GB Ultra Country to Capital 45

After a slightly disappointing run at Abingdon this year, I've decided to kick off 2012 with another run through the snow with the thought of delicious fruit cake to spur me on.

Anyone else getting next year off to a Ultra start?


  • im doing aswell it it will be my 1st ultra and its on my 21st birthday cant wait
  • I am probably going to do it as well Eden!  I recon as my birthday is on 22 we should have extra fruit cake with a candles on it image
  • can you do ultras having never done a marathon?

    i've run 20 odd miles before but not any further...
  • Happy New year, running fellas. All looking forward to our 45miler? This is my first ultra and currently feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension. Does anyone of you know what the first half is like in terms of terrain? are they wide paths, grassy, rocky?
  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    Did it last year though memory might be a bit dodgy. 

    Fields, woods, ups and downs, small bits of road.  Some quite narrow paths, can also be quite muddy and easy to get lost if you don't follow the map. Preferred it to the second half though as I find canal a bit tedious, particularly the approach to London (only one place where you can go wrong on the second half). It does end right by a pub though.

  • Hi

    I'm running this Ultra. Can anyone advise on food stuffs for this distance/checkpoint layout as I have only done a couple of 30-milers?

    Thank you and see you then.


  • There are 5 checkpoints evenly spaced. Information is available for download from > events > race info.
  • Hi,

    How much navigation is needed for this event?

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