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  • david white 62 wrote (see)
    This bogus topic discussion should be removed. Several writers interviewed Dr Litton and many witnesses, and found NO wrongdoing. There were a few innocent oddities but NO intentional cheating. Dr. Litton has a 20+ year history for being ethical and charitable in his community, with not a single blemish in all that time. He is highly respected and has repeatedly been named to the top of his profession many times. He has many friends, family, fellow runners and patients that would like to see those responsible for this mean spirited hoax apologize. Personally, I find this type of defamation both disgusting and disturbing.

    I think inventing a marathon and claiming to win it is disturbing.

    I think getting DQ'd from numerous races is disturbing.

    I think a guy racing at >1 min/mile faster than the pack without getting noticed is disturbing.

    Please don't get me started on shoe and clothing changes mid-race.

    So, "david white 62", we sit raptly waiting for your evidence.

    (PS: thanks for bringing this thread back from the dead. Most people would have forgotten about it by now.)

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