Counting swimming laps

I'm rubbish at counting swimming laps when I'm on my own or at coached sessions.

Does anyone know if there's a bracelet/abacus-type thing I can get (or make?) so I can flip something over to the left each time I swim a length.  I've got hardly any spare cash so don't want to spend more than £10 really.



  • K9K9 ✭✭✭

    These are a bit more than £10 but quite good...

  • I've got a lap counter that goes on your finger. I didn't find it that easy to use (maybe it's my fingers) so I just use my Garmin. Let me know if you want it. 

  • LN - does that count lap automtically, or do you have to press each time you turn?

    A LOT more money, but has anyone used a swimovate poolmate?
    If they're worthwile I may put it on the christmas wish list image

  • Need to press the button.  I just showed it to someone who thinks the button on mine is a bit faulty as they have the same model.

    Did consider the swimovate but my Garmin is good enough as it keeps all my training logs together image

  • KK is it this one?

     KK/LN is the button easy enough to press without interrupting stroke?

  • I know KK. Seems to be used either in races when people don't want the watch to get caught under their wettie or people want an accurate distance, which won't be measured on their wrist. I think the latest software upgrade fixes that issue but I've not bothered to upgrade yet.  No way would I risk doing trying that in O/W, esp a race.   

  • That's the problem with mine Becky. The button doesn't work well enough so it does interrupt my stroke.

    KK's looks easier though. 

  • I've got a swimcount lap counter, looks similar to the one pictured but I think mine is smaller. I wear it on my forefinger and hit the button with my thumb on every turn. I didn't have to replace the battery until after 4 years of use. It measures 3cm by 2cm. Absolutely indispensable for me when swimming long distances in the pool.
  • Ace, I struggle counting beyiond 4 when I swim so I'll take a look at that then image 

    I suddenly have lots of enthusism for swimming, having spent the lst 10days on crutches/sat with leg up I can't wait to do something (anything!) energetic!  And I think I'm still a wee bit away from cycling/running!
  • I have just got the Sportcount Chrono which I wear on my forefinger and push with my thumb each lap.  It doesn't beep like KK's unfortunately as this would reassure me that I have pushed the button properly.  I need to get used to it though, forgot to puch it a couple of times but that's just down to me being dopey.image

    I do have the garmin 310 but not yet used it in the pool.

  • Becky -  Know the feeling. I've been on the injury bench for the last 6 weeks and I'm beginning to go image. I've made a recovery plan and just doing a bit of core work in the meantime. Not fun!
  • The Garmin 310 works fine in water and the distance I've seen at the end of tries corresponds near enough to teh advertised distance (provided that you have upgraded the software to Version 2.90). As to losing it during a OW swim, isn't that why you have house contents insurance? Sports equipment is covered under my policy including accidental loss.

    Works fine as a lap counter as well provided you actually remember to press the damn thing and have Number of laps set as you main window. Personally i just count the lengths, I always know if I got it wrong by the elapsed time.

  • Not about the insurance for me Dave. I like having a watch on when I race - all of one time - and to lose the watch at the start of the race for something like that doesn't make sense to me. Btw also appreciating i'd have to tell the company the strap broke in the water. Somehow don't think they'll buy the fact the watch was unsecured on my head! Can't see it's worth the no doubt bump in premium either.
  • Thanks everyone for the info.  I don't have a Garmin and have serious lack of funds at the moment.

    LN - you have mail.

  • i got one of these watches and it automatically count laps and distance in the pool..

  • I had one of the LCD things that wrapped atlroind yor finger

    I hated it....

    Now I just use the lap feature on my (Waterproof) hrm.
  • lap counter

    I use one of these for both swimming and track. It counts laps and times them.

    I find the button a bit of a pain - it doesn't always push properly.

    When swimming laps I swim in sets, then I need only count up to 20. Change the set pattern and start again. I swim 160 lengths of a 25m pool so I had to devise something. I do get lost but I know how long it takes to swim 20 lengths of each particular stroke.

  • While I find it hard to keep track by counting the number of lengths (1,2, etc) bizzarely counting distance (25,50,100m etc) is much easier.
  • Thanks Ferret - I'll try that - my tri coach talks in distance, so that would fit in with his instructions at the sessions.
  • The Pool Mate that Steve Ho suggests is brilliant. Just set it up for the course you swim (ie, short or long) and your weight and not only will it automatically calculate the number of laps, distance and calories you've swum but it will also calculate your average 100m pace for the period and your swim efficiency. It's a great tool for monitoring what you've done, performance and progress.

  • I have one of the lap counters that biker-marmite-mouse refers to. It's the red sportcount chrono 100. However, I haven't used if for a long time, and don't think I will, so if you're interested send me an offer in PM.
  • xswimxswim ✭✭
    Believe me, COUNTU Goal is your best choice. I use it as swimming timer and lap counter. COUNTU has unique function, vibrate alarm function. If you preset a time goal or lap counting goal, it can vibrate to alarm you when you achieve the goal. Actually, you can use it at running, cycling or fitness.
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