Eridge Park 10 Trail Challenge

I've been running the Eridge for a number of years and I love it, one of my very favourite runs along with North Downs 30K and the Milland valley half. All have had course changes over the years, some improvements, others forced on them by circumstances and I thought I'd raise a point re Eridge, with an element of Devils Advocate.

The point is: It may be I'm getting older and slower but this course seems to be getting harder to the point where I have trouble enjoying the fabulous scenery 'cos I spend so much time head down struggling to keep my feet or trying to keep some momentum up all the hills.

I know all you younger, fitter types may scoff, but part of running is encouraging more people to take part and I feel this race is reaching a level where it may discourage some - and how the guy I saw walking in the first mile got on I dread to think!

Just a thought really, won't stop me coming back, any other views out there? 


  • Why not come do the Lewes 10 on Oct 2. A nice easy run. image

    Tough one though - some folk want tough races, others easy. Maybe you should just run it for the scenery if thats what you want. I rarely notice anything other than whats under my feet in races and I rarely remember much about the race afterward. I've ran a few races or race routes at an easy pace and really enjoyed the run. Racing is something different. (for me).

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