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  • Nice run SG. Splits look good. Is this training for Wokingham? Apologise if that's the wrong spelling/not actually what it's called.

    Thanks for the feedback. Bus.. I do intend to stick a long 'un in early next week so hopefully it'll be ok! I also double checked that session.. it is WU then 15min @ 10k pace + 5 x 2mins + Cd. Sounds a bit more like it!!


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Definitely won't be posting the picture. As I mentioned to my wife, there are certain standards on the site/forum that need to be adhered to.



  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)

    Yep. I'm compiling the Datchet list of excuses for SG and we are up to 3 broken bones, one hernia, a broken fingernail, 3 people have to wash their hair, 2 don't like mud, 3 are running a marathon "sometime in 2014" and one wants his Mummy.

    I assume that all 14 of them would somehow have otherwise finished top 10?

    Still computing some bizarre news from another thread ...

  • Are you counting Miller in that Phil? His "break" proved to be so bad it hasn't stopped him doing very well in 2 xc races image

    Dachs, I guess we always wondered about elite entry, how it was policed, and I suppose we all presumed they check people have actually done the required times.

    It turns out you can just claim whatever you like!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Yep.  Still considering whether to send in a Lit-style e-mail.  It is quite a lot of money to have paid for a race when it turns out that any old chump can claim a free entry.

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    Dachs...get it done.  however if it was me in your position i would catch him up give him a wink and a smile and keep going.  he is going to struggle to get a 75.  he is likely to be injured based on his training anyway.  but give the lad kudos for having the balls to try it on and get the entry.


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Perhaps they should make him pay if he doesn't image

    Standards Ric - on this thread??

    Nice session SG. I did 8 at lunch today, with the middle 4 at tempo. Aimed at the very low end of target HMP, ie 6:05 pace. Not only did it come out a bit slow at average 6:08, it also felt much harder than it should! Hey ho, it was a tad windy which might account for a bit of it, but mainly just down to current fitness level I guess.  

  • Dean - you may mock his training but I have it on good authority that he is being coached by an old school runner to do the 10 mile runs. I can't say which runner but in the next phase Samir will be drinking 4 litres of water and eating tuna bagels on his runs to ensure adequate recovery. This is training straight out of he 1970 and 80s.

  • (whisper) Nikki no one is meant to ask Stevie what races he is doing.

  • Bus, that's still a good workout. The longer the rep the harder it is to hit your actual zone, and unless you do it on a track not easy to keep regular etc.

    Having said that i'm not looking forward to knowing beating 5.46 pace is what's needed for a pb!

  • Bus, I had to do that session yesterday. It was no fun at all.

  • DanA is my new hero: he videos races so while I am limited to google search, he has his own sources.

  • I'm disappointed Phil. Not sure exactly what you 'do' but always imagined it involved you having drones at your disposal for any such need

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    PMJ - i agree...DanA potentially just stole Dachs crown for that thread. something i thought impossible.

    Max - image you minx

    Bus - good session there.  i did some short stuff on the grass 4*2mins, 6*1min, 10*30secs off 30 sec rec.  and the wind played havoc with the reps too

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    Dachs, do it. I did say you would get a place no bother (I mean they've always given me and RS places when we asked after all). Still surprised that they gave Samir one though.

    Johnas - are you injured?

    A belated happy new year, etc.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    You could be on to something there Max...

    Don't spoil the video - I want to watch that tonight image

    Lit - I've always hated tempo runs! A necessary evil I suppose. Just a couple of years ago I used to do 5-6 miles with no warm up at close to what was 10k pace then! SG had to tell me off lots of times.  Not sure how I survived those as I know my body would call a halt if I tried anything approach speed with no warm-up these days! Back is sore now as it is...

  • Happy New Year TT. unfortunately so - Adductor injury put me out since 10 December. Further to Bus' post, it was down to a tempo run without a proper warm up after a few weeks downtime after Frankfurt

  • agree Bus, give me shorter reps with recoveries any day. More like a race though, as no stopping there though.

    That's dragging on Johnas. But I know you're good at getting back to fitness quickly, I remember those days I used to catch up with you and you'd say you hadn't run for months! and still produce decent races.

  • Now I need to get this right so bear with me.

    After Christmas I did 14 with SG at 7:14 pace (1:34:35 for a half) and today, unhindered by the slower one in that runimage, I did 14 at 6:58 pace (1:31:16 for a half).

    Logically, then I will run my 3rd 14 miler after today at 6:10 pace for a 1:20 half and my 6th I will go sub 70 and my 9th sub 60.

    Anyone see any problems in that?

    The only trouble I see is clothing, do I wear more warm gear of bra and panties. Yelllow of course is the right colour.

  • Excuse me, not I will run but Im gonner run

  • presumably that 14 was with a fair amount of tempo stuff thrown in, as 6.58 as an easy pace is tidy.

  • Oops, sorry SG! I'm still learning the rules.

    Ended up sneaking in a cheeky 3m on the treadmill whilst in the gym today. Tight planter this evening. Going to regret that I'm sure!

  • There's always people who run very successfully ignoring every rule going...but you can tell quickly if you're not one of them through injuries, fatigue and plateaus!

  • Stevie G wrote (see)

    presumably that 14 was with a fair amount of tempo stuff thrown in, as 6.58 as an easy pace is tidy.

    I had my garmin for directions but it was all ran on feel. It certainly wasn't tempo, all even pace apart from one mile when I had to overtake an irritating short guy in a blue top who runs like you with the slightly turned out feet. MP for me is 6:30 so it was slower than MP (MP + 7%) so probably a bit fast as under P&D medium runs are supposed to be run at the same pace as long runs (MP+20 then MP+10)

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear that Johnas. Hopefully it doesn't keep you out much longer. You should be more lazy, like me. I can't be bothered trying to run quicker until I've got a few miles under my belt as it seems too much like hard work otherwise image

  • certainly seems like the marathon training is helping out then Phil.

    If it didn't seem like almost everyone who does one gets some kind of injury (ranging on this thread from a couple of weeks out to, through to never returning!), I'd almost be tempted myself image

  • SG: marathon training.

    1) for a lot of people doing marathon training means more miles and more hours so a lot of people benefit form this. I know I do more, so normally 40-50 miles per week, for this effort it is 55-70 miles per week. My vague plan is to try the same next winter but with a non-marathon aim, so maybe target some of the XCs and put in the time and effort on hills and speed rather than miles.

    2) a marathon is pretty much about a lot of eggs in one basket. I am targeting VLM 2014 on April 13th. If I get a niggle or injury then I will run through it to hit that date. I should really be sensible and have a back up entry (so e.g. Stratford on April 27th) but it hurts to throw £33 away on the chance you need it.

    3) After a marathon, you need to allow proper recovery and a week or so isn't enough.You need 4 or 5 weeks to build back up slowly and so please report this soon after VLM.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    SG - there are a lot of folks not doing marathons that get injured too (even on here). the biggest risks in running are running long and running fast, too much of either (and especially combing the two too often) and its risky business. there's a lot of slow running required in a marathon campaign, so it could be argued that there are less injuries........who knows .....i think it helps when folks separate a marathon campaign from the year round club campaign/life and dont try to still do the club sessions and club races, but do a more marathon focussed campaign. Probably why I've run consistent sub3's (even on tri focussed training I do more marathon specific running) and beat folks that are better runners than me for the rest of the year..........You yourself do more than enough training miles to do a marathon, you just need some longer long runs and to slow them down a bit !

  • I think the main bit that puts me off, is that every time I finish a 14-16miler, my first thought is, that's a long run, I'd hate to have to put in 18-22milers. I already do a stack of running and it's a big part of the week as it is!

    We'll see how time moves on. I said never to more XCs after 2006, now I love them. And between 19-25 I couldn't believe I'd not always want to play footy 3-4times a week!

  • Stevie G wrote (see)

    I think the main bit that puts me off, is that every time I finish a 14-16miler, my first thought is, that's a long run, I'd hate to have to put in 18-22milers.

    No, a session is a session. A 20 miler is no harder than a 16 miler or track session. That session you did Saturday am in the wind and rain takes as much mental strength as a 20 miler. You don't run 16 and then another 4 to do a 20: you do a 20 as a 20. When you do 16, you plan and pace to finish at 16, for a 20 you back off a fraction of a notch.

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