Wednesday session

Yesterday's horror work day materialised in all its glory and after a lightening return trip to Amsterdam, finally arrived home at 10:15. Lucky I did my training in the morning.

Today: one hour run including 3 x one mile at 10k pace (4 minute recoveries).
Why: Need for speed and still nursing an aching knee so flat out intervals not really recommended.
Last hard day: Sunday
Last rest: Saturday

However, another hard day at work so will have to play session by ear - also a guaranteed late finish tomorrow could mean another early start if I want to get a run in.


  • Yesterdays day of rest consisted of 5 hours walking around an exhibition - 10 to 15 miles I guess, and only 30 mins sitting down so not bad if I wanted to get use to being on my feet!

    what - 4m steady
    why - hard day tomorrow
    last hard - Thursday
    last rest - yesterday ish
  • Did my 2 mile recovery run yesterday and felt a lot better for it! Is 2 miles a reasonable distance for a recovery run after a half marathon? What do you guys do for recovery runs?

    What: swim at lunchtime
    Why: that's what the schedule says and I'm going to the library near the pool this morning to avoid spending valuable PhD time on the Runnersworld Forums.
    Last rest day: monday
    Last hard day: sunday
  • Hi all.

    What: Weights and maybe a swim this evening.
    Why: Ran yesterday, plan to run tomorrow, like to do something different sometimes.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
    Last rest day: Monday.
  • Last nights training went quite well ran up fairly steep hill about 55-60 secs. walk down, x 5, even did some Fartlek on the way back, calf muscles just feel a little tight this morning.
    What: Might try for a half hour run this evening before night out from work.
  • What: steady run, or club run for 1:10 to 1:30
    Why: Last night became an impromptu tempo, then speed session (see Tuesday's thread) due to fear that I was being followed!
    Last hard day: last night was good going
    Last rest day: Sunday...
  • What: Drive to West Kirby, foot of Village Road, for 4 x 800 hill session (approx 65m climb)
    Why: Specialised preparation for Mersey Tunnel 10K Sunday (getting out of the tunnel!). When running the Cornish cliff paths on holiday, it seemed to require 2 runs before I got the strength in my legs to do the inclines a bit more easily - so I'll be doing another one tomorrow. Not exactly a standard pre-race taper I know....

    Last hard day: Sun
    Last hard-ish day: Tue
    Last rest day: Sat
  • What: light cross training at gym
    Why: Muscles and joints out on 'trike again
    last hard day: Tues - at least for half the club session
    last rest: Mon

  • Morning all,

    What: 9 mile easy run
    Why: Mid week mid distance run
    Days since last hard run: Yesterday
    Days since last rest: Saturday

    Mike S: That is dedication for a race! I cycled through the tunnel last year (Liv-Chester-Liv) and it is bit of a nasty climb back up. Good luck!
  • what: "4 mile" cross train
    why: knee bit suspect after sunday run so staying off-road just in case for tomorrow.
    Last hard run:Sunday

    woke this morning stiff neck - supposed to be running 14 miles home today, but could barely move head so will delay and go see my doctor.
  • What: Day off
    Why: Was still totally [email protected] out after Sundays Half Mara during last nights run, so I thought I'd better err on the side of caution.
    Last hard run: Sunday
    LAst rest day: Today
  • What: Not sure
    Why: Last night's 8 miles was abandoned due to a severe bout of toothache. Managed to get an appointment at the dentist this morning. X-ray shows an abcess, so I've got a 5 day course of antibiotics, and some mega pain killers (just taken, so if the typing goes downhill, you'll know why). I then have to go back next month to have the tooth removed (wahhhhhhh!!). So I'll see whether the pain killers are enough to get me through the pain, without making me too wobbly to run.

    BTW, the label on the prescription says to take one every 8 hours for 5 days, but I got 20 tablets. Am I missing something? (I am only an accountant after all.......)
  • what: rest day - but will do the obligatory 2-3 mile doggie walk in the park
    why: worked hard yesterday and dog still needs a walk
    Last Rest Day: Monday
    Last Hard Day: Yesterday

    Legs feel a bit achey from yesterday but I did incorporate some intervals during yesterday's running and consequently I htink they had to work that little bit harder - which after a 15 day break isn't so bad I don't think. I'm going to walk the lactic acid out with the doggy once I've finished here. Then it's a Wizard of Oz video for me :)
  • What : Not a lot
    Why : Still having problems with my ankle – I think I may have strained my peroneal tendon - so I’m going to have an easy week with a few swims and a mountain bike ride around Kielder Reservoir on Sunday – Hopefully back running by next Tuesday.

    Last Hard Run : Sunday

  • I've been a bit lazy this week as a result of drunken late nights weekend! So been catching up on my sleep and general lazing around.


    What: Club run night, but only doing the 4.3 mile circuit....

    Why: .... as I have a 10k race Sunday.

    Last hard day: Saturday
    Last rest day: Yesterday and the day before and....
  • What : Rest Day - Mrs D's birthday daughter#1 at school , daughter#2 at nursery so into Woking for some early Christmas shopping?!? (bought myself some saucony offroaders) - wanted a new pair of road runners , but no 2070s in my size.
    Lunch and a few drinks with my beloved.
    Why : couldn't be bothered with the 45 minute recovery run.
    Last hard session : yesterday & tonight hopefully (:D)
    Latest Rest : today (if lugging 8 bags of shopping around town counts).
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Late posting again due to work, kids and busy schedule.

    What: did 6 mile tempo run after work then had my improver swimming lesson this evening. Lots of work on backstroke technique this week. My front crawl is coming on quite nicely too.
    Why: all part of my regular weekly training.

    I got my numbers for Sunday's triathlon today so am feeling a little nervous now. I thought I'd be one of the first in the pool, being quite a slow swimmer but I'm actually in group four. There's 246 entered so I shouldn't be last!
  • Not so many today...Busy day, so not much posting today. Got to do an interview in 10 mins. Writing about low carb diets, v interesting! Anyway, I digress...
    What: 53 mins steady, probably around 5 or 6 miles. Had wanted to do 7 miles/ 1:03, but just couldn't be done
    Why: Following RW schedule still
    Last hard: Speed sesh on Monday
    Last rest: Sunday
    Good luck in your Triathlon Hilly. I am so impressed with your training. You inspire me. I'll be after you for Tri tips next year...
  • What: twenty five minutes standing on a corner watching Mij and the junior runners practising negative splits.

    Why: someone had to do it. Quite tiring really, honest.
  • 4 uphills duly completed - but not from the side of the hill previously mentioned.
    I'm knackered now - & short of zzzzzzzs
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