Why is tennis scored the way it is? Never questioned it before, but when you hear it translated into french its a bit weird.


  • What are you doing on here on a weekend?! Here I am trying to revise and you're there just putting me off. Haven't you got some r*nning to do or something?
  • 2D meggles hello husbands gone off to Cork kids all busy thought i'd pop in. Don't really know about he tennis thing
  • I have no clue about the tennis thing either...
  • meggles 2D try Kirstin's sex quiz
  • Tried it Doc C, Did pathetically badly. It told me to buy some porn.
  • Well its good to be innocent Meggles now get back to your revising
  • Yes Miss.
  • good woman, sorry didn't mean to be bossy i'll send a nice cup of tea to keep you going.
  • r*nning? me? with my legs? nah. Went out for a 25 mile ride yesterday, but weather not nice today. might go and spend some money instead!
    Hope the revision is going OK Meggles (ps I'll ask around at work re temp jobs)
    so, about the tennis. no-one knows it seems!
  • No point asking me anything about any sport at all I'm afraid! Never watch the stuff and never have. R*nning is the nearest I get.

    I managed to r*n 4 miles this on Friday and 4 miles today. Getting better, and no pain!
  • I don't know about tennis either, scoring wise. Someone did tell me once, but I can't remember, I was probably drunk at the time and it seemed like rivetting conversation! :)

  • What??? You drunk Caz??

    it's something to do with the quarter hours of the clock. 15, 30, 45 (later abbreviated to 40). Love comes from zero looking like an egg (l'ouef).

    Just call me Jon Tickle and stick me in the Big Brother house. I'm getting worried - I knew that the opposite sides of a dice added up to seven too (shudders nervously!)
  • It is a boring wet Sunday
  • Oh dear there's no hope for you! :)
  • That was to FR!
  • me or Ft or perhaps both of us
  • gosh thats clever Caz you can answer a question before its been asked
  • Maybe Caz can do Vulcan mind melds.

    Did I ever tell you abotu when I went to the Star Trek convention?
  • I'm very talented me :)
  • No but please don't FR! :)
  • FT thas jind thankyou
  • Sorry that was gibberish i think all the rain has gone to my head and perhaps the wotsits
  • What did you mean?
  • See above posting Caz
  • It made perfect sense in Klingon.
  • I know a joke about wotsits, but it's rude and I can't really remember it.

    Ok, ok, I'm going... :)
  • Thanks FT jjnmgnutnrunv v
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Pop in to see Caz being rude & Fruity making no sense again.

    Must be weekends on the forum again...
  • Afternoon Gavo! How's you?
  • Gavo hows the hangover hopefully better now
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