Sore Toes or rather balls of toes!!!!

My toes or rather the balls of my toes hurt when I run on my left foot far more than my right.
It does not start straight away but builds up until the balls of toes ache and my toes go numb. I can continue running and I try and flex my toes to ease the discomfort.HOwever it does nt properly stop until I stop runnning.
I tried changing my shoes to no avail - any bright ideas? All advice welcome as running Silverstone and London sooooon!!


  • are you gripping with your toes when you run?? Maybe your shoes are a bit big/not tight enough?
  • I realise you wrote this 10 years ago and may not even use this forum now - but I have exactly the same problem and have since I started running! I'm training for a marathon now so if you have solved this please let me know.
    I know it's not shoe related and will even do it with walking boot if I walk long enough.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Angela, I suffer sore balls of the feet on occasion. It's due (in my case) to having very thin fat pads there (I never could wear high heels even when young, but the fat pads also get thinner with age). I found having a shoe that is softer under the forefoot does help, but you may also consider some kind of cushioned insole.

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