Crewe Deja Vu Track Marathon



  • Morning folks,

    The race will be run anti-clockwise for the entire duration.

    It isn't practical to change direction during the race principally because it would throw the chip timing completely awry. Just for the record the track surface is absolutely fantastic. It's very well maintained and in our opinion with exactly the right amount of cushioning for a comfortable run. Admittedly we haven't run 105.5 laps on it so we may well be being somewhat naive, but surely this is all part of the challenge of the Déjà vu image

    The weather forecast at the moment is very favourable, so fingers crossed it stays that way.

    Hope everyone is feeling good and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning!

  • Just over 48hrs folks . Excitement building. Just reviewing my pre race checklists. Considering what to have on the unmanned support table. Full sugar coke for lap 80+, ? Maybe opening it allow fizz to go earlier.
    What about putting waterproof jacket , long sleeve too in a bag there?
    Flag for final lap - you taking yours Dunc ?
    Where to have the cool bag with Guiness, & when to consume? What do you think Clairster, traditional Guiness in the snack bar after the race?
    What snacks are available ? What will be left for us 4&1/2 hour runners? Or I'll probably bring a chunky whole meal bread sausage butty to help the Guiness down.

    Loperamide Saturday , Sunday morning
    Ibuprofen melt, paracetamol, ( yes I'm a pharmacist and these are legal enhancers together with glucose & caffeine gels
    Vaseline, and nipple plasters
    Hmmm what else?
    Timing to get to Crewe, timing to get up for porrige
    Check playlist- I usually only need it for last 6-8 miles, even with Dunc encouraging me at Chester- remember singing Yellow submarine coming into Huntington ?
    More later
    What's on your checklist ?
  • Checklist :  Shoes, shorts, vest, socks and water.

    Looking forward to this.

  • Marathon last weekend, virtually no running this week, so a little concerned for Sunday.
  • Aha shoes shorts socks shirt. Yes looking forward. Only 2 short runs this week, but 2x26.2 in last 2months
  • Time to go. yes Rob I have flag.

    Good luck to all racing today, nice sunny day so everyone smileimage
  • Well went to see 'em off and my mate Offord. Will pop for finish as only 10 minute walk.

    Great that they have music and now I want to do it next year image Weather just right I reckon.

  • Hard, and a bit hard. Well done guys for organising it.  Weather behaved itself.
  • thank you guys, that was a top day out..I had much fun image well done everyone who ran and/or organised image
  • What a cracking event!

    Well done to all the organisers and supporters, your friendliness and enthusiasm made this one to remember.  image 

     Also a big thanks to the chip timers who kept tabs on the number of laps we had done, if it weren't for them I might still be going, my Garmin completely lost the plot, recording 171 laps!

     Personally I struggled today towards the end, maybe that was all the extra laps I did image, but after today's experience, would certainly try something like this again.

  • Big well done all of youimage Very well organised it seemed  also. Defo got a great concept  in marathoning there and I reckon more will follow suitimage
  • Wow! What an excellent event and we all now know that if there was a Benny Hill moment we can run in circles for 105.5 miles :0) Fantastic support 105...or is that 106....times at the finish line. Please, please arrange this again next year
  • Hi guys, you surpassed all my expectations. No complaints whatever, excellent day out, excellent venue, excellent organisation, excellent support, excellent lap counters, excellent PA, excellent music, excellent weather, excellent runners, and..... the best ever goody bag that I've ever seen, my daughter had a field day pinching the 2 Buttons bags, the flake, the Harobo sweeties, the roses chocs,the highlighters, and the Pen!

    Please arrange this next year!! Pleeeeeeease;-)
  • agree with my pal DUNC
    the support was great especially microphone man and jelly baby vaseline girl, and all sandbach striders. Many many thanks. hmm can i go faster, possibly but 3 marathons sep Oct Nov was good
  • Great event well organised and delivered.  Many thanks to all at Sandbach Striders and also to Stu for turning up to support.  Personally struggled more than expected for a marathon.  No doubt that a track marathon is challenging in its own way.  Goodness knows what it would have been like had there been a stiff breeze or rain.

    A great credit to Sandbach for great event in great weather.  Maurice

  • Brilliant event, really well organised. Hope it will be on again next year

    Thanks to Sandback striders for all the hard work.  Was great to have the jelly babies as well, saved me having to keep stopping to get my own sweeties!!

    I forgot about this forum so have only just seen the email we shoudl have got! I didnt seem to get it, not sure how that happened.

  • Ladies and gents,

    A big thank you to all of you who made the trip to Sunny Crewe yesterday. We hope you enjoyed your day and that you achieved the result you were aiming for. The results will be up on our club website some time today hopefully. We have a ton of photos as well which will be up on the site too very soon.

    What started out as a daft bit of banter between three running buddies somehow evolved into a proper race - we're still not quite sure how this happened!  

    As such, we’re not sure as yet whether this event will be happening again. Rest assured you’ll be the first to know if it does. We greatly appreciate all the positive feedback that we’ve received so far and that will go a long way to convince us to pull our fingers out again next year. image

    Thanks again, and we hope to see you all in the future whether it's at our race or somewhere else.

    On behalf of the rest of Sandbach Striders,


  • What a fantastic event!!!

    Congratulations to everyone at the Sandbach Striders involved in the organisation.

    Everyone was so friendly & supportive - it was especially welcome during the last tough 25 laps or so.

    It was nice to meet & put names to faces to a lot of the people on here too.

    Hopefully it will be on again next year.


  • I'd just like to echo all of the above comments - absolutely fantastic event, massive thanks and well done to everyone involved.

    It was my first ever marathon and the furthest I'd ever run previously was 10 miles so 40 laps onwards really was unchartered territory and I definitely hit the wall with 20 or so laps to go! Managed to finish thanks to the brilliant support from fellow runners/organisers/spectators so thanks once again.

    Will definitely be entering another marathon soon, although may need to invest in some decent trainers and playing footy the day before probably wasn't the best idea either in retrospect! 

    Hope this gets arranged again next year (first dibs on entry places would be nice!)



  • when do entries open for next year image
  • yes, when can we enter next years image
  •  Same weekend in November????

    Count me in  image

  • Yes please then Clairster can pace me to a better time! Teamwork M
  • I've entered for next year now;-)
  • well i guess we could all turn up at the track the same weekend next year image but it wouldnt be half as much fun without the commentator and organisers and the goody bag rocked image
  • A good selection of photos are up on Sanbach Striders blogspot, thanks chaps
  • The rest of the photos are finally available also now folks at

    Sorry for the delay in getting them online - hope you enjoy them and they don't bring back too many bad memories image

    Many thanks from all at Sandbach Striders for all the positive comments / emails / texts that we're received too - hope to see you all again soon!

  • Any news on 2012 event?
  • Hi everyone,

    We're glad to announce (finally) that back by popular demand! Crewe's premier track marathon returns in 2012.

    Details and entries coming soon at

    Find the Crewe Deja Vu event on Facebook too.

    More details to follow...

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