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Hubby and I have just been made simultaneously redundant after 11 years working at the same place, so a bit of a shock to the system. 

We're in North Herts/South Cambridge.  Our last day where we are is 31st May, and if we haven't found 'proper' jobs by then, then it's temping and minimum wage stuff.  Actually that's fine, as it's a way of getting a foot in the door, and it might lead to something permanent. Meanwhile we're applying for everything we can, and have plastered our CVs over every website you can think of.

My question is this - just how grim is it out there?  I had a look in Tescos tonight thinking that that would be an option if push came to shove, and was politely but firmly told "no vacancies" in a voice that implied she said the same thing many times a day.

I can't bear the thought of having to sign on and being stuck at home with Jeremy Kyle, I'd rather do anything but that, even if it pays diddly squat.  I just need to have the routine of getting up and going to work in the morning,

Anyone in the same boat and if so, any insider information on how easy or difficult it's likely to be to find work if you're prepared to do absolutely anything?  Maybe this is just a case of things looking worse than they really are in the wee small hours, but a bit of a wibble going on over here.



  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭
    I agree that this could be a chance to change direction.  Would you be interested in studying for a year or so?  Then you could come out with more qualifications, a potential new career path and also the job market may have picked up in a year.
  • Hi kk.  Actually yes, I was planning on doing just that.  Before I found out that it was both of us being made redundant and not just me,  I'd decided I was going to take something that was a lot less stressful that I might actually enjoy, the plan being that Blouse could bring home the bacon whilst I sorted myself out.  Ho hum.

    I've managed to get a very very part time job working alternate weekends for the princely sum of £6 per hour.  Working 7 hours a week for peanuts won't exactly keep the wolf from the door, but it might lead to something longer term, and what it will do is give me the confidence to know that I can work somewhere else.

    I just need to know that come 1st June when I'm offically out of a job and looking full time temp work, there actualy is some out there.

  • Cheers SC and yep, that was a plan too, I've been talking to Bear about training to be a physio.  But now that I know hubby's out of work as well as me, that's out of the window as we need to get out there and earn what we can
  • Hash I'd say push ahead with it.  If you get offered a place they'll let you defer it, by which time Blouse may well have got a job, whereas if you don't he may get a job but you'd then have to wait another year
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    That's awful news...I think you just have to be better than everyone else when it comes down to  being interviewed for whatever posts there are.  Keep the momentum going of application after application, interview after interview and hone your interview skills.  If you've always got an application in for either you or your husband, there's a focus. If you take a job just to tick over, keep up that momentum till you get the job you want.

    It's not a cliche, it really can be the catalyst for a great change.  I was made redundant a few years ago and took a different type of job after 3 months of unemployment just as the settlement was running out. it led to my current job which is great.  Mrs puffy lost her job too 18 months ago, and again has found another, better, job.Good luck!

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Check out your local County Council website as well as they should post their vacancies there. - Sorry if I'm trying to teach you to suck eggs.

    I pend more time out of work than I do in - but that's just me, I like temp contracts, I don't think I could every do the same job day in day out forever - unless it was something really special and that hasn't happened yet - well once but after 6 years in the job we moved. image Oh well.

    Interviews are hard - you don't know what the interviewer is looking for and often they don't understand people. I'm someone who thinks carefully before speaking - this is often misinterpreted as not knowing - not understanding - not being able to think on your feet and a whole manner of other things which it is not. I've discovered it's better to bullshit and make something up on the spot. Can be complete nonsense. Whoever is interviewing you will just sit there and nod and say 'absolutly' regardless.

    If you need structure then try voluntary work - it can still be hard to get into - there's a web site - just do it - that hiolds a lot of voluntary postions, also voluntary arts web site. (different types of vaccancies not just art).

    Good luck hope you find something that suits. I don't think you should have that much problem if you're not worried about any of the details.

  • Tis Rubbish...

    Since I signed up for "The Jobsite"  I must have had an agent a day ring, But no real jobs with them...

  • I'll be out there looking too Hash shortly.  I've just completed on my first flat and they've been making redundancies at my work.  My dept's safe for 6 months apparently.  After that, who knows?  I have to get something at the same salary, otherwise I won't be able to pay my mortgage.

    Previously when I needed to boost my income, I put ads in local shops and found cleaning work.  I ended up cleaning 3 local solicitors' offices and turned away other work due to lack of time (I was also working full-time but saving to go travelling).  I know someone who turned cleaning work into a full-time job and ended up employing a team after a year or so.

  • Cheers all, much appreciated.

    Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

    Tis Rubbish...

    Since I signed up for "The Jobsite"  I must have had an agent a day ring, But no real jobs with them...

    I'm on that one too, but the phone's definitely not ringing off the wall!  What sort of stuff are they offering that's not real jobs?  I've had a few e-mails from organisations offering "free" help with CV writing.  "Free" means 200 quid when they eventually stop talking in riddles.

    Bloody hell Parky that's rough.  Fingers crossed for you.

    Right, I'm off for a lifesaving run.  At least that's free!

  • Really sorry about you and Blouse ((())) from BBH (wherever she might be).  Only smidge of comfort I can give is that out of 5 people I know within my hasing group who have lost jobs within the past 18 months 4 are now back in work.  I realise the job sitauation here is a bit different to where you are, but at least jobs are out there somewhere.  Paws crossed for you both.
  • I have had one agent trying to get me to move from Cheshire, to Portsmouth..

    I keep pointing out that I don't want to move, and my OH has the job of her dreams here and neither of us want to move.

    And another couple of agencies keep saying there's this one or that one, Not perfect for you But we will put you forward if you want. One job says you require a Law Degree to be considered, I haven't any sort of degree, and have no legal experience So why bother phoning me up about it ????

  • plenty of work in my field, in fact we are struggling to fill our headcount so are using temps and have new business we can't allocate at present
  • Commiserations. Welcome to 'we're all in this together'.
  • Peter Collins wrote (see
    Commiserations. Welcome to 'we're all in this together'.

    Sorry to hear it's you too, all the best and good luck

    Too Much Water wrote (see)
    plenty of work in my field, in fact we are struggling to fill our headcount so are using temps and have new business we can't allocate at present
    So your field is...?  Don't tell me, IT?

  • Yep Dave, know that feeling.  Blouse got a call from someone who'd skimmed half his CV, offering him a job in Southend.

    He couldn't understand why he was being picky about a 200 mile plus commute for a job paying half what he's on now, with petrol prices through the roofimage

  • I've had years of being in-and-out of jobs. There is so much upheaval in my industry it just ain't true.

    Now there are dark murmurings of job losses at my current place, just as a gigantic tax bill comes back to haunt me.

    Am trying to keep calm and just focus on getting the tax paid off first, and hope I can keep job long enough to do that. But it's really difficult sometimes and plays on my mind.

    It's really ****ing tough out there, BIG TIME!

  • "Too Much Water wrote (see)
    plenty of work in my field, in fact we are struggling to fill our headcount so are using temps and have new business we can't allocate at present

    So your field is...? Don't tell me, IT?"

    i work for a payroll bureau, south east so not IT.

    perhaps not much use for everyone... but there always seem to be jobs in my field
  • I can offer you a job paying me if you like image

    BSCDB really sorry to hear it mate, that must be really scary.  Fingers crossed for you

  • Hiya BSCDB  Haven't seen you in ages.

    Apart from th ejob thing, Hope everything OK

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Blimey, Hash, talking about kicking someone when they are down! Here's hoping that you, Blouse and the other forumites who are 'temporarily resting' soon find gainful employment again.
  • Cheers Slugsta

    Apparently there are no depths to which the sharks will not sink.  I got the e-mail below, thought it sounded a bit too good to be true, then had a look around the website they claimed to be from, here.  Clock the warning in the grey box, looks like I was right.

    I'll remove the bloke's name in the interests of not doing a D2D, although frankly he doesn't deserve it.

    Sent: Monday, April 25, 2011 7:47 PM Subject: Totaljobs. Your resume has been reviewed
    > Dear JobSeeker,
    > This is Victor ******** . I'm personnel manager of Designers' Guild, Ltd.
    > Our department found your CV on TotalJobs, so I think you're great candidate
    > for the vacancy of representative of our company in the UK.
    > For more information please contact me via e-mail.
    > Here you can find all required information about our company.
    > If you're ready, reply me for more information.
    > Regards,
    > ********************
    > e-mail box: [email protected]
  • That's shite Hash....although Designers' Guild seem to be in need of a proof reader for their little grey box...maybe you could apply for that?
  • image

    Actually I forwarded it to the police, with a copy to Total Jobs' customer service department and a PS saying any genuine job offers welcome.  Can't blame me for trying!

  • I have a small business employing 4 people, I've taken two on in the last 12 months and find it really difficult to recruit. I keep hearing how difficult it is for graduates etc - advertised 20-25k with car etc job on southern grad web site and had no responses! Recently posted an ad for some part time really basic IT support work that could be done remotely for £15-20/hr that would suit a student - no replies .

    I'm pretty sure I don't write ads like a muppet!

    Guess it depends on which side of the fence you're on.
  • Erm..... at the risk of being a complete slapper, how basic?
  • Apart from tax, job uncertainty, being a slow bugger, Blackburn losing (again), everything OK Dave. You?

    Part-time basic IT support sounds good if I lose my job!

  • Hash, things like sorting out excel spreadsheets, exchange server setup, bits and pieces that I can spend avday trying to sort that others can do in a few minutes!
  • Yeah Danny B.. Sort of OK, apart from being jobless. I thought I was in for some quality training, But having revamped my daughters garden, and decorated the hall stairs and landing training has been limited
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