I've always wanted to run the London Marathon and have just started training this morning.

It was the first time I've run in years and I started with a 15 min run. I couldn't believe how bad I felt - I had to stop and walk twice!

At this rate I don't know how I'm going to make the 2 miles the schedule I've got says I should be doing in 3 weeks time let alone completing the marathon!

Someone reassure me it's going to get easier?



  • It is definitely going to get easier and BTW there is nothing wrong with walking a bit when you are out running
  • Hi Karl - you ran for FIFTEEN minutes first time out?? You're doing brilliantly but I'm not surprised you're knackered - first time out I only managed three minutes before become a quivering wreck. You'll get lots of brilliant advice from other forumites, but for what it's worth, I'd say have a look at the beginners' schedules on this site, and go slooooowly, and stick with a run/walk schedule for the first month or so.
    Good luck!
  • Hello Karl,

    don't panic - you will get better, and it feels great when you achieve milestones! I started running in april, after a colleague inspired me to start.. send off the application for the marathon next year.. I have done a couple of 5k races, and next week I am tackling a second 10k. It does get easier and you do get fitter - keep it up, and take your time.

  • Don't worry about stopping and walking and don't worry about what you look like to anyone else. They have no idea whether you've just run from around the corner or the next town. And whatever you've managed is more than the vast majority of people could. Just imagine how great you are going to feel at the end of 26.2 miles!
  • Thanks for all the encouragement!

    I'll take it steady and stick with it...
  • You can walk most of the marathon.I did
    But you wont have to
    It DOES get easier
    hang on in there, youve got loads of time to improve
  • 15 minutes for a first run is really great. I start my beginners with 4 minutes walk and 2 minutes slow running. I usually reckon that it takes them 3-4 weeks to 'click' when they can run about a mile without stopping - so you really have done well. Keep it up and you'll have no problems.
    It does become easier after about 4 weeks. By then you will also start to feel the change as the wobbly bits start to firm up and the weight begins to go down (unless you recover from your runs with the doughnuts....)
  • Karl

    All good advice above. I'm working my way to my first marathon so I'm no expert but if it's something you've always wanted to do then it's a goal worth aiming for. They say that undertaking a marathon is a great achievement so expect a long and winding road with some peaks and troughs. You will get some great advice and support from these forumns so keep updating everyone with your progress.
    I suggest you break it down into milestones by entering say a 10k in about a months times and working your way to a half marathon to get used to the scene. You'll meet lots of friendly folk and hopefully enjoy yourself. Maybe even collect a few medals and t-shirts on the way as well as your new improved health benefits.
    When I first started running my goal was to run a circuit of a football pitch without stopping and then take it from there.

    Take it easy to start and good luck.
  • Well, I did my second run this morning and felt much better, even did it 2 mins faster than Monday - without trying!

    I didn't realise just how far the route I'd planned was until I went out in the car to measure it - 1.5 miles. It's not far in the grand scheme of things but for someone who hasn't run for years I was chuffed I managed to get round it.
  • Excellent, well done.

    Take a look at the beginners schedules and don't try do too much too soon.
  • Despite your initial feelings you made a great start - how's it going now?
  • Cmon Karl , were here to support you
    I hope youre still training ??
  • Nice one Karl, keep it up! At the risk of sounding pompous though,(And my PB's don't give me a right to advise ANYONE...)try not to worry about how many minutes it takes you to complete your run. Rather, concentrate on how LONG you can run,slow down if necessary, when you can run for half an hour solidly, You're fitter than 90%
    of the entire population.Be proud! You will let us know how it's going won't you?
  • Hi Karl
    Number 4 is right the important thing is time on your feet not speed. You will do much better concentrating on run/walks of aound 30 minutes than 15 minutes of pain. Soon you will be running for the 30 minutes non-stop and then extending your running distance. remember to get the best traing effect you must raise your heart rate for at least 30 minutes per session and NEVER be ashamed to walk if you need to. Keep it up!! I started running in April At 50 and was 3 stones overweight but have just completed the Bristol hanf marathon in 2:07 and can easily run 10 miles non stop every weekend, if I can do it anybody can.
  • Karl ,where are you
    Well done charnac, well impressive
  • Hello everyone.

    How are you all doing?

    Thanks for all the advice and support. I've been working stupid hours so haven't had chance to look at the forum lately.

    Basically the training was going really well, I was running my circuit without stopping - inlcuding getting up the big hill in one go :-)

    Unfortunately I've hurt my back getting my the baby out of the car so haven't been able to go out for a week. So my nice new trainers I invested in have been sitting there gathering dust!

    I'm hoping to get back out next week but don't want to cause more damage by going out to soon.

    I'll keep all you posted!


  • I just started my training today for the flm as a complete beginner. We should keep in touch as we may be able to help motivate each other. Anybody else in a similar position e mail me.
  • hey Karl, hope youre back to training soon
    Funny how a little tiny thing like a baby can create so much havoc!
  • Martin: definately keep in touch, it'll be good to see how other beginners are getting on and I'll need the encouragement once the winter weather sets in!

    Benz: It is funny how much havoc they cause, mind you he is over 13lbs now and is still only 8 weeks old!! I'm definately going to have to do some weight training at the rate he's growing.
  • You could always run with him on your back
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