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    Meet our race mascot which Pedro ( has kindly agreed to turn into a cartoon character. Watch this space...

    Now we just need to give him a name:

    Roddy the Red Squirrel?

    Stuey the Strathearn Squirrel?

    or his "he" a "she"?

    Rhona the Red Squirrel?

    I'm sure you lot can come up with something better...

  • And they're off!!! image

    ENTRIES NOW OPEN for the Strathearn Marathon and we even have our first entrant image

    Come on now, put it in your diaries, save up your £25 entry fee (£23 for Scottish Athletics members) and get your entries in!

    Further info at:

    Who's up for it???

  • +1 Volunteer image
  • ATM..."+1 Volunteer" to run or help out?
  • To help, Shoelace. I've emailed Phil Tipping image
  • image Thanks so much ATM!
  • 20 entries in so far which is pretty encouraging with 6 months still to go. Entries from Carnegie, Carnethy, Ferranti, Fife, FRA, Law, Pocklington, Pitreavie, Strathearn, Troon and Witham.

    Anyone looking for a New Year's resolution to run a challenging marathon in a beautiful part of the country?

  • hows the entries going shoelace? looking forward 2 it already!

    hope the midges aren't 2 bad that time of year. maybe i'll get a p.b there yet. haha
  • A quick update:

    - over 70 entries now so it looks like we have a race!

    - over 50 volunteers for marshaling, water stations and timekeeping etc

    - Facebook page launched -!/pages/Strathearn-marathon/375836042427397

    - post-race massages organized (prices to be confirmed but probably the usual £5 or so)

    - post-race feed for runners to be provided by Cultybraggtan Allotment Group (renowned for their soups and tray-bakes

    - Pipers promised for around the course (exact numbers to be determined - would love there to be 27 but may be a bit unrealistic!)

    - Clearance received from council and police

    Overall, I get the feeling it's starting to come together!

  • Who is going to be our 100th entrant. Entry Central showing 99 entered today!

  • Just watched the start of the VLM. Such a great spectacle but those queues for the portaloos!!! And having to run 26.2 with all those hoards of people around you all the time.

    Obviously some people love the big city atmosphere but I prefer the quieter ones. What do you think?
  • Just a few more days to get your entry in for the first ever running of the Strathearn Marathon. Entries close 1/6/12. Register at


  • Hi Shoelace

    Sill waiting to see if I can get off work to run in this one. When you say entries close on the 1st - does that mean the end of the day on Friday?


  • Hi Angus. I'm not 100% sure myself - guess it depends on how Entry Central is set up. I think it should close at 11.59pm on 1st June  but if I'm wrong send an email to and we'll sort you out.

  • Really excited about Sunday. 155 runners entered which is about 55 more than we planned for and expected. Weather forecast could not be much better for the runners though a bit cold and grey for the marshals. Race T-shirts have arrived and look great. Goody bag is growing by the day. Portaloos have arrived. Roll on Sunday!!!

  • Marvellous. I was really looking forward to this and now my knee has packed up. 3 marathons in 4 weeks probably hasn't helped. So for me it is rest, ice, ibuprofen and exercises.

    good luck to all on Sunday, I hope you have a great day. Hopefully I'll make it next year.

  • Oh No Ian, that's a disaster! I hope it's a short term problem and you'll be back at it again soon. If you are running by 8th July we are also organizing the Crieff 10k (busy summer for us!) - if you fancy doing it send me a message and I'll have a word with the race organizer (Mrs Shoelace again this year) to see what we can do for you.

  • Thanks for that shoelace. I hope it is short term, as I am organising the Hamsterley Forest marathon on 1 July and was rather hoping to run that.

    I am down for the Highland  Perthshire marathon at the beginning of September, so I will get north of the border at some point !

  • What a brilliant day! Hope all the runners enjoyed it as much as we did!

  • Hail Hail


    Awesomeness!!!!  An almost faultless race (give us some showers next year and its a 100/100) from logistics through to marshalls and of course those lovely ladies from the allotment association and their delectable cakes!  This really is my idea of the perfect race - by runners, for runners, no glitz and glamour, simple running with community spirit and involvement.  Yes, its a tough course, but its a challenge, and EVERY marathon is a challenge.  No fast times, so race for position - it is a race after all, not a time trial!  And I liked the cash prize, oh yes!

    Back next year?  Only if you promise to do the cakes again!

  • Just like to add my congratulations for a superbly organised marathon imageimage.

    I was particularly appreciative of the number of marshalls you had put out in Comrie directing us through the streets and providing encouragement and extra water over those last 2.5miles.

    A tough hilly course, very scenic and with lots of interest on the way, really enjoyed the route - who wants to run on the flat anyway? image

    Massive Well Done to all involved.


  • Thanks Running Bhoy and Tigerspaw! We're all completely bowled over by the kind words about our marathon on this and other forums! To be honest the day was great fun for us and we're just chuffed to bits everyone liked it!

    The results are up now at and the photo certificates are in the works (couple of days maybe?).

    Now we turn our attention to the Crieff 10K Trailrace on July 8th...

  • Photo-race certificates are now available to download (you have to register first of course!) at Prints and additional photos available to buy. To find your photos, search for your name using the search box at the top of the page. If you can't find yourself there, then please contact FM Photography using their "contact us" page. Hope you like them!!!

  • Amazing comments received in various places for our marathon...

    feeling quite proud (and a little tearful). Hope lots more people will come along next year and make it even better!

  • 2013 entries are open at We're not planning to change much given the feedback we received from last year's race: Same price, same scenic, same quiet and challenging course, same after race cakes (NB Running Bhoy) and the marshals will once again be the friendliest cheerful and cheer-full bunch you will find on a 26.2 anywhere. More details at:

  • My entry is in, excited + terrified all at same time. Looking forward to cakes tho, hope there r plenty left for us slow ones.
  • Don't be terrified! Think of the cakes and look at the scenery and the 26.2 will fly by!

  • My friend lives in Greenloaning + we have run some trails around the area so I know it will b gorgeous. Just praying I manage to do my training plan this time, last marathon I did I got injured the wk b4 I was going to start training + missed 10wks of running. So it was a run just to get to the end, off of 10wks of training + a longest run of 16miles. Fingers crossed it goes better this time round.
  • Just back from organizing committee meeting for 2013 Strathearn Marathon. Everything's taking shape for June.

    Highland Spring water booked. T-shirts provisionally ordered. Marshals almost all in place and most importantly the Cake Tsar has been appointed with responsibility for the post race food.

    Getting excited!!!!

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