Ironman Austria 2010



  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    I know you can't seen an effing thing most of the time.  Muppets.  image
  • Well done to ITB !!
  • WELL DONE to Fatmatt and Mitten too ( hopefully )
  • GO GO MITTS!! image
  • BB ✭✭✭
    Well done ITB, go go mittenimage
  • Go Mitten go!
  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    the video stream is a good 9mins off (behind) the real race time.
  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    her 41km split is up she should be home any time now. image
  • Phew! image
  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    how lovely they're making a big effort for the BOPers on the finish line now. image
  • Come on Mitten!!  COME ON MITTEN!!!
  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    the live videa keeps showing shit from during the day time now... AAARRGGHHHH

    The tracker has her almost home.

  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    She's in...



  • oh that's excellent news! image What a good day it's been.
  • Woohoo!!! imageimageimage

    Well done everyone.  Well done Mitten. 

    Thanks Nam!  I can go to bed now.

  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    Soup Dragon wrote (see)

    Thanks Nam!  I can go to bed now.

    Yes same here. image
  • Well done Mitten, a fab day of pirating all round it seems. image
  • BB ✭✭✭
    Yay well one M.ittenimageimageimage
  • Congrats Mitten & ITB. Brilliant results for both of you image
  • well done mitts and ITB image
  • A belated congrats to you both. Good jawb.
  • Bit late, but heartfelt, nonetheless!  Bloody brilliant to ITB and Mitten! image
  • Antoher couple of successes top notch work ITB and Mitten. (I know where the tattoists is in Klagenfurt if you're interested- just sayin'image)
  • just to say great work the pair of you..

  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭

    Ahhh, missed this (although Nam was also doing a great supporting job on my FB which lots of my IT-d'oh family appreciated). Thanks folks ((()))

    Quick race report:

    Swim: Umm, this looked very flat a moment ago why is now a washing machine? Ummm, are we turning back to land yet? Ummm, when does this poxy canal bit end?

    Bike: Lovely, but why do people keep overtaking me? HR down nice and low. Why do people keep overtaking me? HR down nice and low. Where is everybody.

    Run: There's lots of people running and looking really sh*t. Perhaps I'll walk for a bit. Perhaps I'll walk a bit more. Ohh well, might as well just keep walking!

    I had a great day and totally loved the whole IM experience. I am in love with Klag and seriously considering going back next year (sorry Regensburg).

    Bumped into ITB bike faffing on Sunday morning and had a quick chat. Then cheered him on a couple of times during the run - big smiles each time image

    Thanks again for Piratey support,

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    m.itts - nice quick report - like it

    did you have the drunkards in the flats as you head into Klaggers along the canal side shouting encouragement?? they were fecking amusing in 2007 - absolutely smashed out of their heads.......

  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭

    No, but there was a drunkard on the bench by the canal just where you turn back into the park.

    I was lying nearby before coming home a couple of days later and he walked up and asked 'you wanna f*%k'!!!

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    did you oblige??

  • sounds like Carl - has he got an alibi
  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭
    No, I politely told him 'no'.When I got up to walk back he came over, apologised and shock my hand. Singly the strangest part of my weekend!
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