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  • lol.. yes WND  not sure i can get away with 9 stone .. i'll be more than happy to hit 13...

    Now GB has found me some reasonable local hills to practice on i should be able to knock a bit of the bike time for next year ... then if i can get my legs to co-operate and run i reckon theres half a chance of making last orders.

  • heads up volunteers

    IM Wales like the idea of the pirates taking over transition for the day at the 2012 event and I'll be talking to 8iron next week - if he remembers to call me - to discuss the plan and how it will work.

    we'll need as many volunteers as we can muster so I'll punt up a separate thread calling for volunteers and get Schmunkee to do a list image when I have more details.....

  • Cool, transition by The Pirates, what can go wrong
  • "what can go wrong"

  • Ooh, got my pirate logo, just noticed it. Kit and T-shirt next!
  • so how do you get a logo and kit?
  • CK, re swim, go OpenWater when the season opens again next year, there is no rush to do it now, plenty of time.

    Then when season opens get to lakes and sea as often as you can...I ditched the pool a few months before IMW. Get your bearings then sight high when you can (Treetops, Hills, Houses etc). When the weathers bad, its windy and rainy and the demons are saying it's nice inside...those are the best days to go. In time you'll love those days for the challenge.

    The sunny days are also nice though, early mornings or late evenings when its skies, trees/shoreline on in openwater with some friends/buddies. A Carlsberg way of life.

  • WND, for Pirate kit.. you need to add your name on the relevant list on the PSOF  kit thread

    for Pirate logo .. send a PM  to "Alice RW" requesting  

  • Hurrah, pirates running transition, as M..Triumphant says, what could go wrong image  Just need to resist signing up to do it again ! 
  • If you're in transition M.Tri, maybe u can get me out quicker than 27 mins this time image  lol

    Have been looking on the IMWales website, cos someone said the swim was South Beach - it just looks like they've left the old course map up.  If they're doing LCW off the North Beach, I'd bet my bottom dollar they'll keep it for IMWales too.  Well, I hope so anyway - it was awesome!

  • stop worrying about which beach it's going to be - it will work on whichever one they use! I hope the keep North Beach but maybe they'll alternate each year.... image
  • FB - who said I was worrying?

    All I remember is that the swim combined with the run to transition was one of the most amazing expereiences of my life and it'd be nice to do it again.  image

  • it was a pretty awesome experience

    and what were you doing for 27mins in T? (I assume that was T2?) I thought I took ages at 12 mins - most of that trying to get rid of cramp
  • I was perplexed by his 27 minutes in T1, but then I saw a photo of him on the bike, and with the amount of kit he had to put on I could understand. Weather forecasts really did play on everyone's mind, and getting it right was a hard call.

    Easy time to be recovered for next year, which will also give more time for the bike.
  • that was T1 at 27?? sheesh...

    I was 10mins and that included the run from the beach
  • FB barring any unforseen family commitments I havent thought of, count me in for transition it will be gerat to go back to Tenby without the cranked up nervousness of an IM to worry aboutimage
  • I loved the beach to T1 run it was one of the stand out moments of the race for me that said it will still be a hike to T1 from the other beach from what I could make out
  • Hey guys, all of you concur on the fact that the 1k run to transition was really nice. What made it so special? I am very interested in knowing more about your feelings regarding that first IMW peculiar trait image
  • I think there are a few reasons Hokori

    it capped off an awesome swim
    it was DIFFERENT
    there was great crowd support during that run which lifted spirits
    finally - it got the legs ticking over nicely ready for the bike

    most swim to bike transitions are quite dull affairs with the object of getting it out of the way as quickly as possible. this one just had a party atmosphere feel about it
  • And it was also downright funny too!  1000+ athletes running through Tenby in various states of rubber dress, goggles and wet suits! 

    And actually FB I hadn't thought about the way it shook your legs out for the bike, but yes, it did prepare you for the bike really well.

  • Thanks a lot for your comments FB and Pingu, coming from a veteran and a first timer makes great input.

     I completely agree that the run to T1, even short ones, makes for great post swim preparation. I can see the arousal impact running to your bike while cheered on for 1km can make! I really hope they keep it the same way since we can use all the help we can take hehe.

     It's gonna be an honour to go into transition to be helped by the people who inspired me to do this particular race! /bow

  • What the hell have we done?? A moment of madness,a pint to far or perhaps an early mid life crisis clouding our judgement. Two weeks ago everything was fine life was normal, and training was just done as a bit of fun in the evenings with a buddie of mine.. but oh nooo a bright spark has entered us into the ironman next year.

    Anyone with any tips guidance or words of wizdom of where to start please share this way..cycling is not the problem as we race and have done quite well in competition over short and long distance its just everything else that goes with the ironman especially swimming !! what the..

    Watching from a distance this year was admitably inspirational especially walking into the pub and back out to watch some more ..but entering is a bit touching cloth different at this moment..image 

    If we have a yoda out there to pull us from the darkside all words of wizdom would be grateful!!

  • welcome rwty

    Have a look at the outlaw / fink thread - its rapidly becoming the ewbie / geneal IM training thread of  2012. 

    Even though those guys and gals are going early, you wil be going hard, so it could be worth jumping in there, reading back, and using that for general training help / support.

    This thread will be great for race specific stuff at IMW, but there are more people training for outlaw........

  • welcome RWTY

    you won't regret the entry - you'll find the next 11 months training tough, and the race itself even tougher, but you'll have one hell of a big smile when you finish!

    they key to starting the build up is to start now and get a good training base in place over winter so you arrive in spring in fine fettle ready to step up a notch. work on your weaknesses and iron out any areas of concern - clearly the biking is no deal so perhaps back off that to work on the swim and run. once the sea gets warm enough next year, get in there to practice - you won't regret that.

    and get yourself some pirate kit - there's a thread around for that - so you can get the race support the kit always brings

  • Spent well over £1k on race entries alone this year.  Add to that loads on travel, accommodation etc and not to mention loads more on kit, bike bits and bobs and gadgets; this sport is probably going to bankrupt me.  Notwithstanding all that I am sure I will be back at Tenby next year; just need to get my training more race specific - such as: Swimming at the bottom of Niagra Falls, cycling for 60 miles into a wind tunnel with occasional sideways gusts followed by riding up and down a cliff and then finally running into a deluge of icy water.  It could be worse and will - I will also be at Bolton spending the Saturday driving around the various venues dropping off kit, bike etc... Reebok for Race Briefing and Pasta Party.  You end up knackered and thats before the race starts at stupid o clock on Sunday morning.  Surely it is all madness...
  • "Surely it is all madness..."

    or a sign of creeping desperation that you're getting old image

    what always amzes me is that we keep doing the bleeding things knowing that they hurt! not for me any longer though - 5 is enough. although 6 has something about it..... image
  • Hah !!!!!

    I knew it    image
  • Thank you o.range cannon & mr Buddah Finishing is all that I am after it just was amazing to watch last year so to be in it will be something else..Training is starting as soon as this everlasting flu has gone image 

    Will have a look for the pirate kit thread..Thank you

  • fat buddha wrote (see)
     6 has something about it..... image
     image There it is!
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