Club kit- your thoughts

Right I am in charge of kit at Dewsbury and have sent surveys out with the newsletters- I expect the usual scintilating response of one reply (my mate Dereks) so thought I'd ask you all what kind of kit you like to run in- and fabric type that best prevents chaffing for chaps particularly.
You can be rude as you like but the odd sensible answer wouldn't go amiss.


  • Ron Hill stuff always seems to fit well and is class material. (sensible answer)
  • Vest needs to be long.

    I havent got a clue what sort of fabric though. wool??

    Are you changing your club's colours??

    Not much help really am I??
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Have a bit of variety - T-shirts, vests, caps etc so the keen ones (that's you and Derek then) can have stuff to wear while cheering on from the sidelines.

    I don't like the material that my club vest is made from - I'll have a look at it over the w/e. I do like the URWFRC vest but some others don't.

  • Go faster stripes would be useful
  • Well Chimp I have already had Dereks response and I was shocked to discover that he hates the Dewsbury colours as he has been called a German t**t and a Nazi ba****d
    and spat at during London Marathon - he says he would like people to know he is an English T**t and hence would recommend a colour change. Also black is a very impractical colour for running in in the dark. I was not considering putting a kit colour change to the comittee as it is a pain in the a**e to do after my experiences at Morley.
    I have found a company that do all lycra stuff crop tops etc as a lot of the girls don't like the running vests and baggy shorts. I think we will struggle to get our male vets in unitards though.
  • Slowpoke- Derek also reckons the kit needs to be in silky material- he did also recomend I inspect his shorts at his house, which I assured him wasn't necessary.
  • monique, if i were you i'd get rid of the swastikas too.

    important to have an odour free fabric too, esp if going to be used a few times a week, and possibly not washed each time.
  • Barbie pink with large purple polka dots!
  • Our club changed our kit last year. There was much argument for and against the change but yhe 'fors' won.

    Ron Hill vests as everyone liked the material, vests for men and women but also crop tops for the women.

    Same colours as the old kit but a different layout. Don't try and redesign the kit by committee, ask 100 different people and you'll get 100 different opinions!
  • Oddly enough the swatikas are on the inside label so it can't be those it is just that it is black with a red and yellow panel, never thought of it myself till Derek said, but am a European so have no objection to the flag of Germany and think others shouldn't get uptight about it either- God invented all the colours anyway, I thought.
  • sounds nice enough to me monique. why not same colours, different emphasis ie mainly red (to match faces and legs) with yellow and black?
  • I think that is a good idea- without a kit colour change we could emphasise a brighter colour more in the design. Otherwise club ear plugs so we can't hear the abuse.
  • Damo I don't think you'd get a hundred different responses on our committee most of them don't turn up.
  • Monique, do remember to cater for the chubbier club-members, or don't you have any? Some people don't like to run in shorts and need an alternative.

    (No, not no shorts, something like tights.)
  • I am having to cater for all sorts- we do have chubbier members as well as tall blokes who struggle to get stuff long enough.
    I am having the athletics version of an Ann Summers party when I have responses and have ordered samples for testing.
  • Hey Monique - Our cycling club colours are red yellow and black but with emphasis on the red.

    I updated the kit a few years ago now. Got the go ahead and asked about 3 people for input and then went ahead. Don't involve too many people - it just gets silly. And if they are in the club, then it should be for more than the club kit.

    How about Black shorts (then you can have lycra ones for the men without being too revealing, and a red/yellow top with a black line separating. Same colours, just different layout ?

    (we have flames on our kit - looks ace !)
  • monique? ann summers athletics? crotchless ron hills? heeheeheee
  • sorry - killed thread. will behave and go do some wuk.
  • I think the flames could look good but that would be a print rather than seamed panels in different colours.
    I am more concerned with getting some better ladies kit and some decent leggings for both. The colour issue wasn't a consideration until Derek told me about the abuse thing, I would be for telling people to p**s off rather than change my club colours.
    The red and yellow top sounds interesting as the old one from yonks ago was red, yellow with a bit of white. I will do some vest outlines and get my son to colour some in in different combinations to see what people think.
  • Moosey I think it may be the only way to get everyone trying kit on in one place- I shall ply them with drinks so they mellow out and agree with me.
  • Very strange that people abused you because of the kit. Some v odd people around though.

    I'd deffo say black shorts though, as they are v practical, and you can get all kinds of legwear in black.

    The URWFRC kit is nice - I guess that's printed, so you could go down that route. Looks so much nicer than a lot of running club tops. They look quite dated ?
  • I have never been abused for being German but Derek said he was.
    Black shorts are currently what we have although some of the older design have the coloured panels in which I prefer because they match better and then I have a yellow hair bobble on the yellow side, red on the other. Sad I know.
    The company seem to offer more fitted lycra versions of the club vest- which may or may not be appreciated.
  • Tee hee - hair bobbles. I had a pair of red/yellow cycling socks and another of yellow/red cycling socks.

    Used to wear one of each. I thought it looked quite cool anyway !
  • Glad it's not just me then.
  • I'll try your hairbobble thing next.

    Hey - you mad foool you.

    Redesign Club Kit ---- what colour is your Fondriest !? Then that shall be your colour !

    And all your kit will match. Easy peasy.
  • ah of course then it has to be pink/purple/blue and black or I'm off to join a trithlon club.
  • Its the way to go. All my bikes match my club kit. Advantage of being able to buy new bikes unnoticed if they are the same colour. And I just throw on my club kit rather than trying to combine the trade team kits. My mate has a spectacular ability to clash his bike, shorts, top and mitts all at once. Outstanding ! ;-)
  • Sorry to be of no help but I actually like the Dewsbury kit ... it@s far nicer than the bright yellow flourescent one we wear at Rothwell ( risks severe reprimand from Roz here!).
    Cannot believe people think it has nazi conotations.
  • Ah Mark we were discussing Rothwells fluo yellow kit and I said it's very worrying as I keep mistaking them for mile markers when I see them in the distance, then the damn things get no nearer. Derek reckoned we should have fluo orange as no one to his knowledge has that in the area. We better not join the same x country league or we'd be done for scaring the cattle.
  • Since when was a bright yellow fluo Rothwell vest way ahead of you in the distance?? .. if this so it sure as hell wasn't me !!
    I think Barnsley are fluo orange tho' they are not exactly local to us.
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