Don't take the Picasso out of my five fingers!

In April 2010 I got myself Vibram ‘Sprint’ five fingers. I paid about Hundred quid for them which I think was a bit steep.  I read about them earlier in the year decided I wanted to get them.  When I reached the finish line of Hastings half marathon I nearly stepped on a man’s foot I thought he was a half man and part beast because he was wearing his Vibram green five fingers.

Funny I never even looked his face.  At the time I regretted not asking where he got his five fingers from (Now that mouthful). 


Months down the line I got my five fingers but problem is my toes are like fat sausages and don’t like to be separated.  So it’s nightmare to put them on.

 Oh yes, I had the Vibram five fingers for months but scared to wear it because every member of my family all laughed at me.  Yesterday I decided to them put on.  My kids asked me to take them off.   

Would I get one again?  Yes. 

 There are about 7 different types  Vibrams running shoes.  You get them with laces; you can get them with or without straps.Vibrams: the facts,·       Originated from Italy·       You can swim in them ·       You can do yoga in them·       You run trail in them (KSO and Trail Vibrams)·       KSO means to keep stuff out·       Can improve you running ·       Should last for a l000 miles·    Can wash them in the machine (Do not spin dry or tumble)·       There are various styles  there will be a new addition coming out soon a *cross between the trek and KSO Vibrams My biggest regret I did not buy the vibram socks.Would I buy another Vibrams shoe again?  Yes I would I like to buy *The Bikila Vibram  


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