I keep reading in certain health/ fitness mags about the benefits of taking wheatgrass juice on running performance. Just wondering if anyone out there had tried it or knows whether it works?


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    I've tried it and it's good, you really get a buzz of energy from it - I have to have a bit of orange to eat straight afterwards though as it can taste horrible, the younger it is the sweeter it is!

  • When is the best time to take it? Just before a run? After? How much do you take?
    Thanks for your help
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    I'd say it's best to try it first to get used to it then decide how long before a run you want to drink some, for me it would probably be about 30 mins or less.  If you're doing a long run I'd recommend making your own sports drink and putting a shot in that too, the standard home made one is 50/50 fresh orange juice/water (better if you juice it yourself as almost all packaged stuff is pasteurised) but you can have any fruit juice you like.  if you have a juicer it's good to add cucumber and a bit of celery.

    Are you growing your own wheatgrass or getting the frozen stuff?

  • At the moment I have some organic powdered wheatgrass which I'm trying out. I actually quite like the taste and am trying 10g mixed into a glass of water before breakfast and 10g before my tea ( or before a run now I've read your advice). Have you tried the frozen stuff?
    Thanks for your input... Really appreciate it! I have to say I am feeling more energised and my mind seems to have more clarity if that makes sense!
  • Hi sunluvva and alison

    Where are you getting the wheatgrass from and how much does it cost?

    From what i've seen its not cheap but worth it if it helps my runningimage

  • Hi! I have got mine from Holland and Barratt...
    It was about £7.99: organic powdered wheatgrass... I suspect it's not the absolute best but if this proves good I think I'll find out about the frozen stuff!
  • You may as well eat broccoli or spinach.
  • Why would anyone drink this before a run, read the claimed benefits - they are accumulative.
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    I'm talking from experience  Stevo & Intermanult  - it gives you a real energy boost.  Personally I wouldn't use the stuff from H&B, to get any benefit you really need to make sure it is raw as if it's been heated in any way all of the nutrients are lost.  I got the frozen stuff from here, a very good service.  It's expensive  but convenient,  they do lots of offers throughout the year too. 

    Mostly I grow my own, you can buy wheatgrass seeds (wheatberries) online.  You soak them overnight then sprout them in the same way you would any other seed ( regular rinsing and draining off the water), when they're all sprouted spread them over a tray of compost, cover with a bit more then leave to grow - you can start using it when it's about 6" - 7" long but you need a manual juicer to do it - a normal juicer won't do it.

  • Thanks sunluvva... I have had a look at the website and as soon as I've finished my powdered stuff I'll order some frozen stuff! I have found some benefits on the powder but am keen to try the 'real mccoy'.
    Thanks again for your help!
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    Why not treat yourself to the true 'real mccoy' and order some seeds.  This is as good a site as any or just google 'wheatgrass growing kit'.  You will need a manual juicer (if you don't have a masticating juicer already), you can get a kit with one in or buy it seperately.  All in all it'll still probably cost less than a months supply of frozen juice.  Each tray takes a week to 10 days before its ready so you need to think in advance just start a new tray every few days for a continuous supply.

  • I might just do that! Might need to wait until I break up for summer holidays now though: have a busy half term ahead!
  • I've started taking Wheatgrass Juice early morning. It's been more than 15 days and I'm feeling drastic change in my energy level. It also help me to reduce my cravings! I also loose wight. It's truly an amazing superfood!!! If you want to loose weight and stay fit forever you can add wheatgrass juice in your diet. You can also consume wheatgrass as powder, pills, tablet or in a liquid form. You can also freeze juice of wheatgrass and then eat ice cubes.
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