Calories and Force Feeding



  • HA Debra - this I know.  Hence after having enough of the rubbish from the weightloss forum, I popped back to my old cronies for advice here  image

    I hope I like them too - although, I added a bunch of soup beans to my soup and ground them up - didn't even taste them!

  • you definately need more calcium by way of cheese or milk or nuts and seeds .. but i'd be tempted to chuck a small bit of grated cheese on that Jacket potato with beans..

    Also re the water thing.. i have acid reflux and my specialist insists i drink upto 3 litres of water a day to help calm my stomach acids, so it's not that silly, as long as you sip it (your cells have a maximum capacity for absorbing water so drink a litre at a time and you'll get rid of about half of that in the lav... )

  • I get a lot of heartburn and drinking water also helps with that.  Either way, if I am not thirty, I don't drink.  I also seem to drink water when I'm bored...

    Yeh I am going to get a supplement for calcium I think - 1500mg for a person of the female persuasion in her late 20's isn't something that i am going to get through yoghurt and cheese

  • Thirty should OBVIOUSLY say thirsty.

    I'm not thirty and my life would suck is that was a requisite to drinking!

  • Are you sure you've got your counting right Plod?  I've been drinking with you a couple of times and know that can put away more than 100 cals - that's about half a pint I think.

    Great to hear your doing good image

  • Har har BDB - you clown!

    I suppose if we are taking a proper drinking night into account, then I drink enough to drown Wanda and her fish.  But since I only do that with YOU, I think we can safely assume that 150 calories of a shared beer is pretty much what I go for these days!

    Being of older age and all

    But still younger than most...


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