Talkback: Iron - Are you getting enough?



  • Be careful if you have an underactive thyroid and are on thyroxine, if considering taking iron as a supplement.  It affects the uptake of the thyroxine as does taking a calcium supplement
  • should i just swallow a 6 inch nailimage
  • Get prescription iron its 200mg as apposed to 30mg the max you get in shops! You'll be bouncing off the walls image

  • I have just (yesterday) been put on iron tablets for a severe iron deficiency (as well as told to eat all the things everyone is arguing about above). I'm hoping that the end result is the same as Mc Hilly. Although I have been feeling sluggish most of this year, I just trained harder but when I tried to give blood earlier this month they said I had low Haemoglobin levels, so I couldn't. They referred me to my doctor who gave me a blood test with the results above. So an easy way to test is to give blood; if you are OK you help loads of people in the process. If not you will find out immediately. Happy running.
  • A year ago after completing the Gaolforce Challenge I suddenly found myself with chapped lips, not any old chapping but seriously sore.  When it didn't go away I eventually went to the Doctors and discovered it was lack of Iron.  I've been taking an Iron supplement ever since, and more recently completely changed my diet to be almost vegan but with heaps of green vegetables.  I'm doing really well on it.  Now training for my first Ultra marathon (

     Pleased to say I no longer have chapped lips!

  • I was surprised at the level of iron in Ovaltine drink. One cup mixed with milk has 3.6mg - 26% of the RDA along with a whole pile of other good stuff. And it tastes good too. Sadly it won't quite replace coffee for me though!

    Also important to know that tea/coffee block iron absorption so best to avoid drinking them after eating.

  • Note that the comment about haemochromatosis is inaccurate - it's genetic, not something you get from eating excess iron. Furthermore, even of you have it  a) women are likely to have no effect due to extra need for iron. b) men may have ill effects in later life if left undiagnosed. Diet a very small element anyway. The only solution is regular blood taking (all done by the hospital - the blood is no good for donation.) Iron deposits in joints and organs such as liver and (ulimately)n heart. However most runners would use up excess iron deposits at least until their later life. 
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