Femeroacetabular Impingement



  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭

    Yes - good luck, Moozer. Looking forward to your post-op update.

    parklife - I had the jab to release the psoas. Didn't do anything. But it didn't do any harm, either, so I'm glad I tried it.

    Had my MRA on the right hip just over a week ago. The injection was fine but left the hip a little irritated for a few days. The doctor said she could tell I'd been working on my hip muscles as she had trouble finding the right place to inject.  

    Running is still progressing pretty well. I can now do 6 days a week, with a couple of those days being very easy 3 milers. I still can't go over 5 miles without aching, especially in the left hip. Left hip was done 17 months ago now, right hip 9 months ago. I still have no regrets about the ops.

  • MoozerMoozer ✭✭✭

    Had my left hip done last Monday, I did not have a Labral tear but had early signs of cartilage damage probably caused by the boney impingement which the surgeon removed. I did not have a general anesthetic this time as they said that to many people after this operation where waking up after surgery in quite a lot of pain. Instead I had what I think they call a spinal block. I can remember bits of the operation and watching it on the screen as the surgeon was working inside the joint. It wasn't as bad as it sounds as you are away with the fairy's. I have been told I only need to be on crutches this time for 10 days rather than 4 weeks like last time and I only have two incisions this time rather than the 3. 

    Today it is 1 year since I last ran, I thought I had a groin strain I didn't really know where the hip joint was!!  I have now had 2 operations. I really hope that I eventually get back to being pain free and can cycle outside and do a bit of running every now and again.  

    Pipes it is great that you are back running again and hopefully the MRA will show all is good.   

    Parklife I hope your hip flexor pain is getting easier. What did the physio say about the dos and don'ts ?  I'm hoping that my right side will settle with having 10days on crutches. 

    I hope everybody else is well. I will keep posting the good bad and ugly until I become pain free.

  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭

    That sounds really positive, Moozer - I'd loved to have seen the op on screen.  It's great that it has been caught in the early stages, without any actual tear.  Not long until you're off crutches! Keep us posted, even after you are pain-free.

    I had a really funny experience today. Did a 6k multi-terrain fun run/race in a local village. While watching the medal presentation, I vaguely recognised the guy standing beside me, and he seemed to recognise me.  I then realised it was my surgeon! Given that I have just had a scan and am waiting for an appointment with him, I felt really awkward and guilty. Then I thought he'd have been pleased to know that he'd 'fixed' me enough to run again. In reality, he probably didn't have a clue who I was.

  • Sounds good Moozer getting it in early stages - keep us posted. Did you have much pain pre-op with theis hip?

    Between my physio and specialist doctor I think they suspect I now have hip bursitis.

    This is what they think is causing my hip pain to be on a regular level and why I retain a slight limp at over 6 months post - op.

    I await cortisone jag, I presume to try to calm this and/or release psoas though I think exercises for psoas have helped. Yet again another hurdle.

    My swimming has come on though, now doing 1 mile about 4-5 days a week front crawl. I think this irritate the Bursa though.

    If anybody has experiences of hip bursitis I'd very much like to hear them!



  • MoozerMoozer ✭✭✭

    Hi Parklife,  I did have a fair amount of pain with the recently operated hip. It was more in the glute when sat down and around the side of the hip rather than groin pain like the first one.

  • Hi all

    I am 9 weeks post op and have been getting stabbing pain returning, is that to be expected. Moved house this weekend and legs defienatly felt it, but its the stabbing pain in back of leg and side of hip that is worrying me.....any advice welcome.

  • ...and now I have pins and needles in my heal which wont seem to goimage


    Hope you are all getting on well!

  • MoozerMoozer ✭✭✭

    Hi Rebecca, after my first Hip op 4 months ago I thought I had damaged some of the work that had been done every time I felt different types of pain. I spoke to the consultant about this and he said that its highly unlikely that this would happen. He said that the full recovery from this surgery is usually between 9mths - 12 mths and its very much peaks and troughs.  I still have an ache in my hip after walking, had hip flexor problems a few weeks ago, painfull back a month ago. I think the recovery has a  massive knock on effect on different muscles, joints etc.

  • I am sure you are right, I just hope this pain in my buttock and heal is not siaticia - hey how, im sure I will live. Its just the first two months everything got better and now I have the same pains returning that I had pre surgery.

  • I have a date ... Monday 15th July @BMI Ross Hall (Glasgow).

    Having to cut my holidays short to make it but next date was into August so didn't want to wait.

    Yikes nervous as now im going straight from holidays to hospital...better get packing...eugh I hate packing!

  • good luck, you will be fine, just enjoy your hols!

  • So got my operation at 16:00 on 15/7/13 took 2hrs then spent a further 2hrs in Recovery as I didn't do too well with the anaesthetic couldn't get my BP/pain/nausea/temperature under control. Few bags of jelly & good few hits of morphine later & I was back to my room.

    Physio's came by 2hrs later! I was too sedated to even look at them so they came back next morning. Hellish nights "sleep" but things were better by morning.

    Surgeon showed me the images of my hip which were really interesting & helped me understand what he had done & need for the operation. I had a CAM impingement so he took off the rim and shaved 7.5mm of bone right round the ball so it could get better movement & not catch.My labrum was frayed but not torn so recons we got to it just in time & no sign of arthritis image

    Generally feeling positive and pain is under control. Mobilising with two crutches but feel I could go down to one soon. Main difficulty (apart from mobilising) is getting the blasted compression stockings on & swing my legs into bed.

    Just taking it easy now & popping the pills!

  • MoozerMoozer ✭✭✭

    Good news that you had no Labral  tear Triple07. Should make the recovery a lot faster. Good luck to you. 

    Quick update from me before I carry on sunbathing!!  Im now nearly 4 weeks post op for my left hip and it feels okay. I go back to work on Monday and will start swimming again next week. As for my right hip the one that had the Labal repair work done. I still have a constant ache when resting. Not painfull but just annoying. Im now 4.5mths post op. The physio reckons its a good 9mths to become ache free so Im halfway there.  Good to hear about anybody elses recovery/experiences.

    Chow for now.

  • Hi Triple07 well done on the op, 7.5mm is quite a big protusion of bone, though I could be wrong-your best rid of it it! I think they took 3mm off mine.

    I can't say i'm in great shape.

    Limp persists. Have been sent for a cortisone jag end aug/start sept I think into my illiopsoas bursa which they think is inflamed and causing the problems as a knock on from the surgery. Mild pain with it. cycling inflames it.

    The limp on the right side I think is causing knee pain on the left due to overcompensation, and mild to moderate back pain.

    This next bit is rant time, you know that feeling when u think the universe is against you. I learn't to swim over the past 3 months, learning front crawl from scratch as couldn't do brest stroke, but stuck with it as I need a fitness buzz. Got myself up to a mile in the pool x4/x5 weekly. Quite enjoying it and vague ideas of triathlon in the distant future appear. Then I go and get a bloody shoulder injury!!!! Now I'm hoping it will settle - it has been 4 days and it hasn't much - but a quick google search throws up the words 'shoulder impingement' in swimmers. Now I hope it isn't.

    Over 2 years post op, one long line of sacrifice, false hope, pain, effort and adjustments, modifications and thwarted attempts to adjust.

    Had to give up football, then running, then cycling, now laying off swimming. Unbelievable.

    Sore knee, pain from bursa down the inside of thigh. limp. lower back pain, sore shoulder. Pfffft.


    Apols for rant

  • MoozerMoozer ✭✭✭

    Hi Parklife,  Having a rant is fine with me. Im sure you will get back to normal soon. Like I have said before on here I have been told by a few "so called experts" that it does take up to a year for everything to settle down. Some people do heal faster than others. It is frustrating and I am having similar problems.  You could still swim but just use a float for your arms so you just kick your legs, which is also great for strengthing the glutes and hip flexors and rest of the lower body. If my hips are sore I swap and use one of those floats that you stick between your legs which then just targets the upper body, good for core strength. Just mix and match!!

  • Triple07, who was your surgeon in Glasgow?




  • Yes Parklife I thought the same when he told me, now I know why they sent me for a contrast bone scan, originally they thought it was a bone spur or a tumour, I got the scan same day...that was a long wait for results!

    I'm doing well, likely due to having little labral damage, pottering about with no crutches in the house and one when out but do have bad limp but its early days I guess.

    My new physio seems great, a little pushy but I'l likely need it! Starting ?light pulse therapy next week as got some inflammation but hopeful this op has done the trick.

    Sharky999 my surgeon was Mr Gavin O'Neill. Seems to have done a grand job, scar neat too & assuming he does his own closes, his stitches were in bloody tight enough! R u scheduled for Ross hall too?


  • Triple 07, I had my op back in feb,  Edinburgh , my surgeon was paul gaston, and he's oe a great job,  unfortunately my other hip is is now symptomatic so looks like I'll be getting the other one done.


  • Interesting to catch up with everyone's stories and rehab, keep the chin up and stay positive, and don't overdo it.



  • MoozerMoozer ✭✭✭

    Update from me, not sure if anyone still reads this or not. My left hip that I had done 9 weeks ago is fine, hardly any pain at all and range of movement is good.  The right hip that was operated on 6 months with a Labral repair is still sore, especially when sat in my chair at work  but has good range of movment,  The hip joint feels fine.  The physio and consultant are sure it is muscle and tendon pain coming from the hip flexor psoas. Will keep up with the glute strengthining and stretches and hopefully things will settle... Hows everyone else doing ?

  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭

    That all sounds very positive, Moozer - I'm delighted for you. Are you doing much other exercise? Cycling? Hoping to run again in a few months?  Please keep updating - I still read and I'm sure others do too.

    Quick update from me - I've tested the hips a fair bit over the summer holidays and all seems pretty good. I've done 30-40 mile weeks and got a 5k time that was only 9 seconds outside my best ever result. The hips are now coping with 10 - 12 mile runs and I've entered a half marathon in November.  The more I run, the more I neglect my strengthening exercises, though, so that is my other focus for the autumn (as well as squeezing training into stressful working life).  I get some stiffness in the hips and surrounding muscles, but never get pain these days. A fortnightly sports massage helps iron things out and stay niggle-free.

    It's almost a year since my 2nd op and 20 months since the first. I don't regret having the ops at all.

  • Hey image Nobody posts on here for ages then two folk with-in an hour!

    Great to hear your success stories.

    Still early days for me yet, 6weeks post op and things are OK, Still have a limited range of movement & pain, Things moved quickly with the recovery to begin with but have slowed now, lots of core & glute work on top of hip flexors.

    Other hip is also playing up but physio thinks it just tight psoas.

    Back to work next week & dreading it as I have lots of heavy lifting, bending & kneeling in my job.

    Still taking the anti-inflammatory medication (diclofenac) is this normal to still need this at this stage? Got off the tramadol- that was rough! Just got a constant ache.

    Hmmm as I said early days I guess!

  • Hi everyone.

    Almost 4 months post op and I see no real benefit of doing the arthroscopy. 

    The recovery from the surgery itself was fantastic, but, the chronic pubalgia haven't faded no even a little bit.

    So Far i've tried:

    Lots of convervative physical therapy

    Hip Arthroscopy


    Osteopathy realy focused on pubalgia (Busquet method).


    So far, nothing have worked.  My surgeon waived PRP as decent next try. Anybody have tried that before?


    Thanks everyone.





  • Hope everyone is good.

    Pipes that is brilliant that you are pain free gives me hope.

    My recently operated hip.. 12 weeks ago seems to be fine no aches or pain just the odd twinge.

    My 6 and half month ago hip is still bothering me everyday. The muscles at the front of the hip/thigh are just constantly tight and ache all the time. I stretch them and they loosen up but within 20mins tighten up again and ache especially when sat . One of my physios said it may be an inflamed bursa behind my hip flexor muscle ??? Anybody else had similar symptoms 6 months on.

  • Hello everybody, time to get this thread moving again! Pipes sound ace keep at the pilates though. Moozer yes seems I have bursitis too.

    Apologies have kind of deliberately stayed off the thread as there wasn't much more I can do or say about my hip whilst I languished on NHS waiting lists for a cortisone jag.

    And also, and this bad luck kills me, but I now having learned from scratch how to swim I now have 'rotator cuff tendonitis' in BOTH my shoulders over past 2 months and it is not going away despite physio.

    So I have 2 sore shoulders. I have a right hip that has been operated on but which is causing a slight to moderate limp. I have a left hip which has FAI which I can feel and for which I await an arthrogram. And I have knock-on overcompensation effects from the limp, namely a sore left knee that flares up, a sore left Achilles that flares up, a sore left sole . I feel like an auld man.

    Honest to God, couldn't make this up.

    BUT anyways, the right hip. Believe it or not, I remain hopeful the operation on the actual hip was successful. However a slight limp remains, my physio thinks caused by bursitis, a slight tightness/occasional soreness goes with it. My NHS specialist referred me for a cortisone jag which I am due this day week, after a 12 week wait!

    I think that I got the bursitis from post op rehab, putting the resistance up on the exercise bike at about 3 months and doing half hour workouts. ,My physio talks about this causing 'compression'. When I sit the limp becomes a bit more pronounced, I guess as its compressed. Any sort of cycling makes the limp significantly worse.

    So, at 9 months post op I can't run, I can't cycle any, can't swim. I can walk the 2-3 miles into town and back (Thank God for this small mercy) but this tends to flare up those over-comp effects of the unoperated side like sore left knee etc..

    And then I have it all to look forward to again on the left side.

    Running feels further away than ever. In fact I hardly think of running I just want to walk normally and go cycling. Feels like I have not yet reached rock bottom with all my injuries to allow me start coming back up again. And I'm starting to put on weight first time ever hate it.

    Furthermore, my physio tells me that I should knock all long walks etc on the head for 2-4 weeks after the cortisone jag to stop the cortisone from moving around my body and ceasing to be concentrated in the one spot ie the bursa. October will not be a fun month!

    Hard to believe that I first 'tweaked my groin' 2 years 4 months ago, which has led to all this.

    I feel slightly better after that rant. One thing this makes you notice is how the world is full of idiots. People in work etc who blurt out 'Oooh you're still limping' and about ten people look around and gawp. Or people who know you're crocked but ask if I want to join their funrun team. Unbelievable some of them!


  • Hi

    How is everyone doing? I am a little concerned right now, 5 months post op and I am getting the same 'stabbing' pains in leg and groin that I had pre-op.....do you think I need to be concerned? Physio isnt sure what it is, thinks some of it is part of siatic nerve. I also have had siatic pains in heel for past few months, but its the stabbing pain that concerns me. Going back to surgeon for 5 month review, sure it will only be a 5 mins appointment again image

  • Parklife, are you still doing any rehab with your Bursitis symptoms ? I am and I think it is making it worse. Think I might knock it on the head for 2 weeks to see if it settles. 

  • Moozer, had knocked all hip rehab on the head, felt it was only aggravating the limp. But.....

    Seems I am the continual bearer of difficult news on this site, so will be as brief as possible.

    Went for my cortisone jag this morning, supposedly to treat any inflammation or tightness or whatever feeding into the limp. The radiographer said on ultrasound there was no inflammation and couldn't see anything wrong with the muscle/bursa/tendonsetc in the hip area. He said bursitis is one of the most over-diagnosed conditions. He put the chances of cortisone helping any at 'low', and gave me the option of not having it. I had it anyway.

    He was straight talking and quite disparaging of FAI arthroscopy. He said he felt my limp was probably caused by nerve damage from the op when they pull the hip apart. He said my NHS sports medicine consultant was 'clutching at straws' by sending me for a cortisone shot. He said there is now emerging evidence that the bony bump shaved away during surgery grows back again, and that it is all caused by bad mechanics in the first place.

    If right, the implications for me are immense; nerve damage and a limp for life, no sport again, and the long term problems caused by the limp ie overcompensation in knee and heel which I am already feeling.

    I can only hope that as a radiographer he is wrong


  • Parklife, what rotten news. Hope you can get better at the end of this. I have read most of the thread as I had a long term pain in the front of the hip area and was worried it was something serious, but had not gone down the NHS route as it is not that bad.

    I still get some aches, niggles and tightness but over a year of Osteo and physio is getting me sorted as they think it is all down to bad mechanics and muscles not firing correctly or at all and overcompensation.

    If your shoulders calm down, get some swim coaching to ensure your technique is OK and not causing the shoulder problems. Swimming is so technically demanding to get it right and pain free.

  • Parklife, how is the cortisone working? I had surgon review yesterday and got offered on, going back in 6 weeks now, not months for another review and the stabbing and tightness and throbbing has come back. Hope you get better real soon!!!


    When I had the cortison before the op it made things worse!?!

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