Plantar fasciitis orthotics or not ?



  • Strapping your foot helps by keeping the bony integrity of the foot. It stops pronation. This is what is causing your PF! Limit the pronation and you limit the pain, this is also occuring when you wear your stiff work shoes, your limiting pronation. You need bespoke anti-pronation orthotics but they need to address the reason why you are pronating!
  • Thanks for your advice Andrew I appreciate it very much.Are you based either near Croydon or East Sussex.

    Many years ago now when orthotics first come into being I travelled up to Stoke on Trent from Croydon and that's how difficult it was to find a local podiatrist was at the time and he made me some custom made ones.Anyhow after trying them and finding them uncomfortable I eventually discarded them and ran without them.

    Everything seemed to be ok and being a fan of Ascics I progressed over the years to wearing GT2150's which after a while I found to be making me run on one side of foot and rather than change them I ended up with this injury.

    Because of this injury I have learnt of two things in particular one being never to run through pain and the other being if you are going to buy trainers go to a small outlet rather than one of the big on line stores as the advice a proper running shop can give you is well worth any money you may save from going to a bigger store.

    Being a bit of a cynic and wanting, even though I am still injured, to at least feel that I was still a runner, I know I know but I am just a silly old man so bear with me,several months I went to two separate shops and had Gait Analysis carried out and they both came up with the same answer in that I was suited to a neutral trainer so I now have a pair of Brooks Ghost 4s and a pair of New Balance 759s in there boxes waiting for me to wearr them once this blasted injury clears up.I have also got pair of Footdisc insoles which will also give me any extra support that I may need.

    But waht is also interesting about the GA I had is even though they both agreed on waht shoe I should use the Physio on my initial appointment felt that I need a pronation shoe so thats set my mind running again.

    However Andrew I think that given you a Podiatrist and you do not seem to have disagreed with my idea about strapping it up and going for a run I amgoing to give it a try. And unlike before if I should get any pain whatsoever I will stop and walk.Thanks for giving me a glimmer of hope.

  • Right , had my long awaited visit to the podiatrist , he said some of my symptoms definitely point to plantar fasciitis and after much turning , pressing , looking , feeling , getting me to walk and move in many different ways ......he said certain symptoms I have are NOT related to PF !! He thinks it's more of a biomechanical problem . I had my gait done the other week at decathlon and the computer said I was a supinator so i bought asics gel nimbus 13 however the podiatrist said I was a slight pronator and should have neutral shoes BUT he said I should keep the shoes as the cushioning will help , and he also made me some custom orthotics . He said basically my plantar is doing the same motion as if you were hold a towel with both hands and wringing it out so it's twisting as apposed to stretching , he went on to say that there is not lots of elasticity in the plantar as it's a ligament and the action of me twisting it is what's causing the damage SO he's advised me to wear the orthotics , not run or cycle for 4 weeks , carrying on with the stretches and iced water bottle rolling daily and also to hook a towel round the ball of my feet and pull back to stretch when I wake up in the mornings before I get out of bed ?? I'll let you all know how it goes
  • Cpt that sounds like good news.Yes please let us all know how you get on.
  • Good thing is that you've got a diagnosis and suggested treatment for recovery.

    image for the next few weeks - and permanent recoveryimage

  • do they need to have arch supports like these arch support plantar faciitis insoles? or is it not needed?

  • Josph I didn't know this thread had popped back up again , I failed to do an update on it but basically since I seen the podiatrist and had my custom insoles made ( both different right and left btw ) they hurt for a couple of months whilst I was seeing him BUT I have been totally pain free since ! I've posted on another thread regarding PF outlining what happened
  • I dont know why people throw away so much money on custom insoles.. your feet need to cope by themselves..too much support is bad. I always just put some insoles like these in and leave it at that.


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