How old do you want to be ?

Hey Guys

Read in the Sunday Papers about . It's a web site which asked you a few lifestyle questions and then comes back with the predicted date of your death (only for fun now, only for fun), based on insurance acturial tables etc. I did it and was horrified to see that I would live till I was 97. Changed my alcohol consumption from "often" to "until inebriated" (!!!!) and still managed 94. I'm seriously thinking of entering that I frequently have unprotected sex and share needles with other drug users just to bring it down a bit !!!

Has anyone else had a go ?


  • And it even tells you, to the minute, when you're going to pop your clogs!!

  • Personally I'd rather not know! Anyway, I fully intend to keep on running until they cart me off in that wooden box.
  • Yay, I'm going to live until 93. However, with some improvements I could make 100. Perhaps I should start taking asprin! Watching the seconds tick away is a bit alarming.
  • I seem to remember reading somewhere that for every mile run, the average person increases their life expectancy by 4 minutes. (Ignoring those random accidents, unforeseen mishaps, natural disaster etc etc)

    Anyone else heard this one? Surely can't be true! If it is, the 70-mile-a-weekers will hit treble figures age-wise...
  • Is anyone free on the week following 1/6/59?(exact day to be arranged).
    If so I would like to invite you to my funeral.
    I will leave 20 quid behind the bar and after that you can buy your own.

    PS ,I am not tight,I have placed it in an index linked unit trust.
  • DannyM

    I'd love to come but I think I'll have croaked in 2057 !

    Sorry - have a good one !

  • DannyM
    index linked??
    the way the stock market is going it will only be worth 16 quid by the time the pubs open tomorrow.
  • Yes, I've seen that site. I got a worrying low death age. Good thing I didn't make a note of it. Just as long as I am happy, I'm not too concerned with reaching any particular age.
  • I know RK and it's the Iraqi stock market too.Better if you just bring a bottle.
  • Hildegard

    I bet your "Death age" is low because you're so young (relatively!) and you're being influenced by all those students you live amongst. When I was a student I bet mine would have been low too, I trashed my body. Now that's it's starting to crease and crumble I'm treating it with respect - but I really don't fancy 97 - the way the world markets are going I think I've probably only got enough pension for one year of retirement !
  • Danny,

    I'd like to take you up on your invitation as I will have another 2 years to go then!!!

    It seems to think I'll make 90. I can't be drinking enough.....

    By 2058 £20 will probably get a half and several straws!
  • What more do you want?

    There's just no pleasing some people it's just take take take!
  • DD,
    The funny thing is, I'm not at all 'studenty' in terms of getting blottered in the pub every evening, and eating crap food. Still, the thesis stress is killing me slowly every day.
    I think it must have been the more devious things, but I can't remember - not a good sign!
  • Coming from a horribly short-lived family (fat from the teens, diabetes at fifty, first heart attack at sixty, lucky to make it to 65), I would be delighted with 97! What I really want, though, is healthy years. I don't fancy the idea of making 97 but spending my final 10 years being thumped by adolescent "carers" in a nursing home every time I piss my pants. A shorter lifespan but active until the end would be far more appealing.

    Off to try the site now.
  • I only get 91...bummer! Can get it to 99, but that would involve giving up work, alcohol and meat and taking vitamins and aspirin. And a new set of genes.
  • I just want to be older!!!
  • Got 85, shall now try without alcohol
    Does everyone have the potential to live to101??
  • Oh joy
    If i give up drinking frequently, i only last another year
    Pass the gin
  • Apparently I've got another 18000 days left.....anyone fancy a pint?
  • I will live to be 94. What a morbid website - the countdown clock is brill! ha ha

    I'm going to have a big party on Saturday September 4th, the day before I die - you're all invited - those of you still with us!

    Have you also seen This one will cheer up you fit people out there. It takes a bit longer but it is really interesting.
    My real age is 23.


  • Sept 4th 2066 that is. Be there or be dead already!
  • Sorry Beth, I'm due to expire 20 years earlier at the age of 97! (Hopefully after reaching the Finish of my last marathon race.)
  • HEY - my math is notoriously weak, but if you die 20 years after me at 3 years younger, how is it that I'm presently 30 years older than you?
  • Damn statistics
    Hey, If I die before I'm 92, can I sue?
  • I don't know how old you are now, Sheila, but a lady should never really disclose her age as unashamedly as I have in my member's name!

    Barkles, I'd be pretty happy to die a bit earlier than 94. Another 54 years on this planet? It seems surreal.

  • Thanks Beth 30

    Not that I'm obsessed or anything but I've just calculated my real age and I'm 5.3 years younger than my calendar age.

    I think I feel a large glass of white wine coming on...
  • yep, alcohol seems to be cancelled out by exercise
    Im 4 years younger tha my real age, even allowing for more than 2 drinks a day and sun exposure and sleep deprivation and a crap diet
    Does someone from RW write that website?
  • My realage is 7.6 less than my actual age but as I'm a very old codger, in percentage terms its not that much!!!
  • I'm not going to visit the site as I don't want to know. However here's a problem to work out on a long run. If I'm 35 excluding Saturdays and Sundays, how old am I really? Incidentally it's only theoretical as I'm not the age it works out at.

    Answers on a postcard...

  • Hi all, a newbie introduces himself to the forum . . .

    The thought occured as I read through the thread, in general do runners actually think or care about life expectancy all that much ? Lots of non-runners I know are overly-obsessed with age/life expectancy/personal vanity and other countless unknowns, and (sweeping generalisation) seem to think there should be some kind of instant payback as soon as they have become a member of their local gym!

    Hey, give me a life in the fast lane (a sub 3hrs PB after 18 years of trying would be fantastic) and the rest is que sera, sera.

    As with Sythree, haven't visited the site in question and frankly, who gives a flyer?

    Rant off.
    On consideration if I am now 47 now but currently running 25 miles a week but previously ran regularly 80 miles per week but now stick to a far healthier diet during the week but tend to drink more alcohol at the weekend than I used to, but then again my quality of sleep is so much better ???

    So, anyway, back to the point, are runners more/less obsessed about life expectancy ?
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