Talkback: Find A Training Plan

Hi Runners,

I have signed up for a 100km in Singapore

Ultra Marathon

Though its next Jun,  I would like to get myself prepared for it.  Anyone have experience in such run?  Do you have a training plan that you can share?  Thanks!



  • The 3:45 schedule description bears no resemblence to the schedule that is actually imported into the training centre, Tuesday week 2 for example, in my training centre it's 3x1.5 miles fast instead of 12x200m, not even close!

     This sunday description says 11 miles, training centre says 8 miles?! the list goes on, anyone else getting these problems?

     Also why has the Virgin Marathon section not been updated for 2011?

  • when I first used the smartcoach tool it suggested a race pace and time.  it now just says good luck which is not as helpful.  Is there a good way of knowing how fast to run.  Cheers, Phil
  • Hi Runners,

     I've just completed my first 5k in 24 minutes and want to get down to 18 minutes over the next 8 months. 

     Just wondered if anyone had any ideas about how i could make it happen?? 

  • I'm a runner what should I do in off season for Weight Training and workout?? 
  • Looking for a traning plan foe the Goffy in 2013
  • Hi,

     I  have (as a result of various obligations to friends) managed to sign up for the London Revolution (185 mile bike sportive over two days) and my first ever marathon at edinburgh on consecutive weekends.

    Does anyone have any ideas about where I could find a marathon training plan which could include significant amounts of bike training?


     Katy image 

  • I'm a bit concerned to follow these plans given they were posted in 2009, thus now being 2012 I'm sure things must have moved forward on the last 2/3 years?

     Please advise where I am best to seek a new training plan. I am on my final week of a plan I took from a recent RWUK magazine.

    Thank You

  • Hi runners everywhere

    I am looking to do a half marathon in the summer. I did my first 10k a couple of weeks back and i finished with a time of 49:08 which i was proud of. I am looking to get my minute per mile down from 8 to about 6 and i need some advice on how to accomplish this. I am 15 with a height of 5:9 and i need some feedback on how to get my minutes per mile down and also have a training plan for a half marathon


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  • hi! I used to hate running, biking was my thing! Then we  moved to Lebanon and I had to change to swimming. I still swim but have added running too.My question is about my running, specifically hill running and its benefits and if my hill running exercise is a good thing.

    I swim 2k three times (50min) a week (total 6k) and now running, about 3 times a week about 6 to 7k each run (about 50min).

    Running here, well this country is hilly and not safe in most places because it lacks sidewalks and people drive like crazy. So I run in Dlepta on a steep winding road at about 2000 feet elevation (620 meters above sea level). I basically run up to my back road from the main road, then up and down this back road. I have added the main road too, which has no switch backs and thus is much steeper. Thing is, I hate running on the flat and I enjoy this up and down hill running. It is about a 1.1k road. I usually run it 3 to 4 times. Sometimes my calves feel the effort the next day, especially running up the main road. I originally added hill running to give my 3 kilo weight loss plan a chance, but now enjoy the freedom of running. 

     Is my workout good? Should I change or add something? Any suggestions much appreciated image

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