Want to run with Chrissie Wellington?



  • moi aussi

    plus I have raced with her (World LD 2008 - she chicked me...image). me an P were talking to her just before the swim start asking how she was feeling etc - as we were doing so she was slapping a load of vaseline in her crutch to stop chafing later.......

    and P realised the other day, she raced with her at Ellesmere Tri in 2006 when they both qualified for the GB squad for the world a/g champs in Lausanne - Chrissie went on to win her 1st World title (at Oly distance) and, as they say, the rest is history, P had a bad day at the office. Chrissie was just an ordinary gal in those days..
  • Blimey Chrissie was there in 2006 ? Little did anyone know eh ?
  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    Ive already hugged her twice image
    Yeah, but the restraining order means you won't get a third one image
  • why do the run in a park..............why not just do it on a mountain
  • Not so many mountains in central London (un)fortunately! image

    Sounds like she was down in London doing a load of media/sponsor stuff, had a free slot and thought it would be fun to have a run in the park with a few (hundred) others?

    Then the Parks Police heard about it and got all health & safety on her?
  • [flings colander at Mouse]


  • Hardly "health and safety".  They need to be strict with park use, otherwise it would be overrun with people using it for their own purposes... and the public wouldn't be able to use it.

    Own purposes obviously includes "look at me" self publicity, even by quasi-famous athletes in minority sports.  I'm with FB on all celebrity culture being sh*t, perpetrated by c*nts and consumed by other c*nts.

    (PS "a licence" means "pay for it".  Those flower beds and litter collectors don't fund themselves.  So in the above read "...freeloading self publicity, even by...")


  • Don't be shy Candy. You can tell us what you really think. image
  • and this "red blooded male" thing.  purrr-leasee.  I'm no oil painting, but this "chrissie" is a latter day john merrick.  remember, forumites: reality remains important, whatever your hobbies
  • candy ollier wrote (see)

    I'm with FB on all celebrity culture being sh*t, perpetrated by c*nts and consumed by other c*nts.

    Why did you * out the 'o' in shot?    image

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