Friday Session

What:- Square Bashing ! Honestly
Why :- Because the physio says I need to learn to 'March' to get better co-ordination
When:- well - I don't know whether to go out now at midnight or after dark tomorrow night - but stuff the safety lecture - NO one will see me do this!
Where:- Back of the town dump seems like a good place

or shall I bite the bullet and do it in the gym on the treadmill - yikes I am petrified of looking a complete and utter prat!


  • Sounds like a nighmare SS - I would also confine myself to the Gym for that session.

    What: Probably rest
    Why: Feeling a bit exhausted after a very hectic week running and working.
    Last hard day: Wednesday
    Last rest day: Last Saturday.
  • Morning all

    SS – at least you’ll cheer up those around you ;o)

    What : Went swimming this morning – speed session main set of 10x100m @ just outside 100m pace with 30 secs recover (although the last couple of intervals were a bit slower) – May go to gym a bit later for a bit of circuit training
    Why: Extra swim session due to the lack of ruining this week

    Last Hard Run : Sunday
    Last Hard Session : This morning
    Last Rest Day : Wednesday

  • SS,

    I'd have a go at this on the treadmill, especially if there are mirrors around. That way you can see if you are doing it properly.
  • What's square bashing??

    Finished my 1/2M training now! Decided to miss Saturday and give me knee extra rest. About a month ago it used to twinge after 90mins, now it twinges on 30 minute runs - not good. Guess I'll be fuelling up on ibuprofen before the NF 1/2 on Sunday and then having a few weeks off. Bit worried about it, but really don't want to miss Sunday after all my hard work.
  • SS get in the gym and do your thing, if it gets you faster you have to do it, and thanks for letting us all share your training with Ron.
  • What: Day Off.
    Why: Always have a rest on Friday.
    Last Hard Run: Yesterday.
    Last Rest Day: Today.
  • what: 5 mile fartlek run (tonight)
    why: still need to put in some effort for windsor
    last rest day (yesterday)
    Last run day (tuesday)
  • what: Cross training again
    why: unused "sprinters muscles" are still complaining bitterly
    last rest: yesterday
    last hard day: Tuesday

    Trainig all out of the window this week, presumably body telling me something.
  • What: Rest day. Probably. But brought kit in case I felt like having a little recovery run or swim this afternoon.
    Why: I usually have a rest day on a Friday before training hard at the weeked. This weekend will be less hard than usual because I have a 10K race on Sunday so will skip Saturday's intervals and Sunday's long run.
    Last hard day: Yesterday. Well, middling hard. Eight miles steady, deliberately taking in as many undulations as possible.
    Last rest day: Wednesday.

    I've a small training dilemma now. We think Kevin the Teenager is going to do a sponsored Ben Nevis climb at the end of October (under her mother's direct supervision, of course), so I need to get her and myself into training to climb 1,000ft higher than our previous PB while not interrupting my GNR preparation. "Climbing?" snorted Grandpa. "You can WALK up Ben Nevis". So we've suggested he join us. "He says he hasn't got suitable shoes and I can't see him getting into a pair of these white trainer things you wear," said Granny. So pair of size 9 trail shoes are about to be cybermailed...
  • What : Nothing - rest day before 10k on Sunday
    Why: see above
    Last hard day : yesterday cycle to work, long 'power' walk at lunch time, cycle home and then run to running shop to pick up new shorts - which are totally fab by the way
  • What: 20 minute swim this morning
    Why: this is substitution for an easy run and I want to improve my crawl
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest: I sort of count today as rest, but I suppose Wednesday

    I've made the shift from morning runs to lunchtimes this week, which seems to be going OK.

  • What : hopefully 45 minute jog
    Why : recovery
    Last Toughie : yesterday
    Last Rest : wednesday

    However daughter#1 (4 1/2) up puking all night so I spent most of the time cleaning carpets whilst Mrs D tried to clean off the pyjamas.Also feeling a bit bunged up myself so I might rest with Windsor a week away.

    Good luck weekend racers.
  • Nobody warns you about those long nights spent mopping up sick and worrying because the poor little mite is hot and whingeing, do they? Hope you're not coming down with the same thing as your daughter, Dustin.

  • what: rest (much needed)
    why: 10K race Sunday
    last hard day: Sun
    last hardish day: Wed
    last rest day: Sat
  • Hurrah, got email and Explorer working on new laptop. Guess which website I tested first.

    What: yesterday's xcountry run, 7.5 miles.
    Why: did 5 miles tempo run yesterday instead, that's my third speed session this week, not bad considering av 5 hrs sleep a night and living on junk since the weekend.

    Does that mean you and Kevin will have done the 3 Peaks this year then Vrap? That's brilliant.

    Good luck all those getting married, divorced, giving birth or racing this weekend - I'd be most surprised if I ended up doing any of them.

  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    what: six mile steady
    why: rest day yesterday, but have idiotic Chariots of Fire 1.8 mile charity run on Sunday so better not do hard session
    last hard day: Wednesday
    last rest day: yesterday

    Trying to work out how best to get some extra miles in on Sunday.
  • Hello everyone. Rest day yesterday as I thought I was coming down with a cold. Echninacea seems to have banged it on the head though.

    What: interval session in the gym, prob. 6 x 45 sec with 90 sec recoveries
    Why: improve speed and it was supposed to be done yesterday
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: sunday
  • Alas, Laura, unless we can fit Scafell Pike in during a non-half-term weekend, we won't manage the three peaks this year, but the Ben Nevis opportunity just couldn't be missed.

    I'll e-mail you when another opportunity to stay at Wastwater looks likely.
  • I'm afraid my Friday session is alcohol related again.

    What: Promotion/wetting the baby's head drinks after work (Neither anything to do with me.)
    Why: I must support my friends.

    Last hard day: Wednesday
    Last rest: Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Oops. (Race on Sunday.)

    Good luck to all of you racing this weekend!

  • What: Gym session
    Why: Toothace easing, but it's pretty cold out, so I don't want to subject my poor jaws to that when they are still fragile.

    I'm doing a charity spinning session tomorrow with a group from Mr Nessie's work, which should be fun, then I'm going to do a 10 miler on Sunday, and then no more than 5 miles Monday and Wednesday next week. Short 2 mile blast on Friday and that will be it before the big day. I can't believe it's only 9 days away...........

    V-rap - if the Ben Nevis challenge thingy is at the very end of October, you could always do the half marathon on 3rd November!
  • What: Hills, hills, hills
    Why: Fear of hills
    Last rest day: Yesterday
    Last hard day: Wednesday
    Next rest day: Monday
    Last dream about hills: Last night
  • If only, Nessie! I'd love to run somewhere scenic for a change. Unfortunately, work and the school term mean I'll have to be back in Brum before the end of October. Next year, perhaps.
  • What: 8 3/4 miles steady
    Why: Yesterday's missed session
    Last Rest: Yesterday
    Last Hard: Tuesday

    Actually ran this at lunchtime but didn't manage to get onto the site until after work, shopping and tea. Like now!!!!

    Am seriously tempted by Maidstone Half on Sunday but unsure as my training has been geared towards Windsor which would be my first half. Decisions decisions..........

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