When do I find out I have been unlucky in the London Marathon ballot again?

2013 would have been my 5th application year as well image  Shame they removed that automatic entry option!



  • The 5 year rule was maintained for people with 2 years of applications.
  • Early october.
  • well done BWT on being the first thread on this topic..............I miss the old when will my cheque be cashed threadsimage
  • Just out of interest, is there anyway of finding out how many rejections I've had? I think it's 3 so far. Do VLM know when you've had your 5th and accept you then?
  • They've scrapped the 5 rejections and you're in rule, I think.
  • Jay did you get one of these...?

    Dear Runner,

    We are contacting you to give you advance notice that the Virgin London Marathon Priority Online Ballot Entry System will open on Monday 21st March 2011. Please note that you will be sent a special invitation email and link on or around 21st March in order to respond and complete your entry.

    Our records show that you have made at least 3 consecutive unsuccessful applications into the London Marathon and as a result we are offering you the opportunity to maintain your record of consecutive applications in the ballot by responding to the special invitation email to the Priority Online Ballot Entry System and completing your registration in advance of the main public ballot, which opens on Tuesday 26th April 2011.

    When you receive the special invitation email and link on or around 21st March you will need to complete your entry no later than Monday 4th April at 5pm, as the Priority system will then close and your application history cannot be guaranteed.

    If you have any questions about your place in the Virgin London Marathon Priority Online Ballot Entry Scheme, please call our Helpdesk on 020 7902 0200.

    We look forward to receiving your priority application by the deadline highlighted above and wish you every success in the ballot for the 2012 race.

    Yours sincerely
    Dave Bedford - Race Director, Virgin London Marathon

  • Oh...how strange, i got my acceptance magazine last week...SO I'M IN!!!!

    Are people still waiting to find out then.....image

  • You are GFA though aren't you FFimage

    i think they have got ride of the 5 and you are in but oif you have more than 2/3 entries then you get priority entry image

  • seren nos wrote (see

    You are GFA though aren't you FFimage

    i think they have got ride of the 5 and you are in but oif you have more than 2/3 entries then you get priority entry image

    priority entry to the ballot then you are in the same boat as everybody elseimage
  • Yeah I had the priority entry so yeah this year will be my fourth rejection then I'm assuming.
  • does the priority entry thing mean that anyone with 2/3 rejections is still guaranteed entry after 5 rejections? i am on rejection 2 from 2011  so hoping either 2012 or 2013 i will get a place? l ran with a charity place in 2009 and am so hoping for a ballot place for 2012. if not i will do edinburgh

  • sorry, typo, 2012 is my 4th consecutive year of applying

  • If the same as last year, the second class post timed for the Monday 2nd October meant some were received on the 30th September.  I remember having to wait for my rejectdion.  I think it still seems like a good idea...

  • Flat Foo.ted  Did you really get your magazine? well done if so...am still waiting for mine- crossing everything
  • Nah....it's just my warped sense of humour.  Waiting like everyone else.....image
  • image Naughty boy
  • Ohhhh I was miffed then FF

  • oh i got overly excited for a minute then hah! wonder if itll come before the end of the week

  • I'm waiting for rejection number 4 too!
  • I'm in as I defferred last year
  • I'm in too as I deferred last year as I got offered a corporate entry, see you all at Blackheath. Good Luck to all!!!!!!!
  • I am still waiting to hear the results of the ballot, this wiill be my 4th year so still hoping this year is my year.  Are the results coming out this week or next week?  Does anyone know?
  • I'm in! Deferred from last year image Nice not to have the annual am-I-in-or-not worry for a couple of weeks. Good luck to everyone waiting on ballot results.
  • Sounds like all those who deferred or getting bond places are getting to know.  Anyone getting results just from the Ballot?
  • This is the 3rd time I have entered via the ballot but the first time I have entered but don't actually want to do it now. so its sods law I will get in and have to do the training!
  • Me.  I had my rejection mag & fleece in the post this morning.
  • Looks like the waiting game has started.........I am in west wales so they will probably take another few days to get down hereimage
  • and we're off............LOL
  • I`m still waiting for my Youre in letter from last year!!!!! Never did come!!!
  • A couple of years ago anyone who got in had a link on the main site to pay for their entry. Everyone was able to log in and if you were "in" you went to the payment page if you didn't get in they just said they didn't find you.

     Think they stopped this last year ...anyone who's in got such a link!!!image

    This is my 4th out of 5 years to enter (enterered too late one year) and the first year that I haven't been doing the long runs...  trying to put some weight on.

    I am therefore expecting to get in , by the law of the sods!

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