The ancient hilltop village of Heptonstall awaits - HEPTONSTALL FELL RACE  a challenging route through some of the most stunning landscape in the South Pennines.(and only 45mins from Leeds, Manchester, Preston)


The race will be fantastic build up for 3 Peaks and is specifically designed to fit in with 3 Peaks training diaries; B Long 3200 ft/15.5 mils; about 70% of Three Peaks distance/ascent, and timed 5-6 weeks ahead. Some of the ascents are "stair case" killers on tired legs (Ingleborough!). Organised by bunch of Calder Valley Fell Runners, and Tod Harriers, we're expecting well over 100 runners. Entry on the day - £5.

See route on www.heptonstallfellrace.org.uk

The village is a gem -  standing on craggs 500 foot above Hebden Bridge, Heptonstall makes a fantastic location for a fell race. A warm welcome awaits; Large field car park, church ladies providing teas/soup/ cake, brewery have donated fell race special ale, running retailer will be on hand to supply kit, and the sun is guaranteed,

See you there?



  • Parking

    All runners should use the official race car park at top of the village. It's near the start and finish and it's only £1. To get there drive to Slack/Draper Corner and enter Heptonstall from the north-west. Don't try and drive through the village or you'll be doomed.

    You can see the car park location on the map on the Home page. Camper vans can use the field for overnight stays over the race weekend.


    Free warm drinks will be available from 9am in Weavers Squareand there will be a range of flapjack/cakes for sale. soup, bread and cake will be provided after the race (donations gratefully received).

    The White Lion is our official race HQ and watering hole and will be serving Official Springhead Brewery Fell Race Ale (aka Bramley Apple Bitter 3.8%) - kindly donated by Springhead Brewery - all income from this keg will go to charity. The White Lion be hosting awards and prize giving at around 14.00-15.00.

    Food and refreshment can also be found in the cafe/deli and the Cross Inn - both plan special welcomes and options for runners and their families.

    Changing and Toilets

    Bring a change of clothes as we hope you will stay to enjoy the post race beer/food/prize giving. The car park is close to the finish field and not overlooked so should be OK for getting changed in - we should also have a "runners trough" to wipe off the mud.

    Public toilets can be found near the start on Townfield Lane and runners can also use toilets in the White Lion from 8.30am.

    <!-- /contentcolumn -->Up and Running

    Up and Running will have a stand in Weavers Square. They will be bringing a range of fell running gear including energy gels/bars, hats, gloves, compasses, whistles, hydropacks, bum bags, T-shirts, jackets, socks, shorts, tights and some sale clothing.

    If anyone would like any shoes they should contact Up and Running beforehand with the shoe and size they require and if it's in stock they can collect the shoes on the day with 15% off.

    All runners get £10 vouchers (T&C apply) on purchases over £70 or 15% off shoes.

    The first 50 runners to visit stand will get a free drinks bottle.

  •  My first time in here - its a bit quiet is nt it???  Wish I used a nick name and not my real name

    Was nt sure if ths race is of interest on RW Forum - is the forum mainly for road runners?

    Do many  fell runners visit  RW forum?

  • Stephen Grimley wrote (see)

    Do many  fell runners visit  RW forum?

    I do, using same name on 'FRA' forums, as on here

    I'll admit I've not been running long (3 & 1/2 years, at the most)

    My first fell-race was the 'Trunce 6' in 2009, but try to enter 'fells' whenever I can

    Favourites so far are;

    'Harriers v Cyclists' (Bingley Harriers, rode it in 2007/2008, but ran in 2009/2010)

    'Ilkley Moor Fell-Race' (first tried it in 2010, in the snow, but did it again this year)

     'Stanbury Splash' (first 'proper' fell-race' - in 2010 - good fun!!)

    Digressing Slightly Back to 'Heptonstall'

    One of my club-mates is running this (I'm working!!!) - watch out for the (probably?) lone 'Ackworth Road-Runner'

  • Hi Richard - good to hear there are few people who are nt averse to some vertical stuff - I usually do Stanbury Splash and all the other races up at Haworth - they re a great intro to the fells. Must try Ilkley and HvC

    I have gradually moved from road to fell - its amazing how big the fell race scene is in the HX/BD/OL/B area  - pretty sure you could find a race every weekend with 10-15 miles of here (Hebden Bridge); there must be 2 a month around the Calder Valley alone. I still get out on the roads too (1 marathon a year = Florence for last 6 years) - we really struggled to get a free weekend for the Heptonstall Fell Race.

    Your club mate will be very welcome - the race has 3000 feet of climbing but its quite spread out on multiple climbs so nearly all the route is runnable - I would say its well within teh capabilities of decent road runners

     We've just update the Heptonstall Fell Race website with some additional race day info - any chance you can advise your buddy?


  • Unlike road races fell races do not normally provide water stations - Heptonstall Fell Race is 15 miles - so gels and a 500ml water will be a good idea. We may have water around 11 miles (TBC)

     Does anyone need any advice re Fell Running mandatory kit?

    Please drop a note to this forum - happy to get you organised!

  • BTW - I reckon 15-16 miles with 3000 feet = around 21-22 miles of road running - so you if can run a marathon in 3.30 you should get round this in about 2.45 

  • Mandatory kit;

    Full body cover (light weight water/shower), Gloves, Hat, Map (print from web), Whistle, Compass

    Route will be flagged - apart from CPI Hot Stones Hill to CP2 Standing Stone Hill

  • Stephen

    I'll try to get hold of him

    Just looked at this years 'Splash' results, & you bet me by a few minutes (127th  @ 58:33), I was 179th  @1.02:09

    'Ditto' at Novembers 'Withins SkyLine'... you 91st  @ 53:53, me 160th @&nbsp;59:33imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/surprised_smiley.gif' />

  • Hi Richard - Dave Woodhead (aka Woodentops) is planning to do the photographs at Heptonstall - will make sure and post on our website.

    When are you next racing?

  • Just of the cash and carry to buy cake for 200 - what can I get you? any favourites?

  • Stephen Grimley wrote (see)

    When are you next racing?

    My next planned events are;

    1. The 'Trunces', down at Oxspring (near Penistone)


    2. The 'Wakefield Hospice City 10K Road-Race' in early April


    3. After that, there's nothing 'concrete' until the Ilkley Harriers 'Ilkley Trail-Race'


    4. I might return to Morecambe Bay though (ran that in '09, as my first 1/2)


    Although I know I'm NOT entering the 'Holme Moss Fell-Race' this year, as 18 miles/4000 feet was way too far for me (At this point in my familarity with fell-running)imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif' />



  • There are a quite a few races around here that might be good as entry level fell running;

    Not sure of all the dates but all these races take place around Hebden Bridge this spring summer;

    Midgeley Moor, Mytholmroyd, Coiners, Crow Hill Reverse, Hebden Bridge, Flower Scar, Stoodley Pike, Shepherds Skyline,Wicken Hill Whizz, Tom Tittiman, Reservoir Bogs, Widdop, Blackshawhead, The Good Shepherd.

    The entry is always £3-5 quid and a pub start/finish - fancy meeting up to race a few - I'll buy the beers!


    Please print this route map - it will be part of madatory kit (along with compass, gloves, hat, whistle, full body cover)

    Suggest you carry gels

    The majority of the route will be flagged - except for CP1 to CP2 - if in doubt suggest you follow the crowd at this point



    Hardbacks of "Joss" lake District Legend - by Keith Richardson - Real Ale, Beer, Easter Eggs,  T-Shirts, Wine


    1st male / female

    2nd male /female

    3rd male /female

     1st male/female team (top 3 count)

    1st v40 male /female

    1st v50 male/female

    1st v60 male.female

    1st v70

    1st Heptonstall Resident

    Furthest travelled runner

    Spot prizes

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    may be next year got Bradford 10k on sunday still recoving from my fastest ever race been spen 20 in 2h30
  • Well done I did spen a few years back in build up to doing Paris

    Good article on our race today - good luck in Bradford 

  • Richard A Thackeray wrote (see)
    Stephen Grimley wrote (see)

    Do many  fell runners visit  RW forum?

    I'll admit I've not been running long (3 & 1/2 years, at the most)

    My first fell-race was the 'Trunce 6' in 2009, but try to enter 'fells' whenever I can

    Favourites so far are;

    'Harriers v Cyclists' (Bingley Harriers, rode it in 2007/2008, but ran in 2009/2010)

    Should have said, I come from a Cyclo-Cross background, so when I started running, Fell-Running/'Trail'/'XC' seemed appropriate areas to move into

    Stephen Grimley wrote (see)

    We've just update the Heptonstall Fell Race website with some additional race day info - any chance you can advise your buddy?


    Have been in touch, so hopefully by now, he should have read this?

    Craig, if you're reading this, & need the downloadable map encapsulating, let me know

     - or drop it through our letterbox, I'll laminate it & return it in the morningimagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif' />


    Craig, done the map - will drop through your letter-box a bit later this morning

  • Hi stephen,

    Richards friend here,he managed to txt me this morning about this  forum.I didn`t think either,that there would be interest in fell races on here,especially when its not a RW listed race.

    Already checked out the website a while ago,very well laid out and all the info you need.

    Just starting out in fell runs myself,did Lactic Acid Test at Millbrook in Feb,although not listed on Fellrunner it was a lot of fell terrain. Then High Cup Nick,a couple of weeks ago,although Ive done plenty of trail races in the 2yrs Ive been running,Baildon Boundary Way,Race the Train,Yorshireman Mara and Wharfedale half. But as I`m finding out,the `staircase` ascents of fells are a differant ball game.Although I used to scramble in the Lakes,Snowdonia and Scotland so its just reigniting a bit of that mentallity.

    Yes,it is a perfect trainer for the `Peaks` race,tried sending a begging mail to Dark Peak Runners to get in the Skyline race but to no avail,left entry too late,that too would have been ideal,as I ve managed to get in the `Peaks` race myself.

    Well,shall see you Sunday,remember,look for the Ackworth vest!!

  • Excellent!

    If you did the Yorkshireman you will find Heptonstall no problem - the staircase at the end will challenge even the most experienced fell runners - although I'm sure the elite guys will skip up - us mere mortals will walk - cursing every step!

    See you on Sunday

  • Bring beer money! Springhead Brewery have donated a keg of FELL RACE ALE - all proceeds to charity

  • Sports photographer will be capturing the action - make sure you iron your vestimagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />

  • 202 ran - double the expected number!

    RESULTS  -winner Ben Mounsey 1.55 (amazing for 15.8 miles / 3000 feet - in fog and mud throughout)


    How did it go for you????

  • Whats the best way of getting the Runners World fell running fan base to come along to next year's event?

  • I knew about the event, but was down to work on Sunday, & given that recently we moved into a brand new Hospital, days-off/shift-swaps are still a bit 'iffy' to ask for (ie; we're all still 'finding our feet')

    Given that Craig liked it, bar his 'detour' & hence losing places, I will possibly join him next year

    I'd hazard a guess that the majority of us on here who do fell-run/race, already browse (or registered to) the 'FRA' forums


    Plus, like you & me, they're already members of the 'FRA' itself - so get the fixtures book?

  • Blimey Stephen,you want even more runners next year??? Can the 1st 3 mile cope with more average joe runners like myself. Definitely a little congested for the majority of us early on but still a great course overall !!! Thats after I`d calmed down my language for send us vertical so many times and then straight back down again!!! imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/crying_smiley.gif' />

    As Richard said I did take a little detour after check 4,thought I`d recce a little bit of the moor imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif' />, ended up following some `other` markers,I wondered why it had gone quiet imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif' /> so a little back tracking was in order.

    Its an awkward one about using this sight,as I wouldn`t have normally looked for fell race interact on here,but then I do use RW for a lot of road and trail race banter.On the other hand as a FRA member also I haven`t used their forum section yet.

    Anyhow,well done on a very well organised race,from the website through to marshalling and the snap`n`watering at the end.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    Hi Tiptoe

    have a break from racing due to leg aching a lot so steady running now till Sheffield 10k next month
  • Hi Compo,

    Is that the ankle you broke previously??? Guess we all need to realise when to rest and take a break.You`ll have to get in the pool a bit then.

    My back is starting to ache a bit more of late,probably not helped by bounding down hillsides.

    Hope to see at a race soon.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    yes it was but seems to be ok now 17th April next race and may do Rothwell 10k
  • I`m in at Rothwell,but its only a few days after the Three Peaks,so will have to see how I feel.

    Fast course is Rothwell,nice semi rural-ish  route.Get it in quick,fills up!!

  • Good feedback TT - I am meeting the orgnaising team tonight to review the whole event.

    We definitely need to get rid of any bottlenecks;

    Can you give a bit of detail on where they occured?

     Solutions might include;

    - additional, wide, temporary stile

    - loop of village to string out field

    - alternative wider route

     We may look to attract 300 plus next year so raelly need to address this issue as a priority

    Lets make this strand the bastion of Fell Running within RW discussion!

    PS me a few mates are running the Heptonstall Fell Race this weekend as we missed it due to being organisers - we wil run it at race pace and compete as our times will still count for our club champs.

    Hoping for sub 2.30.....

     When's your next fell race???

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