Flights for Regensburg

Maybe a little early still but am looking at booking the flights now for Regensburg. 

As I've been spurned by Mrs Mandel (who now has to work that week so I'll be flying alone image), was thinking it would be more fun to travel on same flights (or at least on the same day) as any others who are making their way there by air.  Would make it easier to get to Hotel from Munich airport too - safety in numbers and all that!  Also, the thread will probably serve as a pretty decent list of who's arriving when as we get closer to the date.

I am travelling from London on morning of Wed 3rd and going back on Tuesday 9th afternoon (with a stinking hangover I hope!!!).  Prob going with Lufthansa from Heathrow as would rather not go with Easyjet and worried about possibility of BA strikes in the summer.  Has anyone else already booked or is everyone else still making their minds up as well?

Lufthansa seems reasonably cheap (about £120 return) and am checking what it costs to take your bike (website says 70 euros but not sure if this is one-way or return).  If anyone else has other opinions though am happy to hear them (especially re cost of taking bike, etc). 



  • hey mandel i'm also travelling alone.. not sure to drive or take a flight there.. wouldn't mind finding a travel pal...

  • Looks like you got a date Mandel   image
  • woo-hoo!!!image

    Good stuff Steve.  Yeah was considering the drive (and haven't 100% ruled it out) but didn't want to do it on my own and didn't trust my car to get there as it's fairly knackered.  Plus it would take a little longer and be a fair bit more faff (eg parking, ferry, etc).  Hence I figured flying was the better (ie easier) option!

    Where are you planning on going from in the UK - would defo be good to team up for the journey!  I'll keep you updated with what airlines say on bike charges (unless anyone else comes up with other advice).

    Anyone else want to come and join the fun? I thought you were flying too Melds...

  • Nah .... we are on a girly road trip instead   image
  • i'm from up north so can drive down to london and go via dover.

    Even when you take a flight there you'll may need to rent a car when you get there. so its alot flaff with both options.

  • I'll be flying from Manchester probably - out Thursday back Tuesday. Not found flights yet though.
  • i'm also located in manchester...

  • right have heard back from lufthansa and the bike charge is 70 euros each way so that makes it a bit more expensive...

    BA is about £30 each way for bike but then you run the risk of possible strikes I guess.

  • Steve, not sure you would need a car once you are there as there is a train/transfer coach from munich airport to regensburg and then everything is fairly accessible.

    I guess only thing would be if you wanted to recce the bike course in a car or not use the shuttle bus to see the lake.

    But then I guess if you are set on the car then it's another option to consider...image

  • i'm happy to fly, so the car can be just a option if needed...

  • easyJet out of Edinburgh.  I flew Lufthansa to Frankfurt last year, taking my bike was more expensive than my ticket and they managed to dent the frame! 

    Flying back on Tuesday as I had to leave the Pirates tucking into beers and get to the airport on the Monday last year.

    Will probably do the train/coach thing from Munich to Regensburg.

  • I'm easy-jet out of Edinburgh too Gas-man.  I'm going out on the Wednesday, and back the following Tuesday.

    From Munich there is a bus you can get to Friesing train station (~15 mins), then you hop on the train to Regensburg (~1hr).  That's what i'm planning on doing, unless a group of us all arrive at the same time and it is cheaper to get a minibus to take us or something?  I might be going out earlier than most though....

    If you do want to recce the course, you can easily hire a car in Regensburg.  Probably best to do that than drive all the way from Munich, because you'll have to keep the car longer/pay more to drop it off in Regensburg, and other than the recce, you'll not likely need it otherwise, as it is a small place, and everythign is within walking distance. 

  • Gas-man/Lee - any idea how much taking the bike is with Easyjet?  Was leaning towards one of the other airlines just because I know how EJ like to keep charging for everythign and figured the total cost would be fairly high.  But Lufthansa definitely seems expensive and you're not the first one who has given me a bad report on them today!

    Lee, what time are you getting into Munich as will be coming in on Wed if I fly?

  • Lee - thats a good idea with the mini bus...
  • BA quoted £40 for my bike.......
  • Mandel I think I paid £18 each way on easyJet.

    Lee, Thursday flight for me.  Hope to meet you at the OW swims at Threipmuir.

  • Driving with Swiss Mummy!
    Leaving Chesterfield area the Wednesday pm! image

  • Leaving Cork with Aer Lingus on Thursday, back on Tuesday. Also travelling alone as OH doesn't have too many spare holidays as he's in a new job.

    One of my club mates did Regensberg last year and said that there's a direct shuttle from the airport that takes bikes and will drop you directly ar your hotel. He said it was easy peasy! That's my plan.

  • That does sound easy Orca - any idea on whether you need to book before, etc?

    Have narrowed down options for flying now (by eliminating Lufthansa due to extortinate bike charges and tales of woe from others) to the following:

    1. Fly Easyjet from either Gatwick or Stansted.  Both flights out on the Wed are very early (would get in to Munich at either 9ish or 11ish) and both flights back on the Tues are very late (get back to UK around 11pm) - still more time to get over hangover.  Price is about £80-£110 (Stansted cheaper) plus 20 quid for bag and around £40 for bike.  Throwing in £10 to pay on credit card gives overall price of around £150-£180.

    2. Fly BA from Heathrow.  Flights are at more sociable times (going out they get into Munich a little later than EJ and coming back leave in the afternoon).  Price is around £130 to £150 (including 1 bag) but bike charges look like they could be around £80 (am confirming this with BA as website suggests might be more like £60).  So overall cost is likely to be north of £200 - around £210 to £250.  Plus there is the small matter of possible strikes by cabin crew to gamble on.

    Am leaning toward EJ now.  A little cheaper, easier airports to get to for me and no risk of strikes are all pointing that way.  No idea if any of this is useful for others travelling from down Sarf but helped me get the choices clear in my head anyway!image

  • driving down with OH and maybe both dogs, not sure about that yet! If we go to the other house on Wed evening, it should take us a couple of hours on Thursday to get to the Ibis hotel.
  • btw anyone fancy a recce of the bike course before then?
  • I would normally, but think I might get strung up by the wife if I go out there twice this year!  I'm already in bad books for not going away with her this summer...

    btw have found out about the airport shuttle and looks like they can do a minibus for about 170 euros for 4 or 5 of us to take us straight to hotel.  Got to be easier than faffing with trains, etc (as long as we can coordinate timingsimage)?  Website is below:

     Shuttle to Regensburg

    Good suggestion Orca!

  • You're welcome. Hopefully it will all be smooth sailing as I don't want to deal with transport hassles, I'll be nervous enough as it is!
  • i'm swaying towards the plane option... imagejust need to hire a descent bike box to protect my bike...

  • I am flying from BA from Heathrow to somewhere - munich from memory....

    I'm out on the Wednesday, back on the following Tuesday.

  • The train was seamless last year and R'berg is only a few k's on

    It was clean and spacious and very cheap, I managed to get me and Jj and Bassy and Carl through and to the end which if anyone knows anything about at least 2 of the party will know what  a feat that is !!!

    I thought there was a free/cheap shuttle from airport to R'berg?   I did some initial research as I think did GOM if you look back at some of the early posts
  • I'm driving from Scotland getting to regensburg on Thurs if I recall correctly.
  • Ok so have just booked the flights with EasyJet. 

    Flying from Gatwick on Wed at 6.10am!!! Very early but it was either that or an evening flight with EJ so thought it better to get there early and then have the whole of Wed in Germany.  Not that it matters as much but flying back at 10pm on Tuesday.

    Will try to put together a list which we can keep updated later today of when people are arriving to try to sort out whether we can combine transfers, etc.

  • Ok, here's a list with everyone who has made their intentions clear so far with respect to flights.  Feel free to update your info/add your details to the list... 

    Flight arrival details (name, arrival time in Munich, airline, flight no)

    Arriving Wed 3rd August

    Mandel – 9.00am – Easyjet - Flight 5381 from Gatwick
    OrangeCannon -??? – BA - ??? from Heathrow
    Lee the Pea - ??? – Easyjet - ??? from Edinburgh
    Steve Ho?

    Arriving Thu 4th August

    Gas-man - ??? – Easyjet - ??? from Edinburgh

  • Flight arrival details (name, arrival time in Munich, airline, flight no)

    Arriving Wed 3rd August

    Mandel – 9.00am – Easyjet - Flight 5381 from Gatwick
    OrangeCannon -??? – BA - ??? from Heathrow
    Lee the Pea - ??? – Easyjet - ??? from Edinburgh
    Steve Ho?
    GarrsMateNige - 10:50am - Easyjet - Flight 3411 from Stansted

    Arriving Thu 4th August

    Gas-man - ??? – Easyjet - ??? from Edinburgh

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