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I did join a running club last year but to me it seemed as if they concentrated more on speed than running as i always assuming running clubs you'd go off and run certain distances etc,but this club was based on an athletics track!

Is this the normal type of club?

I'm now running more and more (1/2 marathon in November) and just feel like running with company would be better for me.  Not sure whether to find a running club slightly further away or to advertise for a running partner (which runs risks!)

 Thanks for any advice!


  • No not all running clubs are like that. I run for Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield. one of the oldest in the world.

    we have various training  groups. from beginner upto elite. there is track based for those that want it but mainly road running, fell running & trail running, some clubs do tend to concentrate only on track but 90% of clubs cater for most grades of runner. running for a club has helped meimmensley with my running over last 3years.

    Where are you from, i am sure someone on here can recommend a running club for you.

  • I am from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk!  I would love to join a club as I really think it would help me and improve my times (and stamina)
  • Often (not always) clubs with words like "Strollers, Joggers, Runners, Trotters" give you a clue that they are more the kind of thing you are looking for. Clubs with "A.C." in the name may be more likely to be a bit more track based and serious. However many clubs have both sections going.

    The best thing is to look around and see what is available near you - this might help get you started - Lokk at their websites & you can often get a feel for what type of club it is - they usually detail what type of training sessions they offer on which nights. Give them a ring, or e-mail and ask them if they offer what you are looking for. If they don't, they'll probably be able to point you in the right direction.

    You could also look at the club vests in local races. If a bunch look pretty friendly before or after the race, have a chat with them about what it is like.

    There are all sorts of clubs, I'm sure you'll be able to find one that will suit.
  • Person in the know has recommended this club saint edmund pacers. i am guessing you went to west suffolk AC. the pacers are more a road running club.
  • Hi running owl, this is the club that I went along too as I thought it was more of a running club, but unfortuantely it's not!  Thanks anyway.

     Thanks also exiled claret - I will look on that site now!!!

  • Apologies apparently can't start my own thread as I am new to the forum. Looking for running group near me in Kelso, Scottish Borders. I contacted the 'Kelso crawlers' but apparently they don't exist anymore as everyone just wanted to do their own thing. Anyone in the area or have any contacts? Normally run on my own with the dog, but would help to have some running buddies. Failing that I will have to look into starting my own group 
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