Ran the New Forest Marathon yesterday and was doing fine until just over the 21 mile marker.  Was on time for a sub 4 hour and then the quads decided not to play ball.  The pain was excruciating and having done all the training, long runs kind of lost as to why this should happen.

Made sure I stretched beforehand etc. Seems marathon racing is not my thing which is a shame.

Any thoughts or suggestions please?   New legs might help..............


  • How did your training go? Did you run up to and/or over 21 miles in training? Did you train on tarmac?

    Most people don't run further than 20/22 miles in their training, and many suffer after this point in the race - it's just muscle fatigue I guess. Don't lose sight of how far 21 miles is! - something's going to hurt!

  • Ran a number of 21 miles in training and was ok so dis-chuffed by getting to the same point and then my legs giving up.  Took gels at about 4 miles and stayed hydrated so that was not the issue.

    My thighs are quite big due to cycling so not sure if that is a possible cause. 

    Guess the best way to get over this is to enter another marathon.

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