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  • I agree with Jason and Kev. I was surprised when I saw that HBA were against it. The park run is every week, the Fusion 5K doesn't run all year round, and as has been said, Parkrun is all about getting people out there in a non threatening non competitive atmosphere, people follow on from this into races very often. Parkruns are also good recruiting arenas for established clubs the same as events such as Race for Life.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    I'd only just found this thread. I was getting excited at the thought of a local parkrun!
  • Mattoo - Such a shame about a parkrun in Llanelli, however I have been very impressed with the events I've taken part in, in the region for the past 5-6 years & having a marathon there is excellent - giving local people (& others in the UK) a good alternative to London. I certainly hope that something can be set up in the future for people living in West Wales though.... Maybe Carmarthen way?

    I have supported HBA events for the past few years & enjoyed them all but as with so many other races across the Country if you do every one, the cost does add up, so the concept of a (free) and accessible parkrun is appealing to many.

    As I'm Swansea based I will still be pursuing setting up a parkrun in Singleton Park, but due to work and study commitments, will not be able to make much headway until the New Year. So far a lot of people have come forward in being interested in running the parkrun which is great news, but unless more people come forward who are willing to help, then unfortunately it is too big a task to do on my own. For now I will concentrate on carrying on the work which has already been done to confirm the course, post-run coffee venue (most likely 360 degrees cafe within new watersports centre) & final agreements with the council, etc. Future family commitments may mean I cannot attend a parkrun more than twice per month, but I'd hope to share the responsibility with 3-4 others & if needs be hand over the reigns in the future (unfortunately I dont feel able to commit to giving up 3-4 hours of my time every saturday morning, although I could manage alternative weeks.) So if anyone else from the Swansea region with a passion/interest in helping me set up a parkrun could PM me on here, I'd be very grateful - thanks. Meanwhile I'll try & drum up interest & support withing local running groups and clubs. Will be trying the proposed course out next week too with some colleagues from the Uni.

    Mattoo - thank you for starting this thread. It seems unfortunately a Llanelli parkrun may not happen for a while yet & I will therefore start a new thread called 'Swansea Parkrun. I will be interested to see a parkrun in Carmarthen in the near future & hope it can be turned into reality one day. image


    All the best


  • I am not getting involved in questioning the wisdom of HBA's decision, I cannot stop people going ahead and organising one in Llanelli, I guess we will never know whether it is the right decisionor not unless unless on is set up?

    LTS regards Swansea I wouldbe happy to be involved but cannot commit until May at the earliest. Will search the thread out though....

  • Hi LTS, Please let us have a link to the Swansea thread when started.




  • Some club mates of mine- and myself- are interested in setting up a Carmarthen parkrun. But we are more limited for venues than is the case in Llanelli....
  • jason d wrote (see)
    Some club mates of mine- and myself- are interested in setting up a Carmarthen parkrun. But we are more limited for venues than is the case in Llanelli....

    Nant-Y-Ci Showground, Five Fields?

  • Both privately owned and cost implications....

    Possibilities include Botanic Gardens and Gelli Aur
  • All good but ideally any venue would be accessible by public transport. We do struggle in West Wales in that respect.

  • JD - let me know how you get on & if you'd like any help or support please get in touch. Would be good if we both do get park runs up & running in our respective areas to keep in touch/update each other with any developments, etc.

    How about Pembrey country park? (good race facilities inc. car parking, cafe, toilets, etc) Accessible by bike, car & on foot, further away from train station though)

    Gelli Aur is a lovely scenic park. The cakes in the coffee shop are lovely image

    all the best

  • Pembrey Country Park is accessible by Bus. Would be a good place albeit paying to get in would put some off and there is only limited parking outside the gate.

    Great 'venue' though.


    Life's Too Short wrote (see)

    country park? (good race facilities inc. car parking, cafe, toilets, etc) Accessible by bike, car & on foot, further away from train station though)

  • Breaking News! Hopefully, we will have a local parkrun early in the New Year. After initial talks and approval with PR, some friends and club mates of mine are hoping to start one near Cross Hands at Llyn Llech Owain Country Park. Will keep you informed image

    Off for my first ever PR this morning in Aberystwyth image
  • image - good news - image

    I've not been there, but assume that toilets and cafe are available?

  • Dragon- Yep image

    Well that was a disappointment! Aber parkrun turned out to be my worst 5k for AGES. Don't know if it was the fact that i haven't slept much for the last 2 nights, but i have had faster and longer tempo runs!!!!image Oh well, a morning out....

  • Great news about the potential PR Jason. Please keep us updated. Thanks
  • It is a beautiful location image

  • JD - excellent news, thank you for keeping us updated image Is that the park which has a large lake/reservoir, nature reserve area, etc? If it's the one I'm thinking of it has a cafe, toilets and large car park - sounds ideal image

    Will look forward to hearing more in the new year....let me know if you need any help...I'm hoping to be much more available for races in the new year once work quietens down.

    sorry to hear about the recent PR by the way - there will be other races & I'm sure the lack of sleep was a factor! image 

  • Lts- yep that's the one! I'll keep you posted and, naturally, we will be dependent on plenty of willing volunteers!

    Not worried about the recent PR. I just ran a solo 4 m on the track at a faster pace than the 5k race! Lol!
  • Great, thanks.

    JD - will be in touch in the new year.

    Been to Llyn Llech Owain walking with OH a few times. Nice location. Great cakes in the cafe too image 

    Have a good Christmas everyone.

  • JD - Any more news on the Carmarthenshire parkrun? I'd be interested to know the proposed route.

    I'd promised in the new year to finish the good work of organising a parkrun in Singleton park, Swansea, so I'll post here next week with an update. I am a little concerned about the undulating course and hill start putting off any newcomers and those wanting to achieve pb's though...on asking those who've run the course with me general consensus has been positive.

  • LTS- no more news here at present..... Undulations not a problem - a lot of courses aren't even Tarmac!
  • Morning. Singleton is ok LTS, they used to do the R4L there until it got a bit too big to cope. Yes, it's a pull up to the stones, but then easy peasy (ish). How will you make it the 3 miles? The R4L used part of the Uni grounds to make up the distance.

  • Hi guys! Apparently we will be having a trial run within the next few weeks at Llyn Llech Owain. Keep you informed, but sounds promising! image
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    I'll be happy to come trial it image
  • Good news Jason!
  • nice one - it'll need a wide advertising to get as many there as poss on the first day. How many do you think you would want to try it out?

  • Thanks JD, I'd be interested in coming along to a trial run if it doesnt clash with West Glam league.

    Sue - good point. I think it's me who doesnt like hills image I find the first climb a struggle, but the people I've run with all shoot off ahead! The 3m is as follows: Start/finish is at the uni gate entrance (going up the steep hill from Brynmill road -there's a yellow grit bin next to the uni gate). Then it's 2 laps of the main outside path of the park (passing home farm, sketty hall, Bishop Gore school, botanical gardens & stone circle), bearing round by Swiss cottage (rather than heading towards the traffic lights at off Brynmill lane)

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