I enjoyed the red last night, but for some reason it tasted different this morning!
  • That's it then.
    The beer tent it is?
    I trust there is only one beer tent?

    I don't know how Blue Knees will feel if we don't meet at the porto-loos though.
  • Waapster-Normally run from Abridge to Theydon, then thro Epping forest, and back.
    If you are around anytime, pop in and say Hi- I run the Blue Boar!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Beer tents good for me!!!!!!!! means I can get more in before the wife finds me!!!!!!!
  • We could always make it really really easy and meet at the beer tents both before and after the race!

    As long as you all do not get tempted by the alcohol.....
  • As if .........

    What about Blues Knees & the porto loos?
  • I was just thinking in case the porto loos have moved this year, it may get confusing....

    I am sure BK would survive :)
  • Is he planning on drinking in the portaloos?
  • I don't know what he does there, but apparently he spends a lot of time hanging around them before races/!?!?
  • Pleasant thought Jon thanks. PM it was a figment of New Runners imagination.

    Beer tents sounds fine. See you all there
  • I'll be there too! Probably will be late - usually am
  • Just remembered, I'm meant to be writing a feature about this little meeting.

    Can someone bring digital camera?

    I think RW's promise of a snapper won't materialise, but if I write up a free report and we take some pics they won't be able to resist - will they?
  • Indeed they won't! I was wondering about that this morning when I was meant to be working! Working... Jon? The World has officially gone mad!
  • You may read this several times, as I am searching for the various Windsor threads.....

    Ok all, we seem to on an agreement that we will meet at the Beer Tents both before and after the race, you can see this marked on the map in the race pack booklet on the access map page, in the light orange area marked hospitality etc!

    Before the race what time should we be there for? I would say to aim for 12 noon it that ok with everyone? I cant see why anyone will be aiming to get there any later, due to traffic congestion being likely.

    After the race we will obviously be getting there at differing times, but at least we will know where to aim for!
  • 12 sounds fine Paul. Well done for arranging us, we need it
  • Snicks,

    I was planning on bringing my digital camera anyway, as I'm not running and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some snaps of you lot in serious pain! Leave it to'll all be done in the best possible taste!

  • Glad your coming DW, shame you're not running
  • Legless & Waapster
    Didn't realise you two were so close to me.
    I do most of my runs around the hainault forest/chigwell area.

    Next time I'm in the Blue Boar I'll pop in and say hello.
  • How's life Clanger Man. Sent you an e-mail too late on Thursday. Hope its working out
  • Hi all 12.00 fine by me see you there .
  • Jason L- feel free M8, any time.
    Look forward to meeting you, Praps the 3 of us can meet up for training runs?????
  • Well done weird are we? weird am I?
  • Hi all, I have put my mobile number on in case anyone gets lost in the grounds on the day (you never know), but meeting at the beer tents both before and after should be pretty safe.

    It has been mentioned that some people (runners and family) may want some food, the Crispin seems the easiest pub to get to, but we can go through that on the day.

    Best wishes
  • Snicks, i am so glad you are writing the report.

    DW, that would be great if you could bring a digital camera, there are loads of us running.

    All others :), post your target times here, and I will add them to our page at
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