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Okay so I've got RW, Facebook....  do we really need another social networking site? But like a 90 year old lapsed catholic going to confession, I've registered just in case


  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭

    Hash image

    How do you register?

  • I heard about this on R4 the othe day and asked myself the same question.  Needless to say, the minute I got in to the office I googled it but it was already blocked so someone from It must have heard the same report.
  • Never heard of it! image
  • You don't need any social network. Your choice.
  • Beebs, Hope, invite follows, although I'm still not sure I've got time for this.  Crackberries don't have access to it anyway, so that pretty much knocks me out in the week.

    CD let me have your e-mail address and I'll send you a link too.  At the moment it's invites only.  Clever marketing or what?

  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭

    Thanks Hash, accepted your invite and sent a few out. I don't really get it but am happy to play.

  • Beebs, I've ignored your request. I still don't "get" Facebook so I've no need for another time stealer. You are lovely though image
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I've got it and am happy to play but it's nothing "new"
  • I've got it...

    I'm waiting to see what it does as it's supposed to be on track to take over the world.

    Whether it will work or not is another thing completely.
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    BDB, no problem image
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