Air freshener/ deodorant for sports kit

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone used a sports deodorant / air freshener for trainers or boxing gloves? I'm not adverse to sticking my trainers in the washing machine if they need it, but it can be a pain waiting for them to dry properly before I can use them again ... I did have a couple of little air freshner balls that went in trainers before (picked up from an expo somewhere) but I'm not sure what the proper name for these is and Google is not helping me!

I can't put my leather boxing gloves in the washing machine, are there any forumites out there who have found a good way of cleaning leather boxing gloves? I always use hand wraps which helps a bit, I was wondering if anti bacterial wipes would do the trick or if it would somehow ruin the leather. (I probably need to find a friendly boxing forum to ask this question, but hoping someone here may have an answer image )

 Thank you!



  • You can get shoe spray stuff that takes the smell away from trainer's Works well for me most of the time and never stick my trainer's in the washing machine.
  • Febrezeimage
  • Nothing worse than being punched in the face with a smelly glove. Trainer tamers?

  • Thank you all!

    Cake - just did a quick Google and found Odor-Eaters Sport Foot and Shoe Spray, only £4 ... I might try spraying that inside the gloves. Febreze until that arrives, thanks seren nos!

    North London Runner - Trainer Tamers look good, a bit better than the ball things I had. I will get a couple of pairs so I can have some for my trainers and cut one pair up to leave inside the boxing gloves when I'm not using them ... I like to be considerate to my sparring partners' noses, right up until I hit them image

  • image Being a cheap skate I get it from wilkinsons costs about £2.50. image
  • Thank you! Can't beat Wilkos image

  • Try stuffitts shoe savers......    

  • There are glove deodorizers in the market - the best is from as it kills the bacteria that cause the smell as well as soaking up the moisture. If you don't want to buy a product the alternative is to put some ground coffee (not instant!) in a sock and tie the end. Put it in your glove when you finish training and it will do the same job as the deodorizers....but - it will make your hands smell like you have a part time job in Starbucks!
  • Bicarb sods works great in shoes. Apart from a bit of dodgy looking white powder on your fingers, I'm sure it'd do the job just great.

    Tom - Please don't spam the forum pretending a product isn't yours when it is. Cheers 

  • My son has rank feet and does loads of sport. He uses the little balls in his trainers, which are pretty good considering the rankness of his feet, so I just asked him what they are- sneaker balls apparently. Here they are, nice n cheap:
    He pops them in his moulds / basketball shoes / whatever after and just leaves them in until next time.
  • Yes, I hold up my hands and say "guilty" - the fresh gloves product is mine. I got so fed up of having stinky boxing gloves and frustrated that there was nothing really in the market to solve the problem that I created some. I guess with all the research I've done it makes me a "world authority" on stinky gloves - which isn't the career path I would have chosen... there is 1 other product in America called Glove Dogs, which are basically socks with cedar wood chips (hamster bedding) in them. You could easily make those yourself.

    There are 2 sides to the problem - removing the moisture - killing the bacteria. Wiping them with wetwipes followed by stuffing them with newspaper will do the trick - but you have to do it after every training session - bit of a pain.

    Sneaker balls will help mask the smell but not solve the problem.

    Rolled up trainer savers will work well because the charcoal in them will kill the germs as well as soak up the moisture.

    Ground coffee in a sock works fantastically as coffee has natural antiseptic qualities (originally a tip from Kin and Aggy How Clean is your House)but while training people will be looking for Gareth Hunt and his 37 different beans (old advert)

    I hope that evens the score on my blatent product promotion before?
  • Thanks for the extra tips! Little Ninja - I can't believe I didn't think of bicarb before, I always have a small bowl full in the fridge. 

    Nessie - those trainer balls are such a bargain! I might buy some as little stocking fillers for my friends (although they might wonder if I'm trying to tell them something) 

    Tom - I will trial the coffee sock after my next boxing class. I love the smell of ground coffee!

    A few weeks ago, I made a DIY heatpack by sticking a (bright green) cotton sock filled with oats in the microwave. My boss came in as I was heating it up and  said "I'm almost afraid to ask, but is this some kind of new diet thing?" I can't wait to find out what he thinks of the coffee socks! image

  • Tom,

    No worries and wish you all the best. There are been a lot of spamming on here from places in china so folks getting rightly a bit fed up. If you got something thats good best to say your an interested party up front.

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  • Clearly Isabella missed the bit about not spamming the forum!  At least Tom's product was relevant.

    How come she's picked this old thread from nearly a year ago to spam, though?

  • image Being sly I think you put up some stuff on old threads no-one reads anymore and will take longer for it to be deleted. Meanwhile your building up posts and stuff so harder to spot unless you read all post's that it's a spammer.

  • Wow, I didn't know that smelly kit was caused by bad credit. You do live and learn!

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