The Shakespeare Raceway Half Marathon & 10km

Did anyone else miss the final loop?

I ran 20km in just under 1:20 but didn't run the final 800 metre loop so ended up finishing 800 metres short and got disqualified. I know at the end of the day this is my responsibility, but they should have put a marshal on the home straight to explain where to go. When you are overtaking the slow runners it is not always obvious who to follow, as the person in front of me was lost in the slower crowd.

I think I would have done quite well in the vet placings, I would have finished around 1:24:30 so I was most unhappy.

On the positive side it is the first race I have ever run where nobody has overtaken me after the first 5 minutes.

Despite my D/Q I would run it again as long as I know the route.


  • I must admit before the race I was completely unaware of the extra 'out and back', but in fairness to the organisers it was on display in the Race HQ and was clearly mentioned in the briefing.

    Although I agree with you on the fact that near the home straight there was a lack of someone reminding people of the extra part.

     Good day though.

  • Hi

     If anyone wants to transfer there entry to the marathan i would be really gratefull

     i tried to enter but was to late, so if anyone wants to tranfer please email me

    Thanks Helen

  • That's a nightmare Michael! Good time too...

    I'm with Dominic on this one - it was mentioned at the start, (if you could hear it), on display in Race HQ and there was a yellow sign which said something like "This way after 4 laps" as you came round by the grandstand...

    Thought it was a good circuit and I got my sub 1:40 PB sorted though my Garmin measured each mile a bit long and 13.35 overall. Wouldn't have liked to be out there on a windy day though!

    Official results are up at the link below!
  • Really enjoyed my first Shakespeare Half marathon and found that the course was easy enough to follow because I was well down the field at 1 hour 53mins!

     Agree that the final loop was very confusing and it must have been awful to have been disqualified due to the marshalling not being that clear on the final stretch.

    Like many others, didn't hear any of the pre-race briefing as loud hailer pointing away from the runners for a lot of the time - but I did discover the info on the board AFTER the race!

    Was a bit surprised that one or two of the marshalls in uniform had lit up a fag to pollute thr runners - but I guess they were bored!

    All in all it was a good event thanks image

  • Hi Catherine here, race director from Saturday, just wanted to thank you for all your comments madeas they are hugely important to us to enable us to make our races run as smoothly and enjoyable as possible in the future.

    I would like to reply to some of the comments so far as we are going to add and change a few parts to the Half marathon for November thanks to these very helpful points.

    Out & Back loop after 4th lap:-  we thought we had made all the signs as clear as possible due to the signs in HQ, the briefing and the barrell with the yellow sign attached which you had to run past after lap 1, 2, 3 and 4 saying  ' After 4th lap' arrow pointing left.

    Now we know that wasn't enough we will have another sign to run past on every lap where the finis right sign was saying after 4th lap keep left for out & back loop. We can't use a person here because then runners will depend on that person to tell them where to go but a marshal will not know how many laps anyone has done, it needs to be each person counting for themselves.

    We will also have a tent outside registration with a marshal to point you to your name and find your number and to tell every single runner to make sure they read the course information board.

    We will get a louder speaker for the pre-race briefing which after 4 races with the same speaker nobody has said they can't hear before so good to have this feedback to get a louder speaker for the briefing.

    There is a no smoking policy for marshals on the course so this will be rectified.

    So a big thank you for taking the time to put this information down as now we can do all we can to make his an even  better race in November.

    Well done to all of you for taking part and again a big thanks to all the emails and thanks for us putting the event on, we enjoyed every minute from start to finish.

    Kindest regards

    Catherine & Martine 

  • Great to have the feedback from the organisers so promptly!

    Can some-one advise where the results are posted please? Many thanks

  • Results can be viewed at  which takes you to the links you can also click on below:-


    Half Marathon

    Many thanks

  • I guess a lot of people couldn't hear the pre-race briefing because of their earphones - I have never seen such a high proportion of a race field blatantly breaking the well displayed (as was the route in all fairness) rules. I trust that the DQing will be enforced?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Thankyou for your response Catherine.

     Could I ask whether you could comment on a few people's queries regarding the 'goody bag' and clarify what exactly the 'momento' was, because there didn't seem to be anything momentous in the bags?

     Thanks again for an enjoyable race.

  • hope all went well for everyone- and that u all had a fab time

    in the end i just could not make it - personal reasons i wont bore anyone with

    hope the organisers read this - as my e mails down

  • Hi again to everyone and thanks again for all comments, sorry you couldn't make it Mick n Phil, November we'll have a place for you again just email.

    Goody bag contents - a banana, a naked oat/fruit bar, a bottle of water, a £5 voucher (which would buy a pair of socks or towards something more from Run and the momento which was a 500ml plastic sports bottle with the race title on for use on a bike or gym etc....we wanted something that could be used again and again so we trialled it and majority of runners loved the bottle from what we were told.

    We have probably got one of the cheapest half marathons around at £12/ £14 and we have a huge amount of people who do not want a t-shirt so we decided not to do a t-shirt to keep the cost down and just run an enjoyable race at a minimum cost with all the proceeds going towards our not for profit company 'kids run free' we did think that the momento and a few items to eat and drink plus the £5 voucher was fair and so many runners thanked us for this which was lovely.

    Our description of this race will be changed for November and our wording of goody bag will be changed to momento and we will keep the fee the same and see how that works for November along with our other changes already mentioned in comments above.

    It is very good for our race to be promoted well so we aim to change it and work towards it being as great as we can possibly make it....

    We think it's a little bit different being at the airfield and we enjoy every minute of putting it together,

    Again, many thanks for your comments.

    Kindest regards


  • Hi Catherine

    Sorry to post so late but I've just picked this up on the back of booking my November entrance.

     I've run the 10k and the 1/2 and much prefer to finish down the straight once. I understand the need for annuracy on distance but could you not find the extra metre's out on the course? The final mini loop was very stoney, uneven and tatty which I felt detracted from the overall event.

    Just a thought but I'll still be back in November (and I'd prefer a medal every time.....)



  • I'd prefer a medal to a bottle too. image
  • Anyone else doing the half marathon on November 19th? Considering this as a third half marathon is relatively quick succession with me doing Bristol in Sept and Cardiff in Oct.
  • sounds interesting wlll consider it to

  • Catharine,

    great top see an organiser responding / taking onboard feedback from runners. Just to add to the comments re the 800m loop. If possible do this on the FIRST lap. 2 good reasons for this. 1) runners are less bunched and the sign can be taken away after the last runner has passed. 2) Less time for us runners to remember the loop, especially when tired!

    Hoping to do the 10k in November


  • Hi All,

    this sounds like a good event.

    I'd like to ask how people found the multiple laps from a crowding point of view. So, did the faster runners feel the flatness of the course was offset at all by any weaving/dodging by the time they got to their third and fourth laps?

    All the best


  • Hi Stefan
    there is not really any issue with overcrowding
  • I ran this race in March and thought it was fantastic.

     Great value for money, a decent goody bag (although I too would prefer even the cheapest of medals over a sports bottle) and good atmosphere.

     I loved it being laps on an airfield.  Unique and good for pacing - after one lap you know what to expect with gradient etc which really helps you figure out when to start pushing in the final few miles. 

    There wasn't a problem with overcrowding, the course is very wide, lots of room.  I also like the fact that it takes place twice a year.  Although I don't think I'll beat my PB (which I set in March during high mileage marathon training), it is good not to have to wait so long to do it again. 

    Highly recommended.

  • oh and it's good for friends and family to watch - they only have to wait a few minutes before runners pass them again!!
  • Still not heard anything via email yet. Been as we're less than four weeks away I was wondering if anyone else had.
  • this sounds like a good race to do...different.

    i did birmingham 3 weeks ago as my second race and wondered if i woiuld be pushing it doing this so soon afterwards, im in the upper age bracket!!!!

    any thoughts anyone?

  • i think you'll be fine curly.  i did stroud on the day as birmingham (despite living in birmingham!) and i'm just about ready for more half action.  maybe not as fast as i thought, i fear it'll all come down to the weather conditions.  good luck!
  • thanks for your  comments, i found birmingham hard but got a good time so dont expect to do a pb

    but just want something different before the weather turns!!

    good luck to you too! 

  • can someone explain the age catagories that we will run under e.g. v30, vet etc?
  • statt0 - i just got a confirmation email when i entered which has a reference number on it.

    i think you just turn up and collect your number.

    should be there, have a good one.

  •  thanks. you too,

  • anyone know when and where the results for yesterdays race will be posted?
  • The event seemed to go pretty well, with almost 1000 runners in total and the weather was almost perfect. Glad they decided to go with a medal.

    I checked on the StuWeb results page but there doesn't seem to be any records for the 5k or HM, just the 10k. Hopefully the other two races will posted shortly.

    Thanks to the organisers for all your hard work.
  • yes thank you.  i enjoyed the race.  perfect conditions and so pleased to have a medal - thank you for listening to my comments!

     one point i would make (from a spectators point of view) it might have been better for the different events 5k/10k/half to have different coloured numbers.  my family didn't know who was running in what race which made it confusing to see who was winning what race.

     perhaps that could be changed for next time.

    i'll be back to run again, i really enjoyed it.  and like the fact it's on a saturday.  thank you! 

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