I have them really bad at the moment, can't think, concentrate and typing this is taking an age.

 What remedies do people use?  Is hacking the toes off a little drastic?  

 I need some relief from this.image



  • CC - poor you, I can totally sympathise....They are unpleasant aren't they!! Mine flare up every winter, & anytime I'm injured & use ice. Concentration & temper goes totally out the window!

    Tried a variety of remedies and creams & nothing really works. Have found Sudocrem, available from many chemists is the best for soothing them.

    Probably been told this many times before but prevention is better than cure...I'm not sure an effective treatment is out there?... but changing straight away out of damp socks, wearing comfy shoes & avoiding a hot bath after running in the cold are the only things I've found help reduce them.

    Good luck & hope they go away soon (NB - surprised you have them if you are in the UK? It's quite mild now, if so you must have them bad)

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