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Here we go again.  I love this race image Plus new date and time means it fits in perfectly with the other races at that time of year.

<bounces round thread in excitement>



  • Great Happychap, thanks for your comments.   We were a little worried about the start time, but if you know anything about horse racing, here on "The Downs" the horses have right of way, and come first.image
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Windsor half marathon get away with it image besides it's such an alcohol fueled time the lie in will be appreciated I'm sure.
  • Oh no!

    I've entered this race every year for the last 10 years, simply to purge myself after the usual over indulgences during the previous weeks.

    Getting up at the crack of dawn and being frozen to death (I kid you not!) in a vest awaiting the start of the event in the depths of mid-winter with an arctic gale whipping its way over the exposed Downs and up your shorts (substitute 'skort' if you're female) through to your gonads was an essential part of the event.

    ...and that was even before we even got to the racing equivalent of flagellation being made to clamber up Ebbisham Lane (TWICE!!!!!), then the switchback, and then being made to do it all again for a second circuit.

    Forget 'Tough Guy' or the Grim/Hell of the South events costing several times the price of Taddy 10. This had it all.

    Ok, it's the same course as before, but starting in the afternoon when it's 5C higher temps?! It's for softies now.

    btw, I've never seen a horse exercising at the usual start time. 

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    It's a condition of permission I think SD.  The horses rules the downs image

    Besides, they can be jolly unpleasant.  One lady insisted she ride her horse through 6000 RFL ladies a couple of years ago because she had right of way.

    Another told me it was my fault if her horse kicked me (huh?) 

  • I like the new time image There's loads of Sunday morning races all the time, this makes it a bit more unique. Like the Pirie used to be on a Saturday afternoon till last year, I do hope SLH decide to move that one back to how it's always been.

    I haven't forgotten those four horse riders who decided to come down Ebbisham Lane at the start of the race this year. Menace!

    I'll be there again image
  • Hi Snoop Dogg,

    Nice to hear from you glad you have entered.   Just to put you right on the Race Horses, firstly they dont train on the Downs on a Sunday, thats why you havnt seen them on previous race days because we usually have our race on Sundays, this year is different being a Monday, the Race Horses are out. But it dosnt stop the riders coming down Ebbisham Lane from the Riding Schools.  Just thought I would mention this.image

  • Thanks GoS - maybe supply a few runners with tasers eh? image

     (not to be used on the horses, of course - just the owners!)

  • Have just entered. It is the right distance at the right time for me to build up to marathon distance hopefully by the end of the year or early 2013!  Not that I have a marathon in mind image
  • Just enetered, furthest distance I have done has been 10km, so this will be a nice challenge.

     Looking forward to it image

  • GoS

    How safe do you think it is to assume there will be entries available for this on the day?

    I've run this for the last two years, but this year I've decided to do the Knacker Cracker on New Years Day, and am planning to wait to see how my legs feel on the 2nd just in case.

    I can't quite convince myself whether the Knacker Cracker is a gentle warm-up for this race, or whether this should be a "recovery" run after the Knacker Cracker?........


  • The Knacker Cracker isn't a gentle warm up for anything image

    Def treat this one as a recovery run.  

  • Happychap

    I agree with you, but then again 2 laps of Ebbisham Lane is not my idea of a recovery run either.... it may just be that it's madness trying to do both?

  • I know a few who have done it. It depends on fitness, how hard you race yadda, yadda, yadda.
  • I've entered. Not done this race since 1995, so not planning on setting a PB.

    Not planning on a negative split either, the second lap is probably going to be slower than the first.

  • Hi Everybody, Entries are going well for nextt Monday, and if the weather holds as it is to day(Wed) it will be perfect, except for the wind.   Entries on the day will be accepted, so all those who have not entered come along on the day and enter in the weighing room of The Queens Building  at Epsom Race Course.   It is well sign posted so just drive up to The Downs you cant miss it. But I must mention there is NO PARKING at the Races HQ  For all those who havnt done the race before, please allow at least 20 miniutes to get from The Queens Building to the start.   I have also arranged for the tea hut to be open.   This is situated near the start not far from Tattenham Corner, so hot drinks etc, will be there.  Also dont forget it is a latter start at 1.00pm. so lots of time to have breakfast before you run.   See you all there.

  • I'm thinking of entering this race as my first race of 2012 but bit nervous as the furthest I've raced before is 10k and that usually kills me!

    Just wondered though, what is the memento as I'm enjoying collecting medals for the races I've completed so far?
  • Hi Sonic,

    Sorry cant tell you what the give away is.   TAC policy.   As you are aware the race is 10 miles, and quite challenging in parts.   You have to run up Ebbisham Lane twice.   However it is two laps and if you feel you are not up to it you can always drop out after the first lap.   Anyway dont let that put you off, come along and enjoy it, there will be runners of all abilities.

  • See you tomorrow everyone - here's hoping nobody decides to ride their horse down Ebbisham Lane 5 minutes after the start again!
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    For the first time in 4 years I didn`t enter this one.

    How was it - what was the memento?

    I did see that a certain ex-London Marathon winner was running - 1st race for a while. I hope you guys were easy with him. image

  • get this...a snood! About a year after they went out of fashion.

    An improvement on 2007 though - the year of the bumbag ( 20 years after they went out of fashion) image
  • Thank you to everyone involved for a great race today.  The marshals were specially cheery.  image
  • Thanks HC - nice to be appreciated.  Boy was that a chilly wind!

     Results are up at our site http://www.tadworth.org.uk/Tadten.html

  • I really enjoyed today's race, even though I managed to start over five minutes late!

    The memento was some kind of Polar Buff, like a regular Buff, but with a fleece bit on the end.

  • And also the marshalls were all very cheery, oh and also I could have kissed the marshal that handed out the home made flapjacks, right after that long hill, great timing.

  • Flapjacks?  I never saw those!!
  • Oh Dave, you missed out then, they were good!!!

    They were just after that really long hill on the second lap.
  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Yes, the flapjacks were scrummy. Thank you to that marshall!

    It was a good race, Though I am still achyimage Two runs UP Embisham Lane was pretty tiring!

  • My first  ever10 miler and boy am I feeling it today, well happy with 1:33 though, great organisation and encouragement from the marshalls (especially the one just inside the woods with his kids and the one on the exit of the woods before the 2nd hill) really made it one to remember.

    The hills were tough, my legs are sore but I'll be back next year for sure. (poetry!)

     Well done TAC

  • Thanks for your comments everyone.   Just as well the race wasnt on to day (Tues) thr rain and the wind at about the time we started the race was horrific, also there would have been the problem that the Grand Stand is unsafe, they think the roof is coming of, so we would have cancelled the race.   Now the give away, there seems to be a bit of a problem knowing how to wear it, so  here is the web site for those interested. www.buffwear.co.uk/pages/product-info/ways-to-wear.phb

  • Now that you have all been to The Olympics and bought all your new gear from the 2012 shop, isnt it time you thought about putting on those running shoes and train for the run you enjoy so much. Yes it is the "TADWORTH TEN"  run on Epsom Downs, near the Race Course on 6the January 2013.   You know you all enjoy Ebbisham Lane. So get your entries in, we are open for business, and look forward to seeing you.

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