Chirunning workshop Leeds June 6th



  • Hywel Jenkins wrote (see)

    You will, no doubt, be pleased to know that I'm finished with this topic. I maintain that it's purely a mechanism for sucking money out of people who already have all the gear and still don't have any idea. "It works for me" is no validification for anything.

    It probably is a way of making money but who really cares? If you're interested in learning correct technique and this is the way you want to do it then why should anyone else have a problem with it?

    And why is "it works for me" not worth anything? You telling me that you never ever try anything new without scientific evidence to back it up? that must be a boring way to live

    Mr. Majestic wrote (see)
    Sure Rob, I can see that would be another way to convert. But it doesn't answer the question "do we need to be taught how to run barefoot?" (and don't neglect your other threads...)

    I don't think we need to be taught to run barefoot but I don't have a problem with somebody wanting to learn by visiting a workshop or buying a book or whatever.

    Which other threads are you on about? I hope that wasn't some sort of dig?

  • apologies if grannies & eggs ........

    anyone interested in a more positive environment to discuss changing style may want to check out the More Efficient Running/Pose Running/Chi Running topics on

    the RW US mother site has a dedicated barefoot forum which has some great stuff

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