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I've started running this week after doing my first 5k on sunday. I am currently at a gym (been going for 2 years) and I was thinking of quitting to concentrate more on running. I did do a little running at the gym but I found the tradmill very boring and would struggle to do more than 1.5km due  to boredom setting in and it being very easy to stop.

My question really is, do you think it is a good idea to quit the gym if  I want to concentrate on the running, or should I stay there as well as doing some runing?

Also, how easy do you find it to stay motivated to go running when it is cold/wet? I am a bit worried that when winter sets in I will stop running and end up doing no training at all



  • Never hurts to do a bit of cross training in the gym. Also gives you a few options if you're injured.

    I actually find it a lot easier to run in Winter because I'm not keen on running in the heat.

    Good luck with your 5k.
  • Boredom sets in after 1.5k ? That is a short attention span !

    I think to get anywhere in running you do need a bit of self motivation. You could rope your mates into running and then its slightly harder to drop out, or maybe think about joining a running club.

     It can be harder in the winter - but it helps me if i have something to train for that i want to achieve, and i know that if i skip the runs, then I wont make my target.

    Gyms can be good for motivation - classes can be fun and sociable. But its up to you really. I like the treadmill - especially speedwork - but I'd not run huge distances on it. 40 mins is about max for me there as then I'm really overheating - but that serves a purpose too.

    Good luck with the 5k.

  • Weeble.Weeble. ✭✭✭
    I think see how you get on with the running. I quit the gym after taking up running because I found I never went. I got annoyed with them sending me constant text messages ticking me off for not exercising when I'd just got back from a 10 miler.
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    I'd stick with the gym, as well as running, for all the reasons given already.

    I can manage four miles on a tready, at a pinch, but I'd rather run outside in the rain that do that!

    Enter a few more races, and then you'll be motivated to keep up the running.

    Well done on tthe 5k image

  • me personally, quit the gym. Gyms are mainly for people who want build up their muscle strength, or people with busy lives who want to get all exercise done under one roof. I hate running on a treadmill, my mind boggles at running without actually going anywhere. If you don't want to build up muscle then just do press ups, sit ups and pull ups at home using just your body weight. It's better to run outside, but off road! Roads have people walking on pavements, not to mention car fumes. Off road like a country park, with hills and uneaven ground, sometimes muddy it's great fun and the scenery is better than a gym. Also enter more races if you have no motivation, the race will give you something to work towards and running with people is better than alone, a running club also. But if you looking at the women running on the treadmill and in the sauna and steam rooms then stick with the gym, apart from that they're a waste of money as you can do most of the stuff at home.
  • I was in the same situation last year, I ditched the gym and spent the money on running gear image
  • I quit the gym at the beginning of the year - I couldnt justify the cost anymore as my outdoor running took over, and I felt I couldnt be bothered getting in the car when I can run from my front door. Also gyms are much less sociable than running clubs. I found I missed the classes at first but I've replaced that with cycling so no big deal.

    I think the best idea is to do both for a while, and see what you enjoy. I'm sure once you feel the freedom of running outside, you'll never look back.

  • I'm in a similar positon.  Have been running properly since March and stopped using the gym completely around this time.  Seems like a terrible waste of money but I'm not sure what's going to happen in a couple of months when it gets dark and cold... I would love to run through the winter and even thinking about doing a marathon next year but can't imagine training for it on a treadmill- so boring!  The problem is the darkness, I don't even mind the cold.  I'm in two minds... will probably stick with the gym membership for another few months and see how it goes. 
  • I do both running outside and training in the gym and would be lost with out both options. Running outside with the fresh air and sunshine is great, but in the gym I also get to cross train, do weights, plus I am quite into my swimming as well. Then I can spend half an hour chatting in the sauna. I have no problem getting bored on the treadmill and often run ten miles at a time. There is always something going on or something to watch on the tele's to take your mind of not going anywhere on the treadmill. But then on the other hand I also really enjoy running outside along the beach or out in the country. So think I am happy to stick with both.
  • I use the gym for cross training and a few weights plus pilates classes but I wouldn't use the dreadmill if you paid me it's just soul destroying.
  • Keep up your gym membership, the readmills are always useful and it gives you access to the X-trainers, rowers etc for changing up your cardio and all of the weights/resistance machines for working there too and hopefully a steam/sauna mmmm, not to mention some personal trainiers.

     I like running in the cold and the dark so for me that's a non-issue, but personally I don't think *just* running is enough for me to achieve my goals..

  • I agree with you about getting bored by 1.5k on a treadmill.................I hatethe thing.............but usually enjoy running out side
  • You havent got Ipods?

    I get through a lot of audio books on the treadmill image

  • treadmill versus outdoors, no contest. The treadmill was only invented so office workes could drive a few streets to the gym, run for 30mins then drive home, sound pointless? It is. Outdoors is for people who don't want to listen to a harry potter book and watch hulk lift weights, it's for people to challenge their bodies up real hills and breath fresh air whilst looking at the best scenery this land has to offer : priceless
  • I quit the gym in March right after my first run outside and, for me, it was the right thing to do. Fresh air, hills, weather and wildlife. Fantastic!
  • Handed in my notice tonight at the gym. Now that i've discovered outdoor running i don't have the motivation anymore to go to the gym.

    The money I am saving will go to entering races which will ensure that I keep up my new found motivation for running

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    I was thinking of letting go of my gym membership but in the end never got round to and am very pleased that I never did. Now I am onjured I am using classes and gym and pool on daily basis. When I did more running I found I never did many classes anymore but when my kids were at school and my husband at work I would book my littlest kid to the creche and do an hour in the gym in the morning. So I shall keep both.
  • Am still facepalming at lincoln donnelys post tbh


  • Good Topic!

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