Painfull top of foot feels like bruising, but no bruise and no swelling????

OK this may be a really blond question but here goes.

A few weeks back I went for a 4 mile run, and I thought I had done the laces up on my left trainer too tight as when I got back and took it off the top of my foot felt all bruised. I rested it and ran again a week later, and it was fine. Went out on Sat for a run on my own (stupid idea!) got scared so I high tailed it x country to feel safer, anyhoo terrain was v rough and hilly and painful to run along so walked the worst bits, next day top of my left foot is really painful, feel bruised, but no colour or puffiness to it, and I know it wasn't the laces as wore thicker socks and did them comfortably loose. When I entend my toes upwards or spread them out it hurts and hurts to touch image

So......what have I done, and what can I do to make it better?... Ice it? deep heat?... strap it up?...

 Thank you so much for your advice I want to run again on Weds but won't if it's just going to get worse, and will NEVER be running on my own again far too freaky!!! 


  • I had something similar awhile back, but after ignoring the pain, my foot started swelling. For me it was a stress fracture ( I never took rest days, STUPID ME!!) I strapped it up and shortened my runs until it improved, and it went away. Hope this helps.
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