for first male either. So non-sexist crapness, at least.

  • I like Lit's 17.9 races. Is that accurate?

    SG - if you've only 'missed' 3 quality sessions this year then that's good going. Similar thoughts Bus; this is the time of year not to beat yourself up about a poor training run (as that is what it was). Ground is 'orrible and winds are trying.

    Johnas - bank what you've done over the past few years and catch up on the world. We'll still be here in a month or so. A few of us have proved how quickly one can return to speed.

    22 wet km today with a 4:30/km target all done. Good test for the new shoes.

    Summary to follow.

  • mattl wrote (see)

    What was the prize at the Cock and Bicuits 10k lit? Brilliant name. 


    Me and Lit's in joke about doing a low key race basically image

  • Deary me that took ages to write...

    Part 1


    • Years Mileage   (2012v2013 comparison optional extra)

    2013   3087.5  v  2012   3007.5

    • Races run

    16  (v 13 in 2012)

    • Distances Raced at (standard track or road, not oddball distances like 5.9milers or XCs - this means you Lit)

    5 - (3K,5K,5M,10K,Half)

    • PBs (not including first attempts at a distance-but allowing more than 1 at the same pb at 5k, then beating it = 2 )


    6 -   got to be the best haul for a long time. (v3 in 2012). When you strip out the XC, first time at a distance, and stuff like Wycombe 10k it's at most  9 possible races where there was at least a chance, so a good return.

    • Prizes won - individual/team/vet/ladies, all counts

    Team prizes were the thing this year

    1. Marlow 5  Team MTSG with Phil and Bus
    2. TVXC Series Winners   Sandhurst
    3. Bounders Relay Winners Sandhurst
    4. Runnymede Relay Runners Up  Sandhurst
    5. River Relay Winners      Sandhurst

    Road  x4 Top 10 Places  including a 2nd at Wargrave 5k, clearly the highest I'll ever get in that series! XC     3rd place at Tadley XC, likely to be highest placing ever in this series!

    (won't count the track 2x3k, although did enjoy leading the first one for 6 laps,before coming 2nd,  even if it was the 3rd string race!!)

     Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

    1. A monumental spring, with a 34.43 10k followed by a 1.15.41 half on consecutive weekends. Then followed by a 34.30 10k, a 27.44 5miler, and a 16.53 5k.
    2. Great to experience almost the full set of relays with Sandhurst, and place highly in them all. The Runnymede relay is the big one, and 2nd to the Datchet squad was a good effort in the highest attended of the relays (60+ teams?)
    3. Great to experience some top quality 10k races. Eastleigh, after meaning to do it for years, Chichester, and the Bupa London 10k.
    4. Really satisfying to help Skinny and Lit to some quality pbs as coach. Definitely a close second to hitting pbs yourself. A lot depends on the coachee having the right commitment and desire, and they both tick boxes well on that.
    5. Meeting Stevie See after all this time at Watford. The effort the lad made to come all this way for a 3k, I had to get over there, and to be in the same race as him (and 4 local pals) and us both pbing as well (me by the skin of a gnat's gnadger), made it a great evening

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

    1. Not being in tip top shape for the autumn, meaning the sojourns down to the south coast for Victory 5 and Gosport weren't pb affairs.
    2. Pelvis niggle in the summer, whilst not actually causing much mileage reduction seemed to take ages to ease away.
    3. No 10miler raced in 2013
    4. Never seem to perform too well at the Wycombe 10k. 3 years in a row finishing between 36.45-48, can't fault the consistency! Big hill, but should be able to get to a low 36 on it at least.
  • Part 2

    Thread Members

    • Best thread race performance

    We've had an epic year of GB Vet, GB Triathlete, fast marathons, 49year olds hitting monstrous times, sub 1hr 15 half first timers, regular 33min 10ks, V40 prizes, relay wins and general pbs, but for me, it was....

    Johnas 33.15 10k at Slough.

    A long term pal of mine who I used to beat in the Marlow days,and one I'd lost touch with before the thread started,  who had equalised me out through sheer force of hard training, and crept a "little" ahead I thought. There was always the slight grey area of different courses, different days, and even the shocking 20sec win over me at the Dulwich 5k I could in part put down to a suicidal start from me.

    However, the 33.15 in a race that it needs pointing out was a fairly low key affair, compared to the super quality 10ks where pbs are normally hit,  was so amazing it's actually put Johnas in the upper echelon of the thread, and hit a time I'd do amazingly to ever get near to.

    So bravo young Johnas.

    • 2013 Thread poster of the year (with reasons)

    Some of you lot have gone the same way, so I don't want anyone to think I'm just copying. But from the minute I wrote the template, Bus was in my mind for this.

    In a year which has almost been a case of working hard to stand still, and fighting more niggles than ever, the supportive, honest and frequency of posting has to be applauded. It's certainly not always easy to front up on here when others are smashing monster pbs, but Bus never disappears, apart from the occasional holiday to obscure places with no net access, which is fair enough!!

    • 2014 One to Watch

    I think a lot of the thread fulfilled big chunks of potential last year, so I think gradual improvement for many is the most likely.

    Therefore, our ladies Nikki and Lit probably are tied. Nikki, with such mileage and commitment, it can only be that key of structuring correctly. And Lit, a marathon followed (in time) by some faster work training can only improve pbs from 5k up.

    Race Results

    • List pbs at start of year, and end of the year

    Dist   Jan 1st                End of 2013

    3k     Never done           9:44.76 5k     17:10                    16:53 5m    27:56                    27:44 10k   35:20                    34:30 10m  57:09                    same (not raced) HM   77:53                    75:41

    2014 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

    I'm obviously never one to hype things ups, and always suspect the next year will be a "hard gain" year, so some of these are lifelong aims!!

    1. Sub 1hr 15. Can't be anything but really, sitting on 1.15.41
    2. A 10k starting with a 33
    3. Finding a 5k that is fast flat and has a quality field, and I don't mean something I'll come top 10 in!
    4. Doing some big event races (GSR was great experience in 2013)
    5. Actually racing a 10miler this year!
    6. Picking some new races, potentially in untapped parts of the country rather than the loc
  • apologies for the size of's like I'm one of those vet footballers who makes light of achievement at the start, but near the end, has to milk every last drop out image

  • Nice one SG.

    The mileage totals of you all are astounding. However I have learnt a lot over the past year and realise a lot is easy mileage. For me it may just be a case of putting the trainers on and doing 30 mins easy mileage on my easy bike days.

    So here it is:

    2013 Totals

    • Year total: 1351 km/839 mi (annoyingly 99H59m59s) vs 1383 km in 2012. Spot the time off for injury/recovery and the odd illness.

      FWIW I did 4456 km (2770mi) on the bike this year.
    • Races run: 10 not including parkruns
    • Distances Raced: parkrun, 10km (sprint duthlons & sprint triathlon I can’t mention)
    • PBs: 2. 10km & parkrun (twice). Also sprint duathlon (5km/20km/5km) & 2 XCs
    • Prizes won: Club XC champion and 10km champion.

     Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

    • Some good parkrun (5km) PBs on the back of minimal mileage but distance-specific, focused training (who'da thought?!). Which in turn led to:
    • Qualifying for the sprint-distance GB age-group team for the European duathlon championships
    • Learning more about me as a runner: what I can take; what I can do & how fast; how much I can suffer; how quickly I can recover. Knowing that I can follow a tough plan. Doubt is often only in the mind!

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

    • Injuring my Achilles, ignoring it until the Euro champs were done, then ignoring it some more.
    • Blowing up at 5km at Shinfield 10km and not going sub40.
    • Not running with others so much. Whilst I prefer to run on my own I'd happily run with a similar paced group.

    Thread Members

    • Best thread race performance: Everyone for getting out there and doing it! However particular kudos to Dean obviously for his national vest performance
    • 2013 Thread poster of the year (with reasons): Initially I thought Bus for his pragmatic approach to injury management and subsequent after-care.
      However after some more thought it has to be Dachs for his open love of cross-dressing, dry humour and fine-art ability. I fully expect him to take the VW40 prize next year at Yateley.
      A nod to PMJ for his stalking prowess.
    • 2014 One to Watch: I hope Matt will do well as he continues to grow in to his ability(!). We should a keen an eye on RobT too.

    Race Results

    • Parkrun 20:22 (2012) down to 19:22 (Feb) & 19:04 (Dec). ITU results show a 18:26 on a suspiciously measured 5km course at the Euros…
    • 10km: 53:38 (2010) down to 41:13

    2014 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

    • Good HM performance and Wokingham (sub 90 please). Not run a HM since 2012
    • Complete the ‘Club-3’: A good sub-40 10km performance and a decent official 5km performance
    • Get some qualifying performances for the Euro long-distance duathlon champs, and also qualify for the sprint distance
    • Try a 5 or 10 miler
    • Solve or mitigate the left ball-of-foot niggle
    • Work out whether I need a coach or not
    • Embrace double sessions again
    • Easy running!!!


  • IronCat5 wrote (see)

    I like Lit's 17.9 races. Is that accurate?

    More or less. I rounded it down slightly just in case I didn't quite make it to mile 12 before collapsing.

  • literatin wrote (see)
    IronCat5 wrote (see)

    I like Lit's 17.9 races. Is that accurate?

    More or less. I rounded it down slightly just in case I didn't quite make it to mile 12 before collapsing.


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    2013 review

    Mileage - 2013 = 2050.51 (i need every .51m so allow it!)   last yr 2180m

    Races - 27 (only 4 on the road)

    Distances - 400m, 800m, 1500m, mile, 3000m, 5k, 10k, Half marathon, road relay long leg

    PBs - Every distance racedimage

    Prizes -  


    Gold - 1st Team - Staffordshire XC County Championships
    Gold - 1st Team - British masters V40 5k
    Gold - 1st Team - Midlands Vets Track & Field League - North
    Silver - Staffordshire County Champs 1500m
    Gold - British Masters 1500m V40
    Bronze - British Masters 800m V40
    Gold - v40 England Team - XC International GB

    Gold - 1st team - North Staffs XC league

    1st place - High Legh 10k

    Stoke Ac - 2013 road racer of the yr (i think they used wava on my 5k to get this as there are at least 10 youngsters much faster than me)

    also won a little money as well most notably £100 at wilmslow half for 14th and a handfull of track races

    Top 3 highlights

    1) getting the nod to represent england (after my first season of xc)

    2) getting gold (and bronze) at the GB track nationals setting a PB in the final of the 1500m to secure the gold.

    3) managing top 10 national rankings in my age category for 800m, 1500m, mile & 5k. plus getting 12th on the All time mile rankings in my only mile race ever.  im going to have a proper go at that in 2014.

    top 3 disappointments

    1) injury and health scares have dominated the 2nd half of the yr.  i struggled through the track season with an achilles and groin problem which made the medals at the nationals that little bit sweeter.  Plus the fortnight after i recieved the letter that said i had an abnormality in my heart and needed further tests. after one run i made it less than half a mile before being forced to stop i couldnt manage another step.  i walked back to the changing rooms, called my wife and told her i cant see how i can carry on running and she talked me out of retiring on the spot and wait for the results. it was a loonnnng 2 weeks.

    2) not going sub 2min for 800m.  many who saw me run considered it a possibility but preparing for a shot at going sub 2 i did a 10*400m repping in 66secs and felt super strong until the last rep when my achilles went.  i never got that speed back and couldnt train fast enough for fear of it going again.

    3) i made a decision to focus on the track but as a result my road PBs havent moved as far as perhaps they should have this yr.  only ran 4 times on the road and not since june.

    Thread race performance

    honourable mentions to sebs sub 75 HM, dachs and johnas marathons (it says a lot they were not happy at such fast times!!!), johnas smashing PBs out the water on route particularly that 10k.

    but i am afraid i cant seperate MattL and Stevie See.  Mattl for being super fast and going sub 16 and 32.3x particularly that 10k which is the fastest on this thread.

    Stevie See for his sub 10 3000m at watford.  if he had been daft enough to ask my opinion i would have advised against it. i have seen him run a number of 3000m but had always just missed out. i couldnt see what was going to improve in the few days in between races but he travelled down to watford and smashed it out of sight. Absolutely delighted to be so wrong.image


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    part 2

    Poster of the yr

    honarable mentions for Dachs for comedy value and Bus for being so dogged determined despite all the injury curve balls you have been dealt. im not sure i would be as positive as you have managed this yr. but on a similar point, poster of the yr has to go to Ironcat....he seems to have been injured all yr yet posts consistantly and never disappears off thread when most of us would abandon until fit again. i genuinely hope 2014 has a turn in fitness for you as you above all deserve a clean run of races.

    One to watch

    Mattl is going to post some super fast times and be top boy on this thread no doubt about it but im going to go for Johnas. that 10k demonstrates to me there is shed loads to come when you focus on the shorter stuff (ie. not marathons!)


    ..............2013.........2012............ V40 rankings

    400m.....55secs..... 56.5 secs

    800m....2.02.91...first yr racing....9th in UK Rakings

    1500m..4.15.76...first yr racing....8th in UK rankings

    mile.......4.34.4....first yr racing.....3rd in UK Ranking, 12th on the All time rankings

    3000m.....9.11...... 9.38.................11th in rankings

    5k...........15.35.....15.57................8th in rankings and 181st in all age groups

    10k.........32.59.....33.03............... 24th in rankings

    HM.........73.09.....74.14................35th in rankings

    Aims for 2013

    to represent GB & make the final in the European masters champs in Turkey for 800m & 1500m. if im lucky enough to make the final then the aim is to medal. but with heats and semi finals in both events its a lot of races close together.

    Im reducing my span of races as there is no way i can race 800m and a half marathon to my potential in the same 6 months. so a PB at every distance from 200m up to 5k.

  • Aw, shucks SG, thanks image!

    Great summaries there guys (BIG miles SG, and great medal haul Dean!) , but as I'm being nagged by the Mrs to put some clothes on to go out for NYE in ten minutes I'd better get a move on image

    So, hope everyone has a great evening tonight and here's to a fantabulous 2014


  • what's going on, you going out Bus? And me too?

    Even if it's slightly foolish, with a 10miler to fit in tomorrow before an early set off to Manchester!

  • Welcome to 2014 image

    A nice 10miles up shortly, a less than nice long drive, and then hopefully a good game of footy to get things up and rolling.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Hi guys, just letting you know the weather here in New Zealand is glorious. 

    I'll be back in a few days, it'll take some time to catch up. Hope all is well.

    Borrowed laptop.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    With 3 kids and a new puppy in the house means I'm up too early today.  But gives me a chance to look back over all the reviews Which I hadn't had chance yesterday

    One thing that stands out is the success everyone has had.  The 3 ladies reviews were a great read, didn't realise just how good you all are, plus clearly great opportunities to get more in 2014.   Must admit I chuckled at lits paperweight makeweight prize For 1st lady. The fact it has a story makes it better than a normal running trophy.image

    all the chaps too hit some success lots of county champs and prizes etc..... Great show. I think robT will get national medals such is the way his new training is going.  I'm ashamed to say I thought ironcats gb duoatholon vest was in 2012.  clearly that's an incredible achievement which I forgot when typing my review.    On a similar vein cheers for those positives from many of you regards performance of the yr it's genuinely humbling considering all the great achievements by many of you.  but to get a nomination next yr I will need a GB vest and have lapped Samir such is the improvement we expect for the younger members on this thread in 2014.   image

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    I shall do my summary in a bit, but just a quick update first as I have been away over Christmas.  Recent mileage has been a bit down, and managed something like 54, 38 and 60 for the first 3 weeks of marathon training due to niggles and other commitments, so not great, but hoping that residual Abingdon fitness will see me through.  Managed a 20 on Monday to make sure I'd done a couple of 20s pre new year, so that's OK.

    One of the issues that keeps flaring up is a pain in the top of my foot.  It appeared 7 miles into an 11 on Christmas Eve and 16 miles into a 20 on Monday.  Had to keep stopping, massaging the top of my foot, and then carrying out for a few hundred more metres before it starts again. Strange, can't feel it at all if I run less than 7.

    Was at my parents' over Christmas, so did the local Southwick Country Park parkrun on Saturday.  Gravelly and not the quickest, and has been won in 18:xx 3 of the last 4 weeks, so imagine my surprise when 3 people had already shot off into the distance by the first corner.  Overhauled one of them to finish 3rd in 17:06, but the winner ran 15:35! 8 runners under 18.  Just a very bizarrely strong day I guess.  Not overjoyed with the time, but it was good to get a quicker run in,

    This morning I also did Basingstoke parkrun.  I was hoping for a quick time, but I gave up hope of that as soon as I saw the state of the 300m or so of grass that you have to run over twice - the mud was slipperier than a lubed-up Piers Morgan.  In addition, my neighbours had kept me awake until about 2 am with a 'challenging' drunken rendition of 'I'm Your Woman'.  It was the worst drink fuelled cover I'd heard since listening to booze fuelled Bavarians bellowing out an extraordinary version of 'Nothing Compares To You' at the campsite of the Rock Im Park festival in 1998.

    Anyway, in the circumstances, complete with driving rain and wind I was quite happy with 16:56 for first, especially as noone else in the top 10 got within 45 seconds of their PB.  It's building strength for Wokingham, which is the main thing.

    Will need to up the mileage very soon though

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all, and happy 2014! Hello Ric - good to see you popping up. Can you bring some of that weather back with you?

    Hope that foot sorts itself out quick Dachs. Good parkruns there. Who was the 15:35 guy?

    Just over 10 miles for me today in pretty foul conditions. Glad to get it over with tbh - felt harder than the 7:30 pace would indicate! 

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Bus - guy called Matthew Sharp of Enfield & Haringey.

  • No worries Dean. That is quite a haul in that picture. Well done.

    Nice parkrunning Dachs. FWIW Woodley was a mud bath! I ran easy so as not to affect tomorrow's track session .

    I also have what feels like a bruise on the outside top of my left foot. Combined with the ball of foot bruising it can be annoying first thing in the morning or if I haven't moved in a while. (Sorry Dean for more moaning)!

  • Why is everything in bold?

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